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Found 57 results

  1. Hi im a fully qualified plumber from the uk(20 years exp.) and have been here in melbourne with my wife for a year now. my problem is im finding it impossible to get a job plumbing/heating, ive done all necessary procedures ie plumbing registration,safety white card. when i arrived i kept getting the same story from agencies/companies " how long have you been here? u dont have any australian experience, you just have to get your foot in the door" ( ive worked in uk,jersey,france croatia and new zealand as a plumber over the last 20 years without any hassle). so i took a few labouring jobs over the past year to get by and now i still get the same old s**t... When we left the uk we were under the impression plumbers were critical/in demand. well i can tell you this a load of bull. its just another aussie ploy to take your money. i have now joined the plumbers union in the hope that they may understand and maybe "get my foot in the door" and move me up the long list! just as well my wife gotta decent job when we arrived. Has any1 had similar experience????:arghh: NOT GIVING UP HOPE YET!!!!!!
  2. Meadows73

    RSMS 119 & Employer Nightmare

    Does anyone know of someone who could offer me advice about my visa and problems with my employer? I only started work yesterday and it is a nightmare already, I was brought out to work as Medical Administrator and there is no job for that and my employer would not let me start for 8 weeks despite insisting I get here ASAP, I am now working as Assistant in Nursing instead, which is pretty heavy going. My MIA just says suck it up as I got my visa with an age exemption, and that I should stick out my 2 years, they tell me the pay will be the same, not yet had any pay yet, only just started the job. Is there anything I can do? I am desperate!
  3. I have read in a number of posts on this forum where some people on hindsight had wished they've been told about completing Form 80 beforehand as apparently it seemed to be requested from the CO days after the de-facto spouse visa application is lodged. I would like to know is this true that Form 80 is requred? We are about to lodge the de-facto spouse visa application and this Form 80 is really stressing us out in a number of ways: 1) It requires the applicant to provide details of every single country he has visited (incl. short stays) OUTSIDE Australia in the last 10 years. My British partner who is the applicant has made countless trips across Europe being an EU citizen it's almost impossible to list every single trip because he can't even remember all of them! 2) It requires the applicant to provide details of every single employer he has worked with after he has left school. My partner has been doing IT contracting for many years. This means has worked with numerous agencies on contracting assignments or varying lengths with more well-known IT firms. Whilst the "host" companies he is assigned to do contract work for are typically large and very famous, he is paid by these staffing agencies which are small. Some don't even exist anymore (closed down or merged or whatever). Also, he no longer has records of the employment periods for every single agency he has been attached to for contract assignments, so it's impossible to list every single agency and their contact details and the length of employment. What can we do about this? We just can't track down the information any more. Any advice will be appreciated, this form is causing us to tear our hair out! Thanks.
  4. We seem to hit a bit of a major issue. My husband is an Aeronautical Engineer and some of his work is naturally in the defence industry i.e. government. The government only employee citizens, except in exceptional cicumstances i.e. when no Australian could possibly fill the position. This means he is really struggling to find work as agencies are not interested as this whole issue is too hard for them and if he applies direct to the government he gets rejected because there is always someone else who can do the job even if he maybe the best candidate, not that they ever interview to find out. We know this is the case as he has spoken to the people he has been rejected by. Has anyone got any ideas? Our visas need to be activated by April and it seems to big a risk to go to Australia with this issue and no job. Help!
  5. juliag

    Please help...APHRA nightmare

    I am just in the process of applying to APHRA for my nursing registration,and have had my documents that the ANMC held forwarded to the Perth office of APHRA. Looking at the application form, I think I may need to send a copy of my passport and driving licence and CV also. They were not needed for my skills assessment so would need to get them certified. Have noticed it has to be a JP or notary and have just been quoted £100 to certify 2 documents. Does anybody know if I need to send above documents or can just submit them when I get to Perth. It seems an awful lot of money for signing two pieces of paper:arghh::arghh:
  6. Guest

