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Found 106 results

  1. After obtaining 491 Skilled work regional Visa (Provisional) , Can I continue working in my present Greece Based shipping company ? If so what is the minimum time I need to spend in Australia to be considered as “Resident” and it can work for PR ..
  2. Is is worth paying to ship my furniture over? I'm in a bit of a quandry, do I ship the essentials over so I don't have to rush to buy new when I arrive? or do I sell most of it in the UK and buy new. I don't have any furniture that has sentimental value but will be bringing certain items so will need at least part of a container. The second hand market over here is rubbish and I'll probably get peanuts for my furniture, most of which is only around 2 yrs old. Anyone any experiences?? When I did a reccy in Perth 4years ago, a couple I met who had just arrived had actually purchased more furniture in the UK and filled 2 containers!!!!:wacko:
  3. Hello We hope to move to Australia soon on a 457 visa (with the hope/intention of becoming permanent residenets) My hubby's dilemma is whether or not to ship the tools of his trade ( i.e. he's a vehicle mechanic, so toolbox is what I mean) He has a job lined up and they want him to start asap. He has to provide his own tools. A friend has offered to lend him some in the meantime until our shipment arrives from UK. Question. Is it worth shipping his toolbox or would it be more cost effective to replace his tools in Perth when we get there? Any mechanics on this forum who could advise? Many Thanks
  4. Hi We have been in Sydney for 8 weeks now and our ship docked yesterday, I wondered how long it took for the containers to arrive at the door??? I am desperate to have all our things around us, and my son needs to have all his toys etc....... We are really hoping to be in our house for Christmas as we are staying in a serviced apartments and its driving us mad!!!:goofy: would be great to hear of others experiances with this :biggrin:
  5. kimmy1996

    Emigrating as a seafarer ??

    My partner is a ships engineer and we want to emigrate. His skill is on the list but to be skill assessed he has to actually travel to Australia on a visitors visa to resit an examination which was "probably one of the worst experiences of his life", the oral exam for class 1 certificate. It seems grossly unfair that most persons get assessed in the UK i.e brickies have to lay bricks, Carpenters build a wall or something similar, both in front of independant examiners. They have to prove their qualifications same as those who have degrees have to show their documents. He has documentary evidence of every days work he has ever done on board ships, a UK government qualification and an agreement exists between UK and Oz to recognise each others standards and qualifications but he still has to go there and resit the oral, this will cost us £1300+ with accomodation, exam fees etc. before we even begin the application process - no pressure !! It's like asking an accountant to go all the way there to resit his accountancy degree !! Anyway, bitching about the process won't help. We need to know if anyone has been through this process whether the oral is a full blown chief's oral or a more laid back chat about the persons experience and knowledge ? He is undecided whether it's actually worth going through with it because he is not fully confident of passing the oral again despite being 2nd/Chief for a good number of years. Has anybody been through this ? What is your experience ? I hope someone out there can offer some advice. Thanks
  6. Hi all, We are emigrating to Perth this October and would like some info on what we can and can't take with us. I hear the TV/VCR will be no good in Oz. Is this true or just a myth. Also any suggestrions on good companies for money transfers. Good luck to you all. Paul & family.
  7. Guest

    So, what's your ship?

    OK. Let's be clear about one thing. Harry and Hermione were made for each other. I mean, ohhhh please, even their names both start with H!!!! The only reason why they aren't together is because J. K. Rowling is this creepy, nastly, weird, absolute $@%*#$ woman who has emotional imbalances and is a secret sadist who takes pleasure in separating two people who are born lovers. Harry + Hermione forever!!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :cute: :cute: :cute: So, what's your ship??? And you favorite fanfic???
  8. Hi All, I'm moving back to the UK in June and need some advise on shipping. I don't really have much to take back with me as I've sold it, but I have a few items likes pictures, clothes, CD's, DVD's etc that I want to take back with me, but my suitcase will be to full. I think I'll only need 2 boxes, but just wondered if anyone knew of a site where you just make a one off payment, fill the box and ship without having to worry about measurements etc. I've seen sites from UK to OZ, but not the otherway.:arghh: Any information would be greatful.... Thankyou :ssign5:
  9. Hi Am about to book my shipping for a 20ft and wondering what prices you got for your shipping as packing service is way to much and self pack is the way to go. thanks
  10. I'm just curious if it is safe to travel your quad bike into a ship. I haven't experience this yet and my friend invited me for a trail ride in their place but it needs to travel through ship. Does anyone know here had an experience on traveling your quad through ship and can anyone tell me that should I have an assurance that they will take my quad while traveling. I ask the shipping company with this issue and it seems that they are not sure with their answer. I am not contended with their answers. I would like to know your opinion regarding this issue. Thanks:smile:
  11. JBO76

    Which UK retailers ship to OZ

    I thought that it would be usueful to start a thread listing the UK retailers who will ship to Australia and what their rates are. I have read somewhere else that M&S and Next will ship but cant remember how much they Charge. I suggest that we try to build up list including the following inforamtion: Retailer Description of goods shippied Shipping cost Approx time taken to arrive When last used Once I have a feel for how much information there is, I can design a good summary format to enable quick reference.
  12. Hi We are a couple with a toddler moving to melbourne in the next few months not sure what area yet.We are hoping to stay for 2 / 3 years then decide if its for us .We are renting out our property in Ireland and need to leave it furnished.I am hearing all stories that furniture and white goods are so expensive.What price on average would it cost to furnish a 3 bed home. Anyone with ideas ? Or would I be best to buy in Ireland and ship over ? Thanks
  13. Hi after emailing back and forth i found out that we take our things over to the Uk first we save 1100 pounds.John-mason said it was because i did not have a full container to go direct from calais that made the cost of going from France vary so much from the Uk.as we only live in the very north of France i think we will look into taking our things to my sisters first.On the bright side at least we will have sorted out exactly what we are taking.We have been quoted 2600 for 583 cu ft, from France it was 3734 pounds...my symbols have decided to stop working on me. julie:biggrin:
  14. Hi guys, i only have about 6 boxes of stuff i want to take with me its all packed ready to be properly packed when needed......but what do i do??..who do use..is it the same as shipping an entire house full?? ...and does t get put in someone elses container to help fill it....im so unsure of how to go about this...and will i be charged tax when i arrive in australia...its juts sntimental stuff really .??...im of to sydney early next year:eek:
  15. Has anyone had experience shipping a fridge freezer, we have a large american style fridgefreezer that a few years old and i would like to take it as money will be tight when we arrive. Or will it have to be de-gased first? Thanks Libbysmummy
  16. Sherbetdip23

