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  1. pete2011

    Renting in Bunbury WA

    Moving to Bunbury in May, any advice to the quickest way to find a house to rent.
  2. pete2011

    visa 119 now visa 121

    Great news, my RSMS 119 visa has been granted, the documentation from my case office states my visa is now a 121, I know this sounds daft, but are the two the same or does the 119 become the 121 after been granted ? can any one clarify.
  3. pete2011

    TRN Problem

    Thanks Chris & Mel, much appreciated.
  4. pete2011

    TRN Problem

    Hi Chris & Mel, Just out of interest how did you resolve your problem with not having a reference number. We had our medicals yesterday at the Bridgewater Hospital, Manchester, they said they could not process our meds till we got a reference number and case officer still wont reply to our e-mails although I know they have received and read them.
  5. pete2011

    TRN Problem

    Hi, thank you for getting back to me much appreciated, all the best with your move.
  6. pete2011

    TRN Problem

    Hi Chris & Mel, Thank you for your reply, we are also going to the Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester.
  7. pete2011

    TRN Problem

    Can any one help, booked medicals but have no TRN number, visa lodged on paper so no number given as on electronic applications. Case Office just e-mailed me with instructions to download 26e and 160e and make appointment to have medicals. The clinic advised contact Case Office for reference number as ? paper medicals can cause problems and electronic one's obviously quicker. So far no response from case officer. Pete2011
  8. pete2011


    Hi, we are at the medicals stage of our visa application, my wife takes a low dose of hypertensive medication, has any one had any problems when it comes to the medicals with high blood pressure. Pete2011
  9. pete2011


    Hi Thewards, I take it this is Albany Wester Australia, been there a few times, great town, got a job in 2007 at the hospital but didn't go and kicked myself big time ever since. However, going to Bunbury hopefully around April / May time this year, Albany is a great place I would go for it. pete2011
  10. pete2011

    RSMS119 How long to get granted.

    Hi Chris & Mel thanks for your reply much appreciated all the best with your move to Adelaide.
  11. pete2011

    RSMS119 How long to get granted.

    Thanks apc1 for your reply, lodged our visa at Perth this week, got the job offer October 2011.
  12. pete2011

    RSMS119 How long to get granted.

    Hi, does any one know how long it takes from lodging the RSMS 119 to it been granted, post of ours yesterday, much appreciate any advice.
  13. pete2011

    Police check problems

    Thankyou Roberts13 for your reply much appreciated.
  14. pete2011

    Police check problems

    Hi, has anyone had problems when applying for a Australian Federal Police Check from the UK, we sent ours off together in the same enverlope and only recieved my wife'police check !!! Its a big pain as its the last document we need before we lodge our visa. :arghh:
  15. pete2011

    Australian Federal Police check

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes to get an Australian Federal Police Check from the UK ?:jiggy: