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  1. el capitan

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    No worries on replying b4 i only pop on here same as u, as and when. Glad you got a job with good money as well! i sometimes think if id stayed a bit longer i may have been lucky but who knows money was dwindling and i had to make the decision....really not enjoying that decision at the moment as the weather is total crap here! and has been for the last 3 years...ever since i got back funnily enough!! Perth is nice thats where i was based last time fingers crossed for yr wife and i hope u have better luck than me over there. Work is still not in abundance over here but as you know when ur back where u know people, u can always get some work and luckily i have enough so all good there. Ive heard that there has been a lot of redundancies made on the mines so a lot of the trades will b flooding the cities again like they did when i came out last time! think thats gonna sway my decision for staying in the UK :-( will keep checking and being indecisive tho im sure lol. Shame cos it took me a long time and a lot of money to get the residency visa and will be gutted when it expires next august guess i just did the whole thing at the wrong time unfortunately... Thanks for replying be lucky :cute:
  2. el capitan

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    Hi charlie i messaged you on here a while back, not sure you still check the site but thought id say hi and message anyway. Im still in the UK and working everyDAY! lol. as i said before my very expensive residents visa expires in aug 2014, i am still unsure whether to come back and risk not getting any work again but dont want to waste my visa! a friend and fellow plumber has just returned from perth after gaining his citizenship, lucky for him his wife had a good job and was able to support them both. He told me it was worse than when i was there for getting plumbing work and didnt look like like getting any better any time soon :-( he was working as a window fitter which he got through a friend. I was just wondering how you got on in the end? did u manage to settle in ok and find a decent job? if so can i have one?!! hahaha Anyway just enquiring as just not sure what to do at the mo. Hope all good with you :-)
  3. el capitan

    plumbing qualification

    from my understanding and the process i went through....he'll need more than just 12 months experience! i think you have to have a minimum of 3 years work experience as well as qualifications, as rohyett suggested i would consult yr migration solicitior or whoever yr using. btw im back in the uk now as it was so hard getting a job as a plumber (or any job for that matter) even with all my qualifications!! so beware its not all that easy to find work
  4. el capitan

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    Hi charliebhoy I flew out to perth Just over 2 years ago, I had exactly the same problem as you! i got my tradespersons licence unfortunately i didnt have my uk gas qualification at the time and didnt feel confident enough to take the aussie one (as a lot of the plumbing jobs also specified gas licence) but i had years of uk plumbing experience so applied to LOADS of plumbing companies but all came back with the same thing...."how many years WA experience have you got?" my reply "none"....theirs..."cant help you mate!" Unfortunately i didnt have a partner, so couldnt afford to stay unless i took some crappy labourer or factory job, which for some is an honest living but im a qualified plumber and couldnt/didnt want to go backwards in my career as im not getting any younger. I applied for jobs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but they all came back with the same answer. I do understand that times are hard and the aussies are just employing their own which is right in my opinion, But instead of telling us we are in so much demand maybe they could tell us the truth! I have been back in the UK for a year now, have just passed my gas exams and have been working since i came back but really want to return before my residency expires in 2014, but only if the plumbing job market improves drastically in our favour! Judging by your post it doesnt look like this is gonna happen anytime soon.....do you think or is it being suggested that this will change soon?? any info/input be greatly appreciated, hope your still enjoying the place tho and not getting to hot and covered in flies like i was in perth! :biggrin: cheers chris
  5. Hi all, I've been in Perth for nearly six months now and I haven't managed to find a plumbing job! There are jobs advertised and I've applied for a lot of them, this is only what's happened to me, I'm sure their are others out here that have found a job, so I don't want to put anyone off! I just thought I'd post this so u know it's not gonna be easy! The main thing I am being asked when I call or apply is....what west Australian experience do u have??? Obviously I haven't any and then I don't hear from them again even if I call back! When u get here u need to apply for your plumbing licence $200?? I think, then u have to do a migrants course with the books it's about $900(it's easy but it's a week long) I'd recommend getting yr gas license as well recently I was told it's about 2.5 weeks long and costs $2500 ish. Even with that some do still ask about wa experience!!! I'm popping over to Melbourne for a few days to c if it's any better out there! Once again some people can and will find work I just wanted to post this as I wish someone had done so before I sold everything and came out! Nice and sunny tho!!! Lol anyone kno wat plumbing work situ is like in the south east?? Just in case....;0)
  6. el capitan

    plumbing in melbourne??

