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  1. JAYZO

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Nope we had migration agent, not the best!! Nomination refused due to lack of info supplied by employer, Immi saying they requested the info back in Jan, but agent never received the request?!? After the 28 days, no info was received, they refused it, hence the appeal.
  2. JAYZO

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi, not sure of exact but here goes: Nomination submitted July 14 Visa submitted Sept 14 Nomination refused Jan 15 Appealed early Feb nomination hearing heard end Sept 15 Remitted back to Immi Oct 15 & approved Nov 5th 15. Visa appeal heard & remitted to Immi 8th Dec New police & medicals submitted end of Dec (these had expired so knew we would have to do them) Finally Granted visa 29th January 2016! One hell of a long 18 months,but we got there!!
  3. JAYZO

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Finally it was our turn! After 2 & half years of starting the 186 visa process, 2 appeals we are finally permanent residents!! Good luck to everyone still waiting. x
  4. Hi, we are going from 457 to 186, the nomination was refused in Jan (lack of information ) appealed feb, hearing was heard September, remitted back to immi & approved November, visa appeal was heard Dec 8th, approved & remitted back to immi, new medicals & police checks sent to immi 28th Dec as these had expired. Still waiting for visa now lol. Sooo stressful!
  5. JAYZO

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Everyone? anyone any idea what 'under consideration' means? My case was remitted back to immigration Dec 8th, after going through the appeal process, new police & medicals submitted end of Dec as these had expired. Emailed them a few days ago & they replied to advise its 'under consideration' thanks
  6. Hi Sardaargs Have you finally been granted residency? Our second appeal (visa) was remitted back to DIBP dec 8th, new police & medicals sent to our agent 28th Dec, how long did you end up waiting for a case officer? Emailed our agent 2 days ago asking for update,..., still waiting lol.
  7. JAYZO

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Anyone know the how long applications are taking if you have been through the appeal (AAT) process & 'won' (457 to 186) Ours was remitted back to immigration Dec 8th, since then both Police & medicals have been redone & attached to our fie as they had expired. Thanks
  8. JAYZO

    186 transition stream HEALTH CHECKS?

    We are having ours tomorrow, myself & hubby chest X-ray, hiv test & medical, 2 girls age 9 & 5, just medicals. Already had these done, but ours expired in May.
  9. Our nomination & visa have now been passed back to immigration from the tribunal after we received a positive descion. (Sent back to Immi 8th Dec) Our medicals & visa expired in May this year, agent advised need to do AFP checks again which were posted yesterday, also advised up to us regarding medicals as some case officers extend these... We both decided to do these to avoid further delays... Just waiting for agent to issue us with the HAPID then we can book. My question is, how long does it take after being passed back to Immi before a case officer picks up our case, & once police / medicals submitted, how long before we are perm residents? Thanks
  10. Hi, Just found out today our case was allocated to a 'member' on the 5th November, anyone any idea how long it takes to get a decision?! The problem was with the nomination (457 to 186) the hearing was heard, passed & sent back to immigration early Oct, confirmation received 5th Nov from immigration. This must have been when our visa was passed to the member to review & make a decision... Our agent has been less than helpful..... In fact I had to email AAT to see if there had been any movement in our case & that's when they said it was passed to a member 5th November!! Thanks
  11. JAYZO

    Migration Review Tribunal MRT

    I have to experience with the AAT, our nomination was refused Jan, case heard by AAT end of September, submitted back to DIBP with a positive decision- Thank god! Now waiting to have our Visa appeal heard... Our Migration agent said the visa should be straightforward & be heard shortly after, as the issues were with the nomination!! Anyone any idea roughly how much longer we have to wait? Our agent has not been the best
  12. You are not alone. Our nomination was refused in January, passed to the tribunal early Feb, had the hearing 29th Sept, approved (yippee) sent back to immigration early Oct for processing, heard nothing since, despite chasing our agent several times!!!! Now waiting to have our visa appeal heard....... The member who heard the nominaton appeal said there is a good chance our visa case will land on her desk... But when lol???!!! Our Police checks / Medicals also expired May this year :-( Any words of reassurance greatly appreciated :-)
  13. JAYZO

    Gold Coast families......

    Hi Dnursey, we have been here 3 years next Jan. First year was hard (as they always are) but we stuck it out & our girls love it here. Yes, please message me & can meet up. As for activities, loads to do, my girls love the beach, just generally being outside in the sun & recently got passes to the theme parks for a year. Our house was on the market for 15 moths, thought it was never going to sell!! Once it sold, went through in 8 weeks, first time buyers & we moved in with my dad till we moved here, so no chain. X
  14. JAYZO

    Gold Coast families......

    Definitely, send me a message & will meet up. My youngest who was 2 & half when we left, doesn't really remember the UK, but my eldest took it the hardest, leaving her friends & grandparents. She loves it here now x
  15. JAYZO

    Gold Coast families......

    Hi, I'm in mudgeeraba, 2 girls 9 & 5. I'd be interested in meeting up too. c