    Which company to ship my cat?

    Hi All Anyone recommend a good agent to ship a cat please? I would rather go with an agent that is recommended than the cheapest. Also - if anyone has any positive stories of how their cat has been when they have reached the other side that would be good. Thanks Carla
  17. Hi All I'm off in a few weeks and have rang around for quotes on shipping tea cartons across to Sydney. PSS are doing a deal at present (size 51x40x61), pay for 2 and get one free. Cost is £115 inc vat with a £30 deposit BUT excluding delivery, pickup and quarantine charges, (and a fee if you pay by credit card). Oh you pay more if you are more then 30km from Sydney ports. Excess Baggage are charging £137 per tea chest 61x48x44 with a £50 deposit, fee if paying by credit card etc. Maximum weight with both companies is 35kgs and both offer a door to door service - hope this is true. Both have stated approx 8-12 weeks for arrival of tea cartons. My question is what is the general % to pay for insurance? I've been quoted 5% of the total value but I wouldn't mind finding a different insurance company rather than use PSS. I guess I went with PSS because I just want to get this sorted as a few weeks is not long. I'd be grateful for any comments, advice, ideas etc. BEGal
  18. AaronS

    to ship or not to ship

    That's my current question. Looking like door to door will cost us about $8000usd for a 20' container. That includes packing and loading on both sides of the trip. I'm having thoughts that we sell everything but pots, pans, computers (that switch to 220v), etc. Basically cut it down to a pallet or two to ship over. We could easily sell our larger items (bedroom sets, couches, dining set, TVs - which are 110v anyway, etc) and pocket another 4K or so. So we'd have 12K extra when we land (because the 8K for shipping is already in hand) to pick up things we need. We would keep it to a minimum at first and just get the essentials and slowly build back up to the things we want. Anybody else go that route or does anyone have an opinion on it?
  19. Hi, I need some advice, although I think I know what the answer is already :confused: I am currently a Permanent Resident in NZ, moving to Oz. I've applied for a 457 visa and have been sponsored by Gold Coast Hospital. I had my medical today. The visa lady in HR at the hospital has been getting visa's approved in a few days after medicals have been received in Sydney. I am supposed to be sharing a shipping container with friends who are also moving from Christchurch to the Gold Coast. They already have their visas, so are almost ready to ship. Should I bite the bullet and ship my goods with them? What happens if my visa hasn't been granted by the time the container arrives (about 10 days apparently from NZ). Sooooo confused. Packers coming tomorrow, and won't tell me what to do, or what implications of shipping with no visa are. It was very clear cut when coming to NZ, but the Oz rules seems slightly less transparent :arghh: Please help!!!!
  20. We've got two little tikes cars which are a bit grubby from being outside and one you can see sand inside the frame from where it tipped over before. Would we be better off buying and assembling new ones and shipping them instead? Have seen that they are twice as expensive in Australia! Dont fancy shipping them to be told we have to pay for them to be destroyed and end up buying new ones anyway. Was also going to buy the kids a play kitchen for their birthday and ship it in the box in the container but declare it as new and keep the receipt handy. Does anyone know if this would be ok?
  21. Guest

    Did you ship your car to Aus?

    Im trying to find someone who has actually gone through the experience of shipping their car as theres an awful lot of speculation and different opinions. Ive been told by a shipping agent that it will be about £6500 in total to get my car ready to drive in Aus.. This seems outrageous to me! I wondered if anyone with the experience of shipping a car can shed light on this. Thanks Luke
  22. We are a family of 4 hoping to emigrate over to QLD in the next few months. I have been reading some of the other posts regarding shipping (costs and time frames) and wanted to know whether it would be cost effective for me to ship over our furniture or to buy once we have arrived (as some people are informing me that the cost of living is more in Oz than in the UK at present). Please help, all advise is welcome:unsure:
  23. Hi We've just bought our teenager a new bike to ship with us, as his old one is way too small. It cost us £139, we've filled in the form for the shippers that state what are under 12 months old items. Just wanted to know what we might get charged for this bicycle, anyone been charged for items that are under 12 months old?? Thanks
  24. Hey guys and gals, 22 days after putting the visa application in, I got it back accepted! Now the rush starts, I've applied for a bank account, so that's done, have a work start date in Sydney for 7th Sept and need to get my stuff over there. The other half has her brother in Sydney so at least we have an address...I'm only looking to ship about 30 or 40 kgs worth of stuff over as we rent in London at the mo. Anyone shipped over light goods and what's the best company to go with? I might be pushing it here, but a price ££ would be welcome too :wink: Adam
  25. We are almost at the point of organising shipping over to Perth. My questions: Is it worth buying all new household white goods, living room sofas / furniture, bedroom furniture, garden furniture, cloths, etc etc and then shipping it over in a container? What (to the guys already in Australia) do you wish you had shipped over? This has been playing on my mind for a little while… i.e would there be any tax / import duty to pay…. Thanks in advance