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  1. Thanks for your replies, I will look into your suggestions had thought about the small business ABN thing and I am going to speak to my accountant about the implications of different options. :yes:
  2. Hi - if this is the wrong place for this post I apologise and understand if it is moved by mods we have a large house with rooms we hardly use so we were thinking of renting a couple out as tempory accomodation for when people first land which would give them a week or two to find their feet and find a longer term rental. We are thinking of using airbnb or similar for deposits and payments. We would be able to offer separate access to guest area, exclusive use of a bathroom, furnished bedrooms x 2 and a 'living/lounge' room and shared use of a kitchen and laundry, outdoor area with BBQ. We would be able to shut off our part of the house and would not want house guests accessing this area at all. Possible issues We have two dogs who share our home and would need to share kitchen/dining room as that has access to the outdoor area - for this reason we are thinking that we would not have any young children but would consider older children who are used to dogs. We are in the Western suburbs of Melbourne so opinions from . . People who think they might use this type of accommodation - what would you expect/hope to have available to you? what would you expect to pay? how long do you think you would want this type of accommodation for? People who already rent out property What would we need to think about? What pitfalls, problems do you think we would encounter? any constructive advice or opinions about this idea are welcomed thanks in advance:wubclub: Karen
  3. KazzE

    Early Childhood Teacher- skills recognition

    Probably the four year option. Have a look at the acecqa website http://acecqa.gov.au/educators-and-providers1/qualifications ACECQA is a national body that guides Early Years Services I don't think they list overseas qualifications you would need to get your qualification assessed. if I was you I would try and ring their info line and talk to someone. Hopefully you will get someone who knows what they are talking about. I would also suggest speaking to someone from the teaching board for the state you are hoping to move to. good luck with your studies :wubclub:
  4. KazzE

    OK folks decided and got my puppy...

    We'll done, great choice, but the I am biased as we have two! we we mad enough to get two bitches from the same litter, not recommended but we put the work in bonding with them and lots of separate walks and training. they have calmed down, a little but still 'springy' great characters Do not have a clue why the photo is sideways ??? they are 4 now and great company and sooky la la's as you can see, they jostle for pole position next to hubby and this is what one does if she misses out LOL i think we need more photos of your gorgeous pup
  5. Where are you? Maybe someone could recommend a good clinic. The one I use has most things on site including pathology, specialist nurses etc Yes this is all normal and all designed to ensure the school are well informed about your child's health and how to manage any medical conditions. Aussies do seem to find it hard to understand a Scottish accent I don't know why but they do. Was the Doctors first language English? could you go back and see another Doctor and maybe write out exactly what it is that you need? maybe go to a different bulk bill clinic? it probably will not take that long to get sorted out but it is coming up to Xmas so I would try and at least get appointments booked in and it should all be done before he starts school. hope you get it all sorted out soon.
  6. KazzE

    Weather in Melbourne and other queries..

    I would say the weather in Melbourne is similar to the UK (we lived in the south) but generally better, warmer, longer spring/summer and shorter winter ( although this year winter seems to have been colder and longer!) with a few more extremes. hotter days in summer stronger winds - all seasons heavier rain at times I disagree that 'it can be overcast for weeks' it can be overcast but not for long. one of the things I like about the weather is how often it changes, hot days end with a cool change or followed by a cool day, rare to have more than a couple of hot days in a row without a cool change. i love the heat but hate humidity so don't think I would cope anywhere else. i was not prepared to feel cold in Australia but you certainly do feel it more here which is mainly to do with most houses being set up for the heat, draughty through lack of insulation, tiled floors and the fact that most houses are bigger just makes them harder to heat. But you do get used to it. Melbourne weather - four seasons in one day - A very true statement!
  7. KazzE

    Remember to check your skin!

    I have fair skinned, that burns easy, freckles and blue eyes and hubby is fair skin that tans easy, blue eyes. he cooks himself and aims for a tan and I avoid getting a tan, slip slap slop etc wear sunscreen in a moisturiser every day we have regular skin checks and one in 2010 picked up a melanoma on the inside of my arm - it looked like a tea stain, flat, light brown - but I noticed a slight change. now I have check ups every 6 months, next one coming up. it really is not worth the risk not to use protection when it is needed - I look like an idiot in a hat but I always wear one if out in the sun during high UV Get the sun smart app from sunsmart - would you believe that today protection was needed from 9:40 to 4:40 UV high was 8 even on an overcast day the UV can still cause damage
  8. KazzE

