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  1. pommysteve

    Keep trying or give up?

    Excellent! I only read page 1 of the posts but great news!! Thanks.
  2. pommysteve

    Keep trying or give up?

    Hey, felt sad reading your post. Been in your position in UK. Terrible feeling, made redundant after long career in IT and just felt my age was against me at 40 :-( took me 9 months of trying, 400 job applications before giving up UK job search! I decided to focus my job search in Oz, 4 applications, 1 skype interview and haven't looked back!! I was lucky to land work from uk (obtained 175 visa first) but once you're here you'll find work. In Oz, there's an underlying "fair go" policy so age won't limit you in IT as the UK does. Good luck.
  3. pommysteve

    Just Arrive - Mandurah, Anyone else?

    We're actually in Halls Head too. Love and staying if we can afford it! Keep in touch and we'll try and help wherever we can. Steve.
  4. pommysteve

    Just Arrive - Mandurah, Anyone else?

    Thansk, Mandurah is awesome, liking living in Halls Head and so far everything is good. Travelled all around Oz and WA is our faverourite. Not sure we;ll stay here forever but it'll more than do for th efirst year or so!
  5. pommysteve

    Just Arrive - Mandurah, Anyone else?

    Hi, Been here 5 days now, rollercoaster but we're here. Need a car and another rental but I expect we're not the first judging by all the members of POI. Just wondered if anyone else was in a similar position in a similar area and fancies a beer and a chat to help each other out? Steve.
  6. pommysteve

    Car wanted down under - WA

    Need a runaround for 6 months. Under $4000 - must be reliable and safe as kids will be present. Please tell everyone I'm looking- mucho thanks. I'm in Mandurah.
  7. pommysteve

    4 door car wanted in WA.

    Thanks, might need something a bit sooner but I'll keep you in mind. What price are you looking for? Steve.
  8. pommysteve

    4 door car wanted in WA.

    Thanks, don't get much for $5k though do you? 12 year old car with 150,000km's usually. And I was hoping to spend around $3500 really!
  9. pommysteve

    4 door car wanted in WA.

    Still looking...
  10. pommysteve

    Holiday rental/furnished homes needed...

    I had same problem, arriving Mandurah on New Years Eve!! So now renting from private landlord who advertised on Gumtree-see full story in my previous post...
  11. pommysteve

    What uploader do u use ??

    Picasa is very good
  12. pommysteve

    6 month child visitor visa?

    March isn't long to wait! And it'll be cooler when you arrive instead of mid summer too
  13. pommysteve

    6 month child visitor visa?

    Case officor screwed up and requested wrong forms(which took a morning to fill out)... After sending correct form which took 10 minutes to fill out the officor worked really hard to make up for her mistake and a 6 month multiple entry visa was issued the same day! She even called me to tell me, never heard of a CO doing the chasing!!
  14. pommysteve

    IT 1st Line Support wanted

    It is a tuff market, I was out of work nearly a year after being made redundant even with 13 Years experience, MCSA, MCP's, Dip, Wide range of skills. In fact that's why we're off to Oz, been offered a job there! My honest suggestion would be try smaller firms, Computer shops ect.. don't write a letter, Walk in and see the manager or MD. The reason this might work is because most people are too lazy to bother, it's easier to apply via job boards, social networking and email.... and an employer wants to see someone with get up and go!
  15. pommysteve

    IT 1st Line Support wanted

    Get some MCP Qualifications in Windows admin, MS Office ect... easy and cheap. Get some experience as a Technician, resellers are great for this. Then, as soon as you can work towards 2nd line support by doing MCSE or CCNA and hopefully the company you work for will fund it and support you through it - they're pretty tuff! I re trained aged 28 by doing a year long Diploma as a Technician which impressed my first employer enough to give me a job, although the IT market is way more competative 13 years later! Good luck.