    Worst Nightmare coming true

    Got blood tests back for our dog today and he has tested positive for canine ehrlichiosis (erlich). It is known as Tick Fever in this coutry and is spread by sheep and is nothing to worry about however in Australlia they do not differentiate between UK sheep ticks and Brown Dog Ticks which are found in other coutries which are very harmful and can cause anemia and in the worse case death. It is usually found in dogs who travel through different countries. I believe it is in Europe and America. Our dog has never left the country but if he does not respond to antibiotics he will not be allowed into Australia as they will belive he has the Brown Dog Tick virus. It is only a 50% chance that he will respond to the antibiotics as he is not actually carrying the virus. The thing is he has never had a tick and he always has his flea and tick treatment on. Our agent tells us it is something they are seeing more of and it is starting to cause a bit of a problem as the Australian authorities will not differentiate between the two ticks. Luca is supposed to leave on the 31st October but now we don't know what will happen. I can't even contemplate going without him. My mum and dad will have him if he cant go but it breaks my heart to think about leaving him. He is 9 and he is my wee boy. Just have to hope and pray that the next blood test is ok.
  7. please help!! I am ringing around various solicitors to get certain documents certified for spouse visa, and most of them either dont do it or want 25 quid per document!!!! I dont even know which documents need certifying yet has havent sorted through them yet. Can anyone help me please with advice on who else i should contact or if anyone knows who doesnt charge. I feel like im being ripped off just to get a document stamped!:mad:
  8. Hi All, We are migrating in January and have just started trying to find short term accomodation for our initial few weeks - it's a nightmare! I have search every site it seems (and gone through so many of the posts on here) and still can't find anything - is anyone else having the same problem? At this rate we will be sleeping on the beach! I didn't think it would be so hard - we are even willling to rent unfurnished and sleep on the floor but just can't find anything - anyone have any advice? Em :wacko:
  9. Guest

    AHPRA nightmare, please help

    Im currently trying to apply for my registration with AHPRA and feel like screaming. Can anyone tell me if a police officer is a notary public or not... ?? and if not who the hell is ??? Think i might just become a meter maid. x:arghh:
  10. Guest

    HELP 176 nightmare

    Hi Guys I am trying to do an online 176 application for myself and spouse/de facto partner. Each time I get to the section countries of residence I can put in my details but not my partners. I cant proceed any further because it comes up with an error comment if I try to go to the next page without my partners details.. I included her under "other family members" at the beginning of the application. its a nightmare I have tried so many times and I am so frustrated I emailed the DIAC and rang them but was told to it would take months for a tech support to get back to me on it and to just apply by paper I really want to do it online because I have heard its much faster Has anyone else had this problem??
  11. Guest

    APHRA nurses board NIGHTMARE

    Hi everyone we are in process of getting our nurses registration for Melbourne well my partner is and yet again they have sent all the forms back saying they want more information on yet another item......We will never get out at this rate....We are aiming for next january as apparently they take at least 4 months to do it etc......Were going to be staying with my Uncle in Burwood.....which seems fab...and then we will see where we get to??/ We have 2 children age 3 and one who is 11 months.....So looking for great childcare etc schools....We are noticing house prices are dropping which is great for us..... Just wanna get out there now.....argghhhhh.... Anyone else had the same trouble with APHRA??? Nic x
  12. Guest

    Nightmare flights!

