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  1. BIS is a totally amazing place.try going to their open day on 15th June
  2. mamamegs

    Anyone living in Bellbowrie

    We have lived in Bellbowrie for 6 months and LOVE it. Fab facilities, friendly and just quiet enough for us
  3. mamamegs


    We have lived in Bellbowrie for 6 months and LOVE it. Fab facilities, friendly and just quiet enough for us
  4. mamamegs

    kenmore and area??

    We have lived in Bellbowrie for 6 months and LOVE it. Fab facilities, friendly and just quiet enough for us
  5. Freesia, much sense do you speak! Forums are great for info, meeting people and a sense of going through things together. I'm on several, and it's the same there too. If you put this many people in a room for hours on end, there would inevitably be some that didn't get along. We all know a forum isn't real life but sometimes I think people lose sight of that. You don't 'know' someone until you have spent q good amount of time with them...until then, I too think politeness and non judgement are key to a happy forum
  6. mamamegs

    Bridgewater Medical - Manchester

    We too had an excellent experience there.
  7. mamamegs

    AQIS fees

    Our fees were $425 on a part container (arrived Feb '13)
  8. mamamegs

    Pet costs...figures anyone?

    I second the recommendation for Golden Arrow. They were superb, and looked after us all at a really stressful time.
  9. mamamegs

    Final decision...John Mason or PSS

    John Mason were excellent for us. No complaints whatsoever...Highly recommend
  10. mamamegs

    Australian Dog Food

    For info we were told the feed Advantage in Eastern Creek. We now have our 2 on Coprice, working dog food, with occasional BARF raw mixed in. They are doing well, with no sloppy pick ups for us...
  11. mamamegs

    Anyone had a tiler they would recommend?

    Sorry...I can see the job detail now I've read your post properly! Any idea of the meterage involved?
  12. mamamegs

    Anyone had a tiler they would recommend?

    Did you find someone? My hubby is a master tiler. He mostly works in stone these days, but is having to drive up the coast to work in Noosa ATM & is away 5 days out of 7 Where are you based? We are SW. What kind of job is it? Megan
  13. Anyone on this thread interested in a group meet up? Maybe at Indro playground?
  14. mamamegs

    Our dogs go today :0(

    Yep...it was a freight terminal for Qantas & others on Hibiscus St. Quite easy to find if you print a map off...right next to a rail track, and they have a 'safe' enclosure so you can meet & greet your pups before putting them in the car. We went straight to Kedron Brook Floodway for a leash free walk/paddle in the river before going home
  15. mamamegs

    Our dogs go today :0(

    We collected our 2 border collie crosses from Qantas freight, Brisbane yesterday! They are totally fine. Very pleased to see us, just as they were, only hotter It's fab to have our whole family together again! We used Golden Arrow then Jetpets...both of whom were FAB. They had 4 visits/walks with Darlene the Dog Walker (PM me if you'd like her email/no) in the last 2 weeks of their stay in quarantine. I'd advise researching dog food now so you know where you're at when they arrive and are prepared for the cost: we're giving them Advantage, as that's what they had in Eastern Creek, combined with some RAW/BARF food..which you can buy frozen in portions at most pet shops & will hopefully be a bit cheaper. If you have time, try research & visit dog parks/beaches close to where you end up renting, it helps to know where you'll be walking them & you can meet some local dog owners... Lastly, buy tick collars so that you can go walking straight away & there is no chance of them being bitten by a paralysing tick, which are apparently quite evil... You'll be so busy for next few weeks..they'll be back with you before you know it Megsxxxxxx