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Found 89 results

  1. Hi all My migration agent submitted a paper application for 820/801 in June 2017 and I haven't heard anything back apart from the acknowledgement of application. My agent advised not to complete medicals or police checks as they can expire before the visa is looked at. I know we are well within the global processing times advertised but I do see a lot of people on these forums who have had their visa processed really quickly, some within 3-4 months when they are processed overseas. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of paper applications being processed overseas, or even if they are processed in Australia are people noticing quicker turn arounds because of the online applications being processed elsewhere? I am on a 457 at the moment (so didn't go on to the bridging visa) and I am really concerned about the stability of my job, hence why I am hoping for word back soon. I would be really interested in hearing about other peoples experiences. Thanks RoRoRo
  2. Hi, I am going to do the ielts test for my 175 visa as I need extra 5 points. Was just wondering which is the most efficient way to go for the test? Pen and paper or computerised? Does the computerised way go quicker and is it easy to follow the instructions? Does it work the same way as the preparation material or would the pen and paper option be safer?:wacko:
  3. Hi all, I applied to vetassess (General Electrician) back in January hoping to get on the April assessment just gone. Unfortunately, due to numbers i am now on the july assessment. Vetassess Paper assessment has been Passed with approval to continue to the Practical. My story so far! Hope it helps... A lot of sparks are asking what evidence do we need to provide! Basically, everything you can lay your hands on. For me, i never did an formal apprenticeship. (Nightmare) I went to work as a sparkies mate 20 years ago and learnt on the job. During this period i undertook every aspects of electrical work. It was only when they introduced the new regs, Part P etc a few years ago that i decided to get off my ass and get my own Certs so i could continue to work legally, hence certifying my own work etc. Back to college aged 37 to get my 2351 Level 3 Electrical Engineering, 2381 16th Edition Regulations, EMTA Award Building regulations in Electrical Installations. Once i got these City and Guilds Quals (Took 2 years) i applied to NICEIC to be assess and successfully became a NICEIC approved Electrician. Finally, i took my Health & Safety Course (IOSH) which further gained accreditation with vetassess. Dont forget i was working for 20 years as a spark and knew more than the tutors in some cases. Because of this i had to prove that my training was back to front... 20 years experience and then the certs... It was a worry that vetassess would only assess me from the last couple of years owing to my late qualifications. Luckily, most of the companies i worked for provided awesome references and the fact that i had trade accounts covering years before. Some of the papers i provided included copies of my test certificatres, Invoices i sent to customers, Statements from subcontractors, CIS4 Stubbs for payments received, Full yearly accounts/tax returns from my accountant. Tools i bought, receipts, Statutory Declaration. Statement from customers... Suppliers, Employers. Copies of G&G certificates, even the colour of the wife knickers.. :biglaugh: Basically, anything you can get your hands on... The more info the better... But it has to be relevant to the trade... Please to say that it was worth it in the end because i passed the paper assessment! However, over that last 20 years i can honestly say that i never installed a DOL blinkin starter... Having seen