    I am trying to source flights to visit Oz and also surprise my family at christmas, the dates I'm looking at going on are 16th dec until 30th dec 2011, for 2 adults the prices are around 3 grand! :chatterbox: Can anyone suggest anything to get the prices down? I have heard some people saying that if you book flights from Oz they are cheaperbut not sure how true this is, am i better waiting until a week before and then trying for a last minute deal? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Hi, I am Dean, I'm 33 originally from the midlands, I have been in Oz on and off for the last 10 years, normally on tourist visas( untill they said I had exceeded the number of E.T.A's( my two children are here (5,8y.o.) I am all set to do the contributory parent visa, as it seems to be the only one that fits, I applied 17 months ago and now I have been asked for the assurance of support. The problem is that I have no family except my 2 boys, who live with their Mum ( my ex) and they are under 18 and cannot sponsor me. My ex is the only person who can sign the assurance of support thing. ( she is a nightmare and would not do anything to help me at all) I do not actually need any support as I have just sold my house I bought in Byron Bay with my ex 10 years ago, however someone needs to sign this thing. I have been reading the blurb over and over, the other option is a community based organisation, ethnic group or church based organisation, that has dealings with both me and my children ! Of which there are None!! I have been beating my head against the immigration wall for ever, but I have quite a odd situation where I have no family except my 2 sons here in Oz. A last remaining relative visa doesn't cut it apparently as my children are not 18. The plot has thickened a bit as my new fiancee is 5 months pregnant with twins, and is from Paris, apparently it is going to cost about 70,000 dollars to get us both in permanently, but even that cannot be done without an assurance of support ( that I do not need personally but do need legally!) I am really at the end of my tether and do not know what on earth to do!! Can anyone please help? I have ran my own businesess in the uk but have no formal qualifications, I have a building company who are wanting to know if they can sponsor me ( employee sponsored migration) as they want me to sell for them ( which I do best) does anyone know if this is possible, how long it takes, and if it would include my fiancee too ? I have 28 days to sort out the "assurance of support" or about 2 months to sort out getting sponsored with my fiancee by the building company( who have just done it for another english guy but he is a qualified carpenter) Please please please does anyone have any pointers, Yours sincerely, Dean
  14. Can anyone give any advice please. Get prepared for a long post. There is an ASDA being built approx 1 mile away from us. It is being built in completely the wrong area, at intersections of some major roads. There are also major planning permissions given to a 250 house estate, an industrial estate as well as a business park (being semi rural and on green belt don't seem to matter diddly). The result of this is that it will become a traffic nightmare. We were told not to worry as a scheme of road calming work was going to be implemented in ours and neighbouring roads to alleviate the problem and force drivers onto the already busy main roads. In their wisdom the Highways Department's solution is 7 chicane/cutaways/pinch points along our 0.5 mile stretch of road which will result in gridlock. They say it's necessary, as the model they are basing it on say that the ASDA will generate 750 cars per hour along our road, so these measures are necessary. I think actually they mean that this is how many cars will be going there along all of the other main roads too as I can't believe there are going to be that many along all of the roads. Now the fun bit, one of the priority build ups is planned outside our 90 year old neighbour's house and will result in at least 2 driveways in the road being blocked, and us having to turn a very sharp right (practically 45 degrees) into traffic which has right of way against us. As it's a priority type one, drivers will be speeding up to "get to the opening first" before oncoming traffic, thus leaving us trying to cross a lane into oncoming traffic. We will also have the "give way" line painted opposite our drive. The other little pleasure is that roughly 10 houses (including ours) will now have no parking outside their houses. I went to a consultation meeting last Wednesday and stared in horror at the proposals next door and when I asked how I was supposed to get the lock on my car to turn right, I was sneered at and asked what car I drive as it shouldn't be a problem. I also pointed out that thre was a bus stop 50 yards away which will also cause the traffic to back up also, to which they responded bus stop, what bus stop? I've gathered a petition of the residents that it will affect and am trying to get people to fill in comments forms for the local councillor. It's been identified that a lot of our traffic actually travels along a neighbouring road before it reaches us - the road that our councillor lives in and in which no changes are being made (surprise, surprise). There have been several articles in the county paper saying how happy we all are with the scheme, and we have been given just 10 days to respond, despite this presumably being planned for months. I'm coming up against accusations of being a nimby (some of which is true obviously) and told the scheme is necessary s on safety grounds, but I can't see how this many obstructions are going to make us any safer and probably won't deter many drivers anyway, because the main roads are going to be blocked. Extra cars will still travel up our road but the flow will be broken by everyone having to keep stopping and starting. I've also been told by another councillor that it's unfortunate that not everyone is ever going to be happy with a scheme like this. Too effing rite mate!! My question really is, has anyone had to take anything like this on, do you have any tips, once a decision is made how long do you get to appeal and is there a higher authority than the Highways Dept to appeal to should it all go ****-up? I'm desperately worried as we will probably have to be selling up to move to Oz and this is going to knock thousands off the price of our house. We are also in a dilema about whether to tell the old guy next door(who has major health problems and has nurses visiting him several times daily) as it's going to affect him massively and would result in the nurses/visitors not being able to leave his drive. The alternative being the diggers turning up outside his house out of the blue and him being in shock anyway. I've asked relatives what I should do, but they keep saying they'll think about it and time is marching on. Perhaps I should make the powers that be tell him and they have to suffer the consequences if he has a heart attack, bless him! Any advice much appreciated.
  15. Hi, I have been involved in Historical re enactment for years, I have equipment covering four time periods, I have been in contact with quite a few people about transporting my equipment to Melbourne because evidently just about everything I own is banned, (still waiting for some answers) some of the people i have spoken too have jokingly said - ( "no way pal!", you cannot bring one of them over hear!", "dont even think about it mate", are you looking to start a war !!!!! ) so out of intrest I was wondering if anyone out there knows if I can without having residancy first, import this stuff, the forms I have give me the impression only residents can import stuff like Swords, Spears Crossbows, Onager, Ballister, ECT, has anyone imported stuff ????:arghh: after all, I have all this stuff to entertain & educate people not wipe them out,!!! :confused:
  16. Hi All, in a pretty dire situation, rented a house in Townsville for $800 pw 3 months ago, we moved in and every thing was faulty - no cooker for 2 weeks, insect infestations, faulty elecs, faulty aircon I could go on and on. Repairs never being fixed etc so went throo RTA for a mutual termination of tenancy it was that bad. (waste of time - we got put out of meeting due to us forgetting 1 email - evidence). Any way, then got a solicitor $600 and for 1 letterand fax stating we had grounds for mutual break lease, solicitor said yes thats it we can now get anothe houser, as its a mutual break lease end off . and we will not be pursued for the rents for the remainder of tenancy (4months). We Get another house, old agents refuse to give us a ref, but still got the house on grounds of we had loads of email/legal proof of the fight we had and how vindictive agents were. The Old Agent stand us up on handover day then complain to our lawyer we didnt hand back keys? They didnt acknowledge our termination form 12or 13? Then send us an eviction notice 2 weeks after we move to the old address? even tho we gave them new address? and are now pursuing us for rent till they get another tenant?. Lawyer says ignore-_easier said than done, the bill is now standing at $2700?!, our bond weve been waiting for is worth $3000 we owe them last 2.5 weeks rent approx $2000, so they are cranking up the bill as I type, hitting us with maintenance costs till they re-rent,we paid a bond cleaned to value of $600 garden $200 and told them we could pay the $2000 as soon as bond release or they can take it out of bond. I could scream, how on earth can people get away with this, the more I speak to the more have never seen their bond? Is a lawyers letter no legally binding over here, so confused, could do with advice from a ex-realestate or something. Please advice as its just plain getting us down now and spoiling everything:arghh:
  17. Hi, OH just received his positive skills assessment but what a bloody nightmare the whole process has been. We are not dwelling on it though just so delighted about the outcome.:biggrin::biggrin: I am now ready to submit our WA SS application (woo hoo) however I am unsure if I need to certify the 3 documents that they request. I have been on WA immi website but I cannot see this info anywhere, it may be that I am having a "brown" moment lol. Could someone kindly advise. Thanks in advance, Gillian
  18. maybe a stupid question to ask....but does anyone know how you can get a faster internet connection in perth? ours is with telstra but it takes forever to load a page :SLEEP: i know we haven't moved here to be on a computer all day, but sometimes things have to be done...paying bills, e mails etc and this is driving me mad!:mad: any ideas?.....Thanks
  19. Guest