    Getting qualification recognised HELP

    What job have you been offered? Is it as an Early Childhood teacher? you may need to look at ACECQA which is an independent national authority responsible for all early childhood services. http://acecqa.gov.au/Early-childhood-teaching-qualifications. You may also apply to ACECQA for approval of your qualification if you are: A person holding an international qualification who has arrived in Australia outside of the skilled migration program An Australian citizen who has studied at an institution overseas, or An Australian citizen who holds a qualification not listed on the list of approved qualifications. The application form, criteria and guidelines are available here. - See more at: http://www.acecqa.gov.au/ACECQA-applications#sthash.boLm67uy.dpuf otherwise you would need whoever registers teachers which would be http://trb.wa.gov.au
  9. KazzE

    Just doing the drop in and update thing

    Great to hear a good news update, sounds like you are settling in really well, will be great to have your visitors with you or 3 months. good luck with the PR process
  10. KazzE

    Calculate your UK State Pension Age

    66 for me and hubby 110 quid per week but would it have been frozen when we moved over in 2008?
  11. Ah I do feel for you it must be so hard with young children and very little support. try to separate the stresses about getting a job from how you feel about being here. I know not it will not be easy. remember why you made this move, what made you excited? I don't know about Sydney but Melbourne has lots of things to do for free or very little money, pack a picnic and go exploring your new city. I think that what you are feeling is very normal for new immigrants. You feel out of place, every thing is unfamiliar, similar but different, simple errands can take an age because you don't know where to go or what to look for. This will get better in time. getting a job will definitely take the pressure off and help you start to settle, as will getting the children into child are and a routine. maybe try and meet up with other expat mums, talking to someone who knows what you have gone through would help I am sure. Check out your local council, there will be play groups and other activities for kids that will be free or low cost. Wish I could give you a big hug and some practical help. Good luck
  12. KazzE

    Nuisance calls

    I sort of agree with the sentiment that the workers are just doing what they can to make ends meet and it is the company's that are shonky. last year after getting several of the 'Windows support' calls trying to get access to my computer and telling me I had a serious virus, I asked the next caller for the company name (in a calm, chatty way) asked for their address and contact number. then phoned them back and asked to speak to the person in charge - told them I was fed up getting calls and that I was reporting them to Consumer affairs for harassing me. Then I phoned consumer affairs and passed on the details I had. last week I started getting them again, after the third one I asked where he was (he had an Indian accent) he told me St Kilda, he gave me a phone number and an ABNORMAL when I asked for them. Then I told him I was going to report the company, that what he was doing was a scam, he begged me not to report him, said he was sorry, almost crying, said he needed the money etc etc I told he he needed to find another job, any job because I was going to pass the info on and Ended up hanging up on him still begging me not to report him. could have been a genuine low paid worker terrified he would lose his job or could have been a heartless scammer, I don't know. I reported them to consumer affairs then reapplied to the no call service and have not had another one since.
  13. KazzE

    Muscle Atrophy

    Now this is one of the great things about the forums, sounds like you have some sensible advice and suggestions to follow up. I hope you find an answer, it must be so frustrating to get conflicting advice. I have found physios to be a great help in my recovery after years of osteopathy treatment that did not appear to help, but other people have found that type of treatment helped. recently I have found a physio who is taking the time to actually understand my particular issues and work with me rather than go for the 'usual' approach ie working both sides of the body equally - she understands that the left side needs strengthening more than the right - when I saw a different physio in the middle of treatment she had me do something off the original physios treatment plan ( she did not agree with it) and I ended up over extending myself and was set back. sounds like you need to speak to a specialist, hope you can find one, good luck and take care x
  14. KazzE

    Muscle Atrophy

    Just remembered one of the exercises I do on my Swiss/exercise ball. sit up straight with feet flat on floor and lift heels, then lower, repeat 10 times. For me this has lead to me being able to now sit on the ball and lift each foot off the ground, hold for a sec or two then lower. also gentle squats pushing the ball back against a wall. is a session with a physio a possibility? As suggested one with experience working with people with issues?
  15. KazzE

    Do you have a filter?

    I have to filter myself at work too, cross the T and dot the i s, stick to the letter of the law and act and all that. I filter myself on here all the time too LOL it is one of the reasons that I don't post that often, I often want to tell people to grow up or stop being an idiot but quite frankly it is not worth my energy. It could be so easy to reply to some posts with a go research or use the search facility but I know and understand how it feels to just need a quick answer or to try searching and still not get the answer. Bad grammar and spelling can be irritating but we are posting on a forum and not writing an official report or thesis, so I don't worry about it too much - long posts with no paragraphs really get my goat but mostly I just don't read them. So . . . . i exercise my right not to read threads and sometimes avoid particular threads due to the title or poster. filter = wine???? That would be the cause of my filter switching off LOL I always read yours though :wink: