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Hi Folks


Could anybody advise if you are able to check the progress of a paper application in a similar way to checking the online version?


I had to submit mine by fax as the company submitted all the nomination application forms in paper format so there were no TRN numbers etc that I could use for an online application. Anyway, I got an email telling me that my application had been received but the girl who sent the email went on to say that it would be at least 3-4 weeks before my application would be allocated to a case officer and then a further 60 days for processing, which I am struggling to comprehend to be honest! I was under the misguided impression that once the nomination was approved I could simply submit my application and all would be sorted in a few days. This has thrown our timescales completely in terms of handing in notice at current work, booking flights, getting house here rented out and start date at new employer.


Anyway, aside from the grumbling, I'm trying to find way to monitor the progress of the application as I can't do it online in the usual way and I doubt I will get regular email updates until its approved. I just hate waiting, with no inclination of where the application is at!





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Hi Bev


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be any co-ordination of online and paper applications. I tried previously to submit my applicaiton online and the system just froze out and crashed as I didn't have any reference numbers. I was then told that my prospective employer's nomination application was done through paper copy, therefore no TRN was generated, therefore I couldn't apply online either. I tried the link you sent me previously and got a reply basically informing me about my failed online application, as per below:


Good morning ,


We can see that you attempted to lodge an application with the Department except your application was not saved or completed.


Please use the below link to start a new online application and submit when you are ready.






eVisa Help Desk

eService Support Section

Client Strategy & Performance Division


Department of Immigration and Citizenship

PO Box 25 Belconnen ACT 2616 Australia


I emailed them back and told them that I ended up putting in a paper copy and simply wanted to get a TRN so that I could track the application and I got the exact same response as above!!


It looks as if the departments which process online and paper applications are completely different entities and have no co-ordination with each other at all and it just seems to me, unless somebody knows otherwise, that if you submit the application as a paper copy you simply have to wait until you get your approval, with no mechanism for checking the process along the way. Which is extremely frustrating!



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