    The nightmare is over

    Sorry if this post is a bit long but it’s probably the only post I will do and I just need to get this off my chest. What a relief after nearly 2 years living in Oz the nightmare is over. Like most others we holidayed there first a couple of times and were really taken with the place, nice weather, BBQ’s, outdoor life, the beach and at the time things like houses & cost of living appeared cheaper than the UK. Unfortunately it turned out rather different to actually live there. Firstly the exchange rate and the increase in house costs killed off our dream of buying a decent place outright and with mortgage rates up around seven percent we ended up with a big mortgage which was not in the original plan. We worked long hours to make ends meet and that meant not much time for leisure activities, not much point in the sun shining if you’re always at work, and just like the UK it always seemed to rain at the weekends. Our children had just finished UK school before emigrating but they ended up having to do year 12 again because Australia does not recognise the UK school results, which is nonsense. The real kicker is that before we moved out there we were friends with another family in the UK who had moved to Oz in 2007 we kept in contact with them on the phone/internet and they really sold it to us, the reality was though that when we got there the truth came out that they actually weren’t that happy in Oz but were too embarrassed to admit it to their friends back in the UK. I think they wanted us to move there so that they had some friends because apart from us they did not really seem to know anybody. It’s really great to be back in the UK, Yes it gets cold in the winter but that makes you appreciate the summer all the more, and you get that lovely cosy feeling when you get home to the central heating. I really missed the seasons, the blossom, the autumn colours, the bird song, rolling countryside, muddy walks in the countryside, fields of corn waving in the summer breeze oh and the country pubs, and friendly faces. It’s unfortunate but sometimes you end up convincing yourself to look elsewhere only to realise and appreciate what you actually had in the first place. It’s nice to be back amongst friends with similar interests and outlook where people dress with proper shoes rather than thongs or even bare feet in the supermarket…. Yuk. We have had no trouble in getting jobs and the cost of living is cheaper in the UK if you take earnings and cost of living into account rather than trying to compare prices between the two countries or apply an exchange rate. For the uninitiated the way to look at it is a job which pays 50k pounds in the UK will usually pay 100k dollars in Oz, therefore in terms of prices if they are double the dollars then the cost is comparable to the UK, one thing is worth noting is that a return flight from the UK to Oz when booked in the UK is between 600 and 700 pounds whereas the same return trip booked in Oz is around 2000 dollars, one which seems illogical and quite frankly a rip off. Australia is a great place to visit for a holiday (although it’s not a place we will visit again) but not to live there unless you’re a petrol head who likes to look scruffy, enjoy being caught by police hiding behind bus stops with speed cameras and seeing people in the supermarkets with bare feet …Yuk. There are far too many silly rules and regulations, it’s more expensive to live than the UK and I mean for your average family buying the regular groceries and paying all the usual bills. We earned good money in Oz but had very little left whereas we have money left over to save again now. I’m not saying nobody should give it a go, some have little to leave behind and without a doubt some will love it, but giving up all your friends and family in the hope of a better life is a high price to pay.
  20. Guest

