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    OSHC for student visa with dependent partner

    I think you are correct MaggieMay. It's just another insurance company scam charging couples more than two singles. Looks like we are better off getting two visas.
  2. Hi, When applying for OSHC for a student visa for the student and a dependent partner do you have to take a couples insurance or can you do two individual policies? Reason for asking is that quotes for a couple over two years is almost $5000 but a single is about $1000. This seems mad.
  3. biffo

    family sponsored visa for a motor mechanic

    Unfortunately, I was well and truly conned on the migration agent front when I migrated. I paid premium price for a much less than premium service, almost ran out of time to apply due to the incompetence of their staff who left my assessment application in 'the out tray' for 6 months. Then the company dissolved, taking my money including over 1000 GBP for a 'resettlement program' which never happened off into neverland. Mysteriously another, unrelated, agency appeared out of nowhere and took on my visa handling (waiting for a response letter from diac) free of charge This is obviously not a normal experience but has adjusted my faith in agents who may have a place in migration but only as a very lastest last resort in my opinion. No offence is intended to yourself or any of the other agents who may be valid, trustworthy and reputable.
  4. biffo

    family sponsored visa for a motor mechanic

    Thanks for the input so far. It looks like he may get enough points for subclass 189, the 489 was a last resort if he couldn't get over the line. The 457 would have been great as an alternative to the 489 but finding an employer to sponsor is not easy (hen's teeth). Any more advice is welcome.
  5. biffo

    WHV appeal

    I got a similar response from immigration when I called them but just hoped that there was another way. Looking at family sponsored skilled migration as a mechanic now but know very little about it so started another thread. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/238413-family-sponsored-visa-motor-mechanic.html So much has changed since we migrated in 2010!
  6. Hi, We are looking at a family sponsored visa for my brother-in-law. He is 20 and has been a mechanic since leaving school. Step 1, he did the self assessment at tradeset.com.au but we are unsure as to what the required results are to be acceptable for the TRA. Has anyone gone through this process or know anything about it? Also has anyone done or know about the family sponsored thing for skilled migration?
  7. biffo

    WHV appeal

    Hi, My brother-in-law came on a WHV last year but after 6 weeks his Dad (in Oz on a visitor visa) passed away which led to my brother-in-law going back to the UK early to support his Mum. Over a year later, he now wants to come back to Oz. Is there a way to restart his WHV or appeal to immigration to have a second chance?
  8. biffo

    Migration Agent on GC

    Thanks. I have been to google but am canvassing for a more personal opinion. Of course some MA's may also put themselves forward. My experience with agents was not good in the UK - the first one delayed my application by 6 months because they left my paperwork in someone's in tray, then they disappeared during the GFC! The second agent was not very helpful but for some reason they picked up the first agent's clients free of charge. It all still baffles the stuff out of me!
  9. biffo

    Migration Agent on GC

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good Migration Agent based on the Gold Coast please? We need help with identifying potential visa options for Parents but the case is not straight forward so we need someone experienced in getting complex cases approved. The parents are visiting at the moment so we would like to jack up an initial interview whilst they are here. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the link lastonealive I've seen these guys punting their wares in SP. And, all us blokes have always been classy Tickled!
  11. Thanks. But I think that he is looking for something based from the freebie creature comforts of home
  12. Hi, My brother-in-law is a bored 18 (sorry, I got it wrong again Dad!) year old visiting us and would like to meet up with someone of a similar age to hang out. He has the big3 theme park tickets and is interested in bikes:jimlad:, beach :cool:or just having fun:biglaugh:. Unfortunately we are a bit too boring for him :SLEEP:. If there is anyone out there interested in showing him what we have for 19 year olds on the Coast, please let me know asap. He will be going back to the UK at the end of September if nothing attracts his attention here :sad:.
  13. biffo

    Can I extend UK stay on emergency passport

    Thanks for sharing your experience and confirming that the observation is the important date to abide by. My wife will take my daughter to Newport (marginally the closer passport office) and they can have a day out shopping - ouch! $$$$$$ :err:
  14. biffo

    Can I extend UK stay on emergency passport

    And the answer is..... The FCO in London got back to me and said that the observation definitely overrules the valid date. The FCO response was that an emergency passport is issued for a specific journey only and that my daughter must return by the date stated or the passport will not be accepted by the Australian Immigration. Two options - return by the 16th or get a new full passport from the UK before departure. It is unfortunate that the red tape has to be there, but I suppose it helps protect us in the long run. If by any chance anyone thinks that the FCO are wrong and can find me evidence to the contrary, please, please let me know.