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Found 79 results

  1. tracy123

    Whats wrong with the BNP?

    Hi All I know what they stand for, whether i agree or disagree is errelevant. I just don't like the way the government and media are always attacking them. Without free speech i wonder where the media would be in this country? If the 2 main parties listened to the people and got their house in order alot of the so called disenchanted people looking for a change, looking to stick it up the government, wouldn't be or is this just to simplistic a view? I understand the damage what the BNP can cause, in 1996 a woman by the name of Pauline Hanson won office in QLD, (f your interested I've posted a link on who she is) Pauline Hanson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I was driving coaches at this time dealing mostly with Asians (people from Singapore) and alot of them were frightened of coming to Australia, not knowing what to expect wondering what type of people we were, and every new group seemed to have the same fear.instead of talking about Phillip Island and the fairy penguins the same thing came up who is Pauline Hanson and what do Australians think about her???? From 1 person she became a party (1 nation) If i can remember at the time John Howard took alot of flack because he was not shooting her down he let her fall on her face and over time she disappeared. Earlier this year she popped back up running for a seat people seemed to be worried but she didn't get the votes needed. I don't know anything about the BNP (how long they have been around etc) but they have seemed to grow alot more this year, have their policies got better or are the government failing us? I think the government need to sort their house out and get the country moving again and maybe the BNP might just fade back into the background. Im sorry if I offend anyone with my naivety
  2. Guest

    Nominated wrong occupation ASCO

    Hi Everyone, I'm a recent grad , Completed studies in Bachelor of Software engineering.Currently working Melbourne as a software engineer. In Feb, I've applied for Onshore ,Subclass 485 and nominated my occupation as Computing Prof - Software Designer 2231-15, as that time i'm still waiting for my skill to be assessed by ACS, and finally 2 months later , i've received a possitive skill assessment, however it came back that I'm positive for Computing Prof - Recent ICT Grad 2231-15 . Apparently , Software Designer requires work experience!I was shattered because I'm aware that it is impossible to change nominated occupation after application has been made! Now i'm waiting for the decision for the visa and made a post lodgement inquiry(attached a formal letter in my application), requested to admend my occupation to the one assessed by ACS. I'm wondering how much chance i have here for them to consider changing my occupation to the correct one .. considering both occupation is in the same category ASCO 2231 ? :embarrassed: Hope to get some advice from some great people here Regards, Demoiree
  3. Guest

    wrong tourist visa!!

    Hi, My Father has mistakenly applied for the E-Visitor. Can it be changed to a 676? Thanks Lisa
  4. Guest

    wrong baby!!!!

    I don't know what I would do in this situation......................would you even tell the children involved..................??...................... Two Russian families are suing their local hospital after discovering their babies were swapped at birth and they have been each raising the wrong daughter for 12 years. The Ural Mountains families only uncovered the error after Yuliya Belyaeva divorced her husband earlier this year and he refused to pay child support, saying his daughter looked nothing like him, the BBC reports. When a judge ordered a DNA test it revealed that neither Ms Belyaeva nor her ex-husband were the parents of Irina, who has dark features compared to their blonde colouring. Ms Belyaeva began searching for her real daughter, who she gave birth to in December 1998, lodging an official complaint with the maternity hospital. Ms Belyaeva said she knew her biological daughter Anya belonged to her simply by looking at the blonde girl after investigators found her living with a Muslim family across town. But Ms Belyaeva said learning the truth had turned her world upside down and devastated Irina. "Neither child wants to leave their home, Irina keeps saying to me:' Mum, please don't give me away!'," Ms Belyaeva said. Both families plan to continue raising the girls they were given and will visit their biological daughters, but they will have negotiate their differing religions. The families are now demanding $159,000 in damages but cannot press criminal charges against hospital staff because the incident happened too long ago
  5. The Pom Queen

    Blaspheming is it wrong?

    I am always pulling my kids for saying things like "oh my god" or "for gods sake" but is it really that bad?
  6. bensdad

    Am I in the wrong?