    hi, ive been in perth for 5 months now and as of yet havent managed to gain employment as a plumber because they ask if u have west australian experience obviously i dont as i only moved here 5 months ago but it seems every job ad requires u to have at least 3-5 years WA experience! im thinking about moving to melbourne as there seems to be more jobs advertised on numerous websites, can anyone tell me how difficult it is to get work as a plumber over there? do u need victoria experience? plus i havent got my gas license yet will i need that to get a job as well? if so how much is it as its about 3000 bucks here!! i have my trades persons license so i assume that is valid over there as well? any advice would be greatly appreciated as im desperate to get out of here now and find a decent job!! thanks chris
  7. el capitan

    2 years in WA!! do i have to??

    ye i kno wat u mean! ive got some thinking and decisions to make.... the initial post was just a tester to see if i was able to go or not! im just not sure yet wat im gonna do thanks for all the input tho
  8. el capitan

    2 years in WA!! do i have to??

    Thanks for that joanne, im getting there gradually i really enjoy it here. as i said im just unsure if this stare is for me thats all i would never slag it off as i havent been here long enough.( Didnt mean to offend anyone when i said its backward! although think i said that before carlandjen!!)
  9. hi i moved to Perth from UK about 4 weeks ago, on a 176 state sponsored skilled visa so i'm supposed to stay in WA for 2 years! I know its early doors but i get the feeling that as a single 35 yr old male im gonna want to move on to either Melbourne, Sydney or the Gold coast. Nothing against Perth its a lovely place and the slower pace appealed to me but it seems slower and more backward than i thought. (no offence) I will stick around if i have to as i do enjoy it here and once i get a proper stable job ill probably settle in more. However..... My question is can i leave the state before the 2 years are up and live and work elsewhere? or will that displease the WA government who doesnt like change? thanks
  10. el capitan

    UK plumbers in perth!!!

    hello luke did u not do vetassess at home? u need that for them to acknowledge yr qualifications, to get the tradies license. hopefully daz the fella who pm'd us can help u more as he sounds like he's sorted!
  11. el capitan

    UK plumbers in perth!!!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement its always good to hear!
  12. el capitan

    UK plumbers in perth!!!

    Hi ive been here a couple a weeks now have applied for plumbing license and obtained my blue card(white card). Most plumbing firms ive called want wa experience but how do i get that if they wont give me a go!!!!! Anyway what i wanted to know is in the uk i wasnt corgi registered but i fitted boilers and other gas appliances and my boss would just check everything off. Out here they want u to have a gas fitters license as well, i cant remember how much it costs to do, but with all the other licenses u have to pay for its getting expensive. And to be honest id rather become a bathroom renovator as enjoyed that back in UK! Do u think its worth getting that as well or will i have the same amount of difficulty getting a job without one? I just dont want to waste time and money gaining that and still end up doing labouring or some other crap job! Where ill need another license to to tie my laces or cross the road!!! Any input would be appreciated. Hope yr having more luck than me!! Cheers
  13. hi just to let yu know im leaving on tues! for perth. Just wanted to say this thread and poms in oz has been really helpful in thiis long and drawn out process. Thanks to everyone and all your advice good luck with all those still waiting see you there chris
  14. dont always recieve confirmation, i sent mine off 30 march (online) kept checking it, it just said processing commenced after uploading police checks and meds it just changed to visa granted!! no c/o or anything! im not complaining tho im going september b4 they change their mind !
  15. hi, Checked my app online this morning and still said 'processing commenced' but as i looked down further it said applicant successful!! so opened the window and visa was there! done meds middle of july and they were finalised yesterday and visa was issued today!!! cant believe it i thought it had to say case officer allocated, but dont care! prob gonna leave early september!!! Good luck to everyone still waiting