    An expensive nightmare

    This visa application has turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life. I have spent thousands of pounds, given up a well paid job to fund my supposed move to australia, which in turn landed me without a job for a year, been kept in the dark by diac (although they were happy enough to take my money) and then had the goalposts moved that many times I'm not sure where the goal is anymore. How can what seemed like a simple straightforward process turn out to be this complicated and troublesome? It's a complete joke and makes the australian government and it's departments look like a bunch of morons.
  21. Hello fellow Poms, Right, I need help. I'm really struggling to find a cheddar cheese that grabs you by the balls, rips out your mouth and is actually worth eating. Is the Australian pallete so completely different that they cant stomach a decent mature cheddar? Or, do they just have a different idea on the definition of the work mature? Either way, Australian Mature, extra tasty or dare I say it mature extra tasty borders on tastes more like milk than cheese. I've found the Cracker Barrel in the black wrapper gets 50% of the way to my definition of 'Mature' but its still not a patch on your run of the mill davidstow, canadian or quality UK cheddars. Please enlighten me. I miss my cheese <sob> Melodic, PS... what goes around at a cheese and wine party in oz? Isn't the whole point of wine to quell the fire raging in your mouth from the good bit of cheese you just had on a cracker? Why be so good at wine if your so bad at cheese!!?
  22. Hi everyone. Well Ive been here about 2 weeks now and love it, but the nightmare of the shipping agent and customs has been a real bummer. I am due to fly back to the UK this Thurs,(13th May) to finish off a work contract that will take 3 months. All my belongings are here in Adelaide and I have booked some storage at port Adelaide to keep it safe whilst I'm away. The only problem is that the customs are dragging their feet clearing it. The problem is that I bought a new bed before leaving the Uk in the Boxing day sales and because it's new they want to charge me import duty on it. OK fair enough, but they need the original recipt etc. Which of course I don't have. If I don't take delivery by this Weds,(12th) I am buggered, (here on my own) Also my shipping agent in the Uk told me everything would be dealt with by the shipping agents at this end, ie: customs clearance etc, but they thought i was taking care of it all. So my advice is to not bring any new goods into Oz and if you do have to, unpack the bloody stuff and say you have owned it for over 12 months. If my stuff isnt cleared by this weds then I'm gonna get hit big time for storage or tell them to keep the bloody lot of it. BARR HUMBUG:arghh:
  23. Hi all Im having a nightmare just trying to arrange farewell party's, so many people i want to see, but no dates seam to be ok for all, what are you supposed to do, dont what to leave anyone out, but cant find away around it, this one has a wedding, this one has a birthdays and so on, jutted that some people cant rearrange thing that they can do at another time. Just feeling alittle let down, people/friends dont seem to understand that this one meeting/event cant be rearrange. Makes me wonder about the real amount of friends i have here, feeling very sad.....:dull:... Not good Tracey PS why cant i get the little faces up
  24. I can't believe how awful trying to rent somewhere in Sydney is becoming! I have a job waiting for me, a visa about to be approved and all I want is a small studio/one bedroom place for no more than $450 week. This is not a problem so long as I can view the places first...but I'm in the UK awaiting my visa! I've searched every property site I can find and all the estate agents want me to view property first. I have searched shared accomodation and either get no reply or complete conmen. I am now at a loss, probably weeks from going to Sydney and may have to resort to spending a fortune on hotels until I can secure a place to live. I really really don't want to do the whole hostel thing as I'll be working shifts. I'm scared that, after all of this, I will have to give up my dream and my new job. I feel miserable :arghh: Any tips, suggestions would be more than welcome...I'm sure there are others out there who are doing what I want to... Thanks... X
  25. I was wondering if anyone may have advice, I have sponsored employment at a really lovely place in Queensland, the problem I have is that I love the job and the people that I work with but the manager is so unreasonable and the team are really battling to keep him happy but no job seems to be safe as he just fires people on the spot, what worries me that he may do this to me and i am tied for this place for 2 years, I now have been told if i apply for my residency he ill have to sign this off and i will have to continue to work there for an further 2 years so that means i will be doing 4 years. Any advice would be appreciated