    I have just secured my 176 visa and really looking forward to heading out for a new challenge, however my 2 children from my previous marriage have now started to voice their opinions, my son who is 20 is constantly saying what about me when you go and my daughter who is nearly 18 and pregnant has said she cannot believe I'm still going. My son was not a dependent when we applied and also has problems getting on with my 2nd wife, whilst my daughter refused point blank to have the medical and was adamant she did not want to come. I have spoke to my daughter who still insists she has no desire to live in oz, but she thinks I'm wrong for leaving my grandchild behind. I have explained that with skype etc and regular visits it's not so bad and she seems ok, however my son is now saying he wants to try and get a whv and he will come and live with us rent free for a year! I have explained that I have no problem with this as long as it is agreeable to my 2nd wife which he does not understand. I wouldn't mind but I'm not close to my son really and my daughter has always lived apart from me all of her life. Anyone else been in a similar position I would love to hear what you did and how you got on. Thanks
  7. kernow43

    Is science taught wrong?

    It was Albert Einstein, no less, who proposed more than 100 years ago that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light. Now CERN has proved him and science wrong. This could change so many things in our world. Light travels many times faster than what we thought. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/8783011/Speed-of-light-broken-by-scientists.html I find it so interesting!:jiggy:
  8. Question is: Where can you find the batch number on the jars? The paragraph reads, The batches of the jars involved have numbers from J6617 to J6624. The batch number is printed on the bottom of each jar. My answer is (no more than three words): Bottom of Jar BUT, the answer sheet states the correct answer is: (on) the bottom So....since the answer sheet is scanned by a computer that only scans for words - and not by an actual human being that can actually see that you understand English- will it pick up the word, "jar" and mark it wrong??
  9. Evening all :policeman: Just seen on the news the travellers who live at Dale Farm in Essex have had a reprieve from eviction until Friday, so what do you reckon, should they be allowed to stay or should they be booted off? My own personel opinion is that they should be evicted as i dont think it should be one law for a minority and one law for the rest of us. :unsure:
  10. nicandjay

    Is it the wrong time ?

    Well im back ! We moved out to oz last june but due to me and homesickness only lasted 7 months ! I know before everyone jumps it was wrong to give in at the first hurdle, but i also had taken a 12 month employment break in the UK... just in case . Now i can see wrong move !! So my dilemma is we really miss Oz but can we only see the good times and not the bad ? Should we move back or just be thankful for what we have here in the UK ? It seems so much more difficult 2nd time round....
  11. hillyman

    right thing wrong thing ?

    Hi all, just been reading a thread about a family who have recently emigrated to melbourne, the lady was saying that she is having a very hard time at the moment due to OH not being able to find work, house prices to high price of shopping more than here in the uk and other things which have got me and mine a little/lot scared, we aim to be in Brisbane by the end of January iv'e got a job OH hasn't we took quite a big drop with the sale of the house to make this move now only going with 40k can any one living in Brisbane give me some positive news please because at the moment im scared to death. many thanks. Paulaxx
  12. angel07

    What is wrong with Sunshine?

