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  1. Hi guys, I'm back after living four years in Perth! First place I turned to for looking a options for parents to move out here. I have heard that the last remaining relative is not longer around? That the CPV is really the main option. Great to be logged back on and seeing this site go strength to strength. ?
  2. Hi, i havn't been on for a while but won through the courts to remove my son 9 at the time. look through some of my old threads for some ideas, Judges often follow the Payne v Payne cases when dealing with jurisdiction cases. In my case the evidence that refusal of removal would add great pressure on my family, this in turn would have an impact on my son, so was granted. My hubby did not have a job, and my son always had contact with his dad and he made payments. He returns every year to see him and regularly skypes and phones. Not a substitute but the best of a not so great situ x
  3. local facilitates for the kids to continue with any clubs etc, community spirit my judge wanted lol, i had been in touch with local community leisure providers and created conversations with them to print. Also i had in writing that if we lived in the area space would be available from school etc. x
  4. shazney64

    I'm back, sorry been a while

    Aww i am so sorry to hear about your loss too. How is the new baby? a lot can happen in one year hey xx
  5. shazney64

    I'm back, sorry been a while

    God there are a few of us oldies around, wow new babies too, congratulations!!! Its mad looking at the difficult time we all had trying to get visas, and now we are here, life just goes on! We were so focused on getting to Oz, think we forgot to live along the way. Now i can say we are living, still think you need to have a goal, but no way as big as the move for our family!! Granted our living maybe someones way of not living, as we go the park for leisure, not big lunches or nights out lol. We are looking forward to exploring OZ this year, hopefully the pace for our family will slow down and as finances get better, when i return to work we will be able to explore little further. Think i have aged so much in one year!! ( Could be sun damage lol) This year has put a lot into perspective and what is important to us. Its our family unit, whether here or anywhere else. Corny i know, but it is to us. We are not planning to move anywhere else, as those things no longer matter bigger house, more money etc. Are enjoying the simple pleasures now. And of course our new addition is hilarious, he keeps us all entertained. xx
  6. OMG u r here, where are u in Perth? Havnt chatted for ages on here, Jane u still coming out sex and the city night?
  7. shazney64

    I'm back, sorry been a while

    Hiiiiiiiiii Been a while Well, what a year in Perth! After arriving with my 7 week old baby, yes i finally received my visa and just before i left for maternity leave. It has been a challenging year for my family. Arrived in April and unfortunately my health took a turn for the worse, all ok now but a lot to do with new baby and migrating took its toll. I had to make an unexpected journey back to the UK on my own with my baby due to losing my father suddenly in June. So a very difficult start. However we are finally getting on track, hubby has plenty of work and i have gone back to uni, to do my Grad dip in Primary teaching. I have been fortunate to be able to stay at home with my son who is now 15 months, something we could not afford to do if remained in UK. I plan to teach part time next year and we are looking at buying our first home in OZ. I have a casual job, which pay is fab as you get 20% extra loading for casuals so i will work one weekend a month. We have been extremely busy making new friends and i have started my own playgroup. Nice to be back, love the new layout sharon, a very faithful old member lol x
  8. Hi Jane We hav just arrived to Mullaloo near Joondalup. I have a 14 week old boy and would love also to meet up. I also have a 14 year old big gap i know lol. I have joined a group on facebook called yummies mummies in Perth they have meet ups all the time, but as yet i dont always have access to a car - have attended two though and were very firendly. sharon x
  9. Hi Daryl We live in the area of Mullaloo not far from Joondalup or Ocean Reef. I have a son who is 14 and attends Ocean Reef high school. We too have only been here for 6 weeks but he loves his new school and plays for Joondalup footy team! If i can help by answering any questions i will speak soon sharon
  10. shazney64

    Jonndalup & Surrounding Areas...

    We live in Mullaloo not far from Joondalup. It is our main big shopping centre. My son goes to Ocean Reef high school. However only been here for 6 weeks ourselves. Im happy to answer what i know though. Beaches are gorgeous, good shops, great schools and Hilary's harbour. Rumour has it (has been for years) they are to build a harbour at ocean reef. sharon xx
  11. shazney64

    Didn't account for this

    Thanks for all your wishes Its not the country to blame (the process may have had a part to play) also the baby, not trying to apportion the blame. My words were at the time probably out of fear of the unknown. After reading up on it, at least i have a diagnosis - which is a relief as i was doubting my ability in being a proactive mum. The only downside with me being all the way in oz is not having my friends and family to support me until i get on my feet again. Did really just take my health for granted. xx
  12. shazney64

    Didn't account for this

    I knew emigrating to Perth with a 14 year old and a new baby would be tough. We sent our furniture early 5 weeks to be excat whilst i had a three week old babay. We sat at home on camping chairs i nrsed my baby on blow up beds. After the grueliing flight we arrived and stayed in a furnished caravan for the first week until we sorted a rental. Once we moved into a rental we had a further two weeks of sitting on one camping chair and two blow up beds. My hubby and i shared whilst my son had one. It was tough!! All the time i was exhausted thinking it was because i had a newborn baby and not sleeping well on the air beds. However five weeks in we have school, football team, job, doc, immunisations up to date. We think we have done great!!! But we never accounted for is the impact this has had on my health. I have just been diagnosed with Graves disease can be brought on by stress and common after a baby. Medictaion and constant monitoring of my thyroid levels is now needed for life! We are now panicking about the cost of this??? Are prescriptions covered by medicare?? Kinda of numb and not sure whether this has all been worth it. sharonx
  13. Hi we are in perth north in a place called mullaloo. We are new here so could meet up and check out some of the places together give us a pm when settled sharon x
  14. shazney64


    oh had a baby in the run up to the visa being granted lol he is 12 weeks old now and gorgeous baby Jacob xx
  15. shazney64


    Yay finally after fours years we have arrived in Perth. Loving the weather skint and knackered. We have been here two weeks and have house car phones internet school GPs and furniture all in and unpacked. So tired lol looking forward to some meet ups phew sharon xxx