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Shipping food in your container?

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Can anyone give me a steer on the rules regarding whether you are allowed to pack any food items in your container. I know that when you fly into Oz you can take some items through if they are pre packed so was wondering ifthis also applies to containers - could you pack a tin of beans for example?


i know that pretty much most things will be available tobuy in Oz but am just curious.


Also - can I check that my recollection about being allowed pre packed food in luggage when you fly in is also correct?


many thanks



Submitted 4 Feb 2011 (176 Fam)/CO allocated 26 September 2011/Medicals on 18th October/all documents uploaded by 27th Oct and medicals showing as complete........Visa granted 7November! Wahoo!

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Whatever you take in, declare regardless. That way if it isn't something that is allowed, you won't get fined.

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