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Which UK retailers ship to OZ


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I thought that it would be usueful to start a thread listing the UK retailers who will ship to Australia and what their rates are.


I have read somewhere else that M&S and Next will ship but cant remember how much they Charge.


I suggest that we try to build up list including the following inforamtion:



Description of goods shippied

Shipping cost

Approx time taken to arrive

When last used


Once I have a feel for how much information there is, I can design a good summary format to enable quick reference.

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M and S is 10pounds right now, takes a few weeks

Next does but ive not used them so cant help there

Paperchase min order and 25pounds shipping

Amazon were doing free shipping, takes few weeks

Fishpond although an Oz site get stuff form the uk and that took a few weeks to arrive, free postage

i cant think of any more, shame Boots doesnt or Play

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Next delivers for free now, used them a couple of months ago for pants. Took about 10 days

Amazon deliver books and DVDs free if your order is over £20 I think, again, used them a few months ago, again took about 7-10 days

Asos I hear deliver for free,

Wiggle are good for sports stuff apparently, v cheap compared to aus prices.


I think now is a great time to use uk Internet retailers. The aus Internet retail Market is under developed in comparison, the aus dollar is v strong against the pound. Uk retailers are really waking up to the huge potential of the aus Market, particularly as the uk economy is so weak ATM.

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Guest westozlou

Schuh also deliver £18 but delivery is supposed to be within 7 days.

Next is free delivery and usually 7-10 days.

M&S is £15 delivery and within 14 days.

Debenhams deliver £15 and within 14 days.

Dorothy Perkins £15 and within 14 days.

New Look £10 delivery and within 14 days.

Also Gap in america deliver to here but I'm not sure of cost.

happy shopping!

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I've tried to order items from Debenhams twice now, and both times the order has been lost....they refunded after they informed me the goods were lost (after 5 working days, which seems strange since I was expecting the delivery to take 2 weeks anyway), though I'm still out of pocket with international exchange fees on my Oz credit card. Shalln't be using them again...if anyone knows any toy shops that deliver out here, would love to know about it, must get my hands on the Octonauts toys before Christmas!

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Just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who has posted on this thread. It looks like there is a big selection of retailers who will post to Oz and hopefully in time, they will start to remove VAT charges on Oz based orders - now that really would make for a bargain!

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