    HI Guys Still looking up suburbs to live and I've come across Sunshine, close to the city and afforable rents. But all I seem to read online is about its high crime rate. Is it THAT bad? Does anyone here actually live here? I live in a pretty bad housing estate , I would regualry see fights, joy riding, fires, broken glass so that doesn't phase me so is Sunshine worse?
  13. Is it wrong to drink champagne this early in the morning? I would usually say yes but today................................... I HAVE JUST BEEN GRANTED MY VISA. Cant explain how relieved after what feels like a slow painful journey. Dont know how some of you cope that wait for years.Good luck to all of you waiting and dont bother cheching your screen daily because ours was never updated until granted.:biglaugh::biggrin::laugh::cool::yes:
  14. Hi All, I got sponsorship from SA in Nov 2010 and my case is currently with DIAC under security checking. I received a strange email from immigration SA today regarding a discrepancy in my IELTs test results. Below is the text from email: Now this is very strange for me because I provided them a sealed TRF from British Council Pakistan (British Council Conducts IELTs test in Pakistan). It seems that there is a either a real discrepancy in the TRF that was sent to me & to SA & the online system or someone in SA punched in wrong credentials while checking my IELTs test via their online system. What should I do in this situation? Luckily I had given 2 IELTs tests, one GT & another Academic. I used the the results of Academic since it was newer however both were valid at the time of application to SA & both are valid to date. I have got the minimum 6 score in both the IELTs (that was the minimum criteria for obtaining SA sponsorship for my profession at that time). But I am still confused, that what should be my response to SA?
  15. Following on from my thread; http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/96045-have-i-chosen-wrong-shipping-company.html I think it's time for an update. Fortunately yes, we have received our goods, but it took 4.5 months!! Our goods were collected by Crown mid August 2010 and arrived in Melbourne at the end of December!! It was 3 months before they even sent them out of the UK as they were apparently waiting for the container to become full. 3 months to fill a container.....what? Do they not have any other customers?!! And that was with me calling them and emailing them and threatening legal action weekly, and they were doing me a special favour sending it so "quickly". So we had to manage for nearly 3 months without our goods. Very fortunately we didn't ship any furniture so we were buying that anyway, but I missed my TV amongst other things, like all the kids toys etc. It took so long we could barely remember what was in the boxes! We were constantly worried too that they had lost all our stuff, because they had no idea when it would be sent, then there were logon problems to their tracking system, they ignored emails until I phoned. We thought we would never see our stuff again. It was an extremely stressfull time, as if it's not hard enough doing the move
  16. Really confused and sad today - our story - other half is from Sydney, we met on holiday in Europe, he moved to the UK and we lived there for 3 and a half years, all the time deliberating about if/when we would try living here - applied for 309 visa for me way back in Jan 09, granted end of April and then still deliberated about whether to come out. Finally made it here in early Feb - about 4 days before the visa would have expired!!! We had a place to live as he owns a unit and it had been rented out, so that bit was easy. The real issue for me is jobs - at the moment I am on a temp contract which runs out in early July, and OH is working as a casual in the same company his dad works for - not ideal and not exactly long term and allowing me to settle. As he's been away so long, a lot of his friends have moved away from the area or had kids or whatever, so we have a very limited social circle, I'm finding that really frustrating as I'm a very social person and I don't think he really is - never really noticed it before as I had my social circle set up and if he is told what the plan is then he's happy to be sociable - but now that we're here he just seems to have shut down. It's the same with jobs - he has applied for one job in the last 4 months (and that was last week!), I had thought that, given that he was the local, it would be easier for him than me to get work and that then I could at least relax a bit, but I have applied for so many jobs (only got to 4 interviews if you don't count the one for where I am at the moment) and I kinda feel like he should be the one supporting me, not the other way around?! My Mum reckons we should come home once I'm finished this contract, but a) I'm a determined sod and b) we said we would try it for at least two years and I don't think giving up now is wise or sensible - quite apart from anything else, our flat is rented out and jobs are less easy to come by at home than here!!! Sorry - just needed a moan - my heart tells me to run home but my head tells me that would be very stupid!
  17. :err:Hi - I've been reading all the message on PIO for a few weeks now & see how supportive & understanding you guys are...so I need so advice!! I APOLOGISE COS THIS HAS BEEN BREWING A WHILE - SO IT'S A LONG ONE!!! We spent 3 weeks in Oz over Easter this year & TOTALLY fell in love with it (especially on the Gold Coast)! As well as the weather, the beaches the 'way of life' etc...it was the way the 'people' made us feel, that was so refreshing compared to how 'people' are in the UK !! I am a very optimistic, positive person, but I feel constantly dragged down by how things are going DOWNHILL in the UK with friends being made redundant left right & centre & more & more problem kids arriving at the college I currently work in-so my biggest concern is the future for my 2 teenage sons. Like all parents, I want what's gonna be best for my sons (17 & 14) & to get in with the 457 visa we really need to go before he turns 18. They both loved Oz, are sporty, musical & sociable. My dilemma is that I worry by going early next year...my eldest son will not be able to complete his A levels & my youngest will not start his GCSEs....I'm not sure about the compatibility of the Queensland education system so I worry this would affect them 'if' things didn't work out & they ever decided to come back to live & work in the UK! I really want to make a decision by the end of June...but I'm going round in circles- We are a very close family & I want the chance of a better future in Oz for our 2 sons (& we will be happy anywhere if they're happy)....but the gamble is, that we would be giving up a very comfortable life here - we have lovely 4 bed home we almost own!, we both have well paid fairly 'secure' jobs!! (very rare I know!), & a good circle of friends & family. Also, although we are young at heart! I am 44 and my husband is 50. I'm concerned that we've left it too late to make this massive upheavel ?? I'd love to become the 'chilled' Oz type person but are we at this age too set in our British ways to change?? I feel I'm in a no-win situation....any suggestions???? I want to do what's best ? !! Thanks (desperate!) Karen
  18. It's all over the news about these High court Super Injuctions, mainly from highly paid footballers who have slept with some cheap floozy and she has seen a way of making big money by selling her story to the papers, but instead of being able to do so, an injuction has stopped her. Anyone agree with this? YES/NO? And i don't want to bring any heat on PIO by naming any of these sleep around millionaires, who have been outed on facebook and twitter, so if anyone knows who they are can they PM me, but DON'T POST their names on here. Anyone know who they are?:wink: And should the rich be able to hide behind the law?
  19. hiya my partner and i are going through the final stages of checking our forms before handing in for our prospective marriage visa. Going through our statutory declarations we have noticed that on one a friend has put myself (Australian sponsor) under 'applicants name' and my partner (British applicant for migration) under 'Applicants partner' and on the other it was me under applicants partner and him under applicant. Has anyone else had issues with this before and is it something they will deny the application on? Ive heard they are pretty uptight with things like this so dont want to risk handing it in if its going to get denied on something so small. :twitcy: has anyone else hit a point of being sooooo sick of forms and paper work n stress of making sure everything is right gggrrrrrr seems everytime we go through it we find something else wrong:arghh:
  20. terry & Melanie

