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    Bricklaying in perth????

    Do you mind if I ask a few questions? How many days your hubby works as a brickie, do they do saturdays too? Also is there many times where he can't work because of the weather? Does he have continuity of work? How much tax does he have to pay on his wages and is there anything extra on top that I wouldn't probably think about? Any info about working as a brickie in Perth would be most appreciated, it's been hard to find someone who is actually doing this job in Perth to be able to ask. Many thanks
  2. misslilly

    Decision Time!

    Hi All We have been thinking of moving to Perth for some time now but are worried about how easy/difficult it will be to find jobs, buy house etc. and look to you guys for any help/advice. It’s really decision time as I have been ummmming and arrrrring for so long it’s ridiculous!!! Bit of background – hubby is 37 and a brickie, I’m 33 and a part time admin assistant. We have two boys ages 8 and 4. We rent here in the UK, we have a deposit which could be used for a house here (if we are able to get a mortgage) but this would hugely diminish when using it to move over to Oz and then converting it into Aus $ with the exchange rate so dire. My two sisters live in Perth so if I am honest that is a big pull for us to go, however we are trying to decide if we would be best just staying here and trying to get on the property ladder or risking it all and moving to Perth and starting again. We live ok here, don’t have much spare cash but enough to do the odd thing and have a holiday once a year. My concern is we move to Perth, can’t get jobs,or not well paid ones, cost of living too expensive etc etc. Also obviously having to start again buying a car, new furniture etc costs money! If anyone has any info on bricklaying work in Perth, wages, continuity of work etc, and also admin work for me. Also other things like how much tax do you pay, other hidden costs, healthcare costs, cost of living etc. How difficult is it to get on the property ladder over there as first time buyers, I hear the cost of property is very expensive. So many questions but any info that would help us make a decision would be very greatly received. Many thanks
  3. misslilly

    Is it the wrong time ?

    You sound just like me! One day I'm 'yep let's go for it, you only live once' next day I'm 'oooh can we afford to do it, will we get jobs or end up living in a tent'! Drives me nuts! xxx
  4. misslilly

    Is it the wrong time ?

    Hi Ping Pong! I'm facing pretty much the same thing as you. Moved to Oz when pregnant with first child and brand new hubby, he only lasted 4 months! I followed on some months later. 7 years on and another child in tow hubby says he is wanting to go but I'm too scared to make the move in case it ends up like last time and we come back, thousands ££££ lighter! As I'm always told you have to follow your heart, if you know what it's saying that is! For me I can't see myself in the UK when I'm old, but at the same time the move scares me to death! As you've said you're the only ones who can decide, just sit in the quiet and try to hear what your heart is telling you! Best of luck. xxx
  5. misslilly

    Oz best for kids?

    Hi All We are thinking of moving to Oz with our 2 young boys. Many people say Oz is better for bringing up kids, more opprtunities etc etc, but is this true? Obviously Oz is not immune to crime, drugs, bullying etc, but is it a better place for kids to grow up than the UK? What about education? Any info/comment/stories welcomed! xxx
  6. misslilly

    What to do

    Hi Guys I know no-one can tell me what I should do, but any insight/experiences will greatly help. Bit of background - I'm 32 part-time admin assistant, hubby is 35 bricklayer. We have two boys ages 7 and 2. Luckily me and the two boys have dual nationality. My only family is two older sisters who live in Perth. Hubbys family all here in UK. We moved to Perth when I was pregnant with eldest, although after 4 months of hubby arriving (I went first) he said he needed to come back to UK to learn bricklaying (he'd only started doing it a few months before moving to Perth, on the job). Anyway I reluctantly followed him back, brought a house back in UK. Hated very minute with one thing or another so sold up in 2005 ready to go back to Oz. Rented in the UK until we'd got visa etc and then that's when all the doubt started. Obvioulsy since we were last in Perth (2004) house prices, living costs have soared and that scares me to death. We've already lost a lot of money moving to Oz and back, and selling our house and renting. I am so scared of going back to Perth and not getting a job, or getting poor wages, not affording a house etc etc etc. I need to make a decision but am so so torn! Hubby is up for going back to Oz. I want to as want to be with sisters, and love the lifestyle, think it will be good for my boys, but the main worry is not being able to afford to live there. We have money left from sale of our house in 2005 but although it sounds a lot with the cost of moving, exchange rates, house prices etc etc it's not much. I am very anxious about all this and have no idea which way to turn. In 2007 we decided to buy house in UK just while we decide but it freaked me out (think because I'd feel trapped here) and I ended up pulling out. But I know we can't keep living in limbo like this and I need to make a decision but I just can't seem to. Hubby just goes along with whatever I chose, which sometimes is great, but not when it is such a life changing decision that will effect my entire family! As I said I know no-one can say' yeh go to Perth everything will be great' but any experiences/information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening! ML x
  7. misslilly

    cats, oz-uk?

