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  1. Chris&Mel

    What's Adelaide like for a newley arrived family??

    Adelaide has a fantastic climate, can get too hot during those heat waves though! It is certainly different to Melbourne, completely different feel to the place. We live in Adelaide, the southern suburbs (20 minutes drive from the CBD) and enjoy the quiet slower pace here, there is plenty to do, people are friendly but finding employment a couple of years ago was difficult as we have found it a place that employs the "its not what you know but who you know" rule (very clique). We visit friends in Melbourne a couple of times each year and love the hustle and bustle that Melbourne offers, it has a vibrant feel and the city centre with its pavement and back street cafes make it very appealing. However if your living in the suburbs I imagine its pretty much the same as anywhere else although it will be a lot more expensive than Adelaide, roads are busier and most likely your commute will be longer too. You need to ask yourself what you want, we would not move to Melbourne from Adelaide as we feel we can have the best of both, just over an hour away on a flight and you can usually pick up a bargain, but having said that I think we would be very happy if we did live in Melbourne. (Would we visit Adelaide if we lived in Melbourne...probably not)
  2. Chris&Mel

    RSMS 119 Transfer

    Its not that simple. I am paid slightly under the market rate for my current position but there are big changes happening within the industry to catch up with Europe & the States. I have this experience (10 years worth) and this seems to be desired on advertised positions for my role and hence the wages asking for this experience are reflected in that as there is certainly a shortage of people with this experience within Australia and particulary South Australia.
  3. Chris&Mel

    RSMS 119 Transfer

    I was wondering if anybody could answer this question; I have been in Australia for 4 months working on a PR-119 employed by a SouthAustralian company. Things at work are good, company is great but there is one gripe that i have which is I am not being given the market rate. I recently viewed an advert and went for the interview, I even was offered the job (double the money I am currently on) but can my sponsorship be transferred? I’m guessing not and I may just have to bide my time till my 2 years are up but if anybody knows any different,I would be grateful ifyou could share your thoughts or experience.
  4. Chris&Mel

    Last minute change of mind

    I arrived in Adelaide on 21st April and the family is not too far behind. We had been looking for a while at a number of places in the southern surburbs but since arriving i am having second thoughts about where to settle down. The downside is that i dont want to put the kids into school and then end up relocating to another area and having to change schools. With this in mind could anyone please provide some advice or positive/negative feedback on any schools within the Aberfoyle Park/Sheidow Park/Trott Park/Hallet Cove area's so that at least i can be looking in the right direction when it comes to choosing schools for the kids. Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated due to this last minute change of plan! Thanks
  5. Chris&Mel

    Living costs - is there much difference?

    Yep i arrived 21st April and in general everything is more expensive, some items considerably and others not too much. Im yet to find anything cheaper other than fuel although that seems to be going upwards although not yet quite as expensive as back in the UK. Bear in mind though that your wages will be higher but i have made my comparison's based on percentages and yes the cost of living in comparison to income is higher for me...SA, Adelaide.
  6. Im due to fly out for the first time very soon (mid April) and i have noticed that a lot of people have mentioned about avoiding Heathrow at all cost!!!! Im planning on using Quantas from Manchester to Adelaide, via Heathrow and Singapore. Can anyone eloborate on just whats the problem with Heathrow????? Ta
  7. Chris&Mel

    TRN Problem

    the hospital sorted everything out for us. They emailed either the case officer or the place that process the medicals and i phoned the hospital back a week later to enquire about where we were upto and they told me it was all sorted the week before. I then emailed my case officer explaining and asking if she could confirm that the medicals had been accepted on the e-transmit system. Next day i recieved a reply from my case officer saying my nomination and visa application had been granted!!!! maybe i was just lucky...
  8. Chris&Mel

    Engineers Australia, process and costs???????

    Its not that bad once get you get into it!! I did the CDR, think it cost approx £300 plus the certifying of documents and posting costs etc. I started slowly and managed to gather pace but all-in-all it took me 2 months to get it finished. 16 weeks later my CDR was approved without any adjustments having to be made. On top of all that i didnt need it in the end as i went on a 119 RSMS!
  9. Chris&Mel

    TRN Problem

    Same happened to us, was not a problem. The hospital sorted everything out, we had our medicals 7th November and our visa was granted 16th November so as you can see it was'nt a problem. We had our medicals at the Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester.
  10. Chris&Mel

    Local Schools Advice

    daughter 10, son 6. Just put the house on the market within the last week and hoping for a quick sale!!! might catch the end of their summer if were lucky! I've posted on the sister site at the same time and got a fair few responses. Thanks
  11. Chris&Mel

    Pros and Cons of our options, opinions welcomed

    Best bet would be a PR visa. If your thinking of trying to get an employer sponsorship then a 119 would give you PR status! view the booklet about PR employer sponsorship from DIAC. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1131.pdf
  12. LOL we just put ours on today too! Again were hoping for a quick sale too!
  13. Chris&Mel

    medicals what next??

    Were off soon as the house is sold :cry: hopefully won't be too long
  14. Chris&Mel


    On arrival we experienced in the order printed; Urine samples (kids found this hilarious) Height and weight measurments taken Examination by doctor (blood pressure taken, pulse checked, ears, mouth and chest examined etc) Bloods taken (as mentioned above, only for children 16 and over) Chest xray (again 16 and over) All in all we were in and out within 90 minutes at the Bridgewater clinic in Manchester (2 adults, 3 children of which only 1 over 16 years). Service and staff by the way were absolutely fantastic!
  15. Chris&Mel

    medicals what next??

    We took our medicals upon request by the CO on the 7th November and our visa was granted 16th November (RSMS 119 subclass).