    sleeping on the wrong side....

    I have only just realised that since we arrived in Oz my husband and I have been sleeping on the wrong side of the bed!!!!:goofy: In the Uk I slept on the left and hubby on right Here I sleep on the right and hubby on left Is it a southern hemisphere thing....like the water going down the plug the wrong way? Has anyone else noticed this phenonemon. Its really disturbing me....HELP!!!!:twitcy: Melanie x
  21. Hello all... ok im quiet computor illeterate, so felt rather pleased with myself when i managed to find the site to apply for an ETA visa on-line.... filling the form in was surprisingly easy, so was making the payment of £24 for the processing... now my dilemma is this, within an hour i got an e-mail from this place, saying the chip on my passport now has my ETA details.... and that i do not need to get intouch with them! i then went on to realise its some office in australia that sent me the e-mail, does this sound above board? im desperatley worried that il get to the airport only to find i do not have a visa for entry.... any help will be very much appreciated... clare :unsure:
  22. Over the last week or so i have been really struggling to get on PIO, it isn't loading and it freezes and i have to exit it, or try tricks to get on it, like trying poms in oz and then when it won't load try PIO and usually that gets me on................. well it is just really sluggish and a right pain in the neck........... is anyone else having problems? Everything else on my computer is lightening fast, dozens of other sites.:frown:
  23. thebacons

    Police Checks Have Come Back Wrong

    Ive just got my APCO police certificate back and its wrong. It has me down as having a disaplinary within the Army in 1994 (of which it says there was no outcome) but i have no military disaplinary records. Also on my discharge certificate from the Army it has me down as having a good record. And to prove mistakes happen i do have a civilian conviction from a magistrates court for somthing quite silly that im not proud of from 1993 which i have always disclosed on my visa application and they have missed this on the ACPO certificate completely. Still shows up on my Mayflower CRB check that i have done every year for work though. AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Am thinking of now uploading both certificates as i have been honest and see what my case officer says.