    Hi I'm sorry you haven't settled, but good luck with your return to the UK. With regards to the cats, I took my cat to Australia and she had to have 1 month in quarantine in Oz. After 9 months in Oz we decided to return and things were a lot more complicated bringing her back to the UK. I was lucky that before I left for Oz I'd given her the Rabies vacine (I thought she had to have it but she didn't), this meant that I could apply for a Pets Passport to return her to the UK which meant she could avoid the 6 months in quarnatine. Now you may be thinking you'll nip out and get your cats Rabies vacinated, however it is not as simple as that as once they have the vacine there is a 6 month wait before they can have a blood test to make sure it worked. As I said I was lucky as I'd had it done so all I had to do was have MissLilly's blood test done in Oz (it hads been well over 6 months since her vacine) then I could apply for her Pets Passport (along with a couple of other vacines). If cat's don't have a Pets Passport then they have to have 6 months in quarantine in the UK which is very costly, from memory I think it's around £12 per day per cat! I;d suggest you look on Defra's website in the UK and AQIS in Oz for further advice. Be warned they are very strict. I hope I haven't put too much of a downer on it for you but unfortunately it's not easy and pretty expensive getting them back to the UK. Good luck. xxx
  8. misslilly

    Baby born in UK

    Dear All Gill -Just wanted to say thanks and that you were spot on with your advice! As long as I've spent a total of 2 years in oz then I can apply for my new child to be an Australian Citizen by Decent, which is great news! I'll be sending hubby up in the loft soon to look for old school records of when I attended South Grafton High back in the early 90's, lets hope I kept them! The school has emailed to confirm I was on their registers however I'm guessing the powers that be will be wanting more proof than a simple email. Again thanks to you all for your advice and kind words about the baby. Good luck to you all, I'll no doubt be on here again in the future when I get around to planning our big move!:jiggy: Best wishes Sam xxx
  9. misslilly

    Baby born in UK

    Dear Gill Thanks for the info, I'll take a look at the links you provided. I am and Oz Citizen by decent, my dad although from Bradford moved to Oz and joined the army there when he was 17! Although I was born in the UK and have effectively lived the majority of my life here, we found out I could be nationalised by my dad before I turned 16. I have spent in total over two years in Oz but not in one go, it;s been a year here, 9 months there etc etc. I didn't think this would be a problem as I've always thought that as I have an Australian Passport that was enough to class me as a fully fledged Australian! Maybe I'm wrong? Hopefully I will be able to get bubs nationalised and then can apply for an Oz passport. I believe he/she will automatically be a UK citizen as will be born here and both mother and father are UK citizens. Will make it easier when we have to apply for Hubby's Spouse Visa! I'll look into it more and post a reply on how I get on in case anyone else has any similar query in the future. Again thanks fo rthe info. Best wishes Sam
  10. misslilly

    Baby born in UK

    Thanks for your kind messages, that's very sweet! I did think it may have changed over the years so that a childs nationality could be determined by either the mother or father, a bit old fashioned if it still is only based on the fathers nationality! I'll try and check on the Australian Gov website and see if I can find any info on there! Thanks again.
  11. misslilly

    Baby born in UK

    Hi Guys Hope someone can help. I have dual nationality (UK & Australian), Hubby is UK citizen and our first child is dual like me, because he was born in Australia. I'm due to give birth here in UK in May and wondered if I'd be able to have the new bub nationalised to have dual nationality too even though born in the UK? I remember from when I received dual nationallity it was because my dad was an Australian Citzen and was led to believe that a child can only be the same nationality as the father not the mother. Is this still the case or am I able to nationalise the new baby to be an Australian Citzen, or will the baby have to go through the same Visa applciation as hubby when we decide to move to Oz? Any information would be greatly appreciated. xxxx
  12. misslilly

    taking ashes wot needed

    Would customs have a problem with it then? My sister posted my dad's ashes from Oz to UK by Airmail and disclosed it on the label thingy and no-one said anything!
  13. misslilly


    I think it would be a De Facto Spouse visa. Have a look on the http://www.australia.org.uk and look under Spouse visas and you should find loads of information. It can be very confusing as you can only get the info from the website, there is no-one you can actually speak to. But all the info is on the website if you can make sense of it all! Good luck!
  14. misslilly

    my 14 yr old does'nt want to go

    It must be so difficult for you as all you want for your children is happiness, and I guess at the moment you're daughter is far from happy. But look at the bigger picture, you are, in the long run giving her a better life, she can't see it, as at 14 years old, you don't look any further than the weekend! I was 12 when my mum said we were going to Oz, I kicked up a right stink, crying and begging her to stay, but to be honest I probably would have been the same if she said we were moving 20 miles up the road! At that age your life is your friends, and you can't see beyond that! Anyway, I went, obviously and absolutley loved it! We had to come back a year later, and I went mad, kicking up a fuss again as I was dreading coming back! It took me longer to settle back into life here in UK even with my old friends, than it did settling into a brand new life in Oz! How I wish we had stayed! No doubt your daughter is dreading leaving her friends and life here, but it's only because she doesn't know any different, she doesn't know what else is out there! Honestly she'll be fine, I am sure she'll love it. Good luck. xxxx
  15. misslilly

    Domestic cat

    I took my cat to Oz (and back to UK again), and she was fine! Although she came in one day foaming at the mouth, I panicked thought she'd been bit by a snake, paid a hefty vets bill, only to discover she'd eaten some of the lavender plant in the garden! I too was worried about spiders, snakes, etc but thought she'd just be as likely to get hit by a car! Which obviously you'd be exremely upset by, one for loosing your beloved moggie and two for shelling out all that money getting them there! It's an individual decision, i.e. if you can spare the extra cash taking moggie, then take her/him. Or you may feel they'd be better off in a new home here in UK. There are plenty of cat lovers around who'd be happy giving him/her a new home. If you decide to leave moggie here, then try the Cats Protection League, they're very helpful and vet potential owners and their homes to see if they are suitable. Best of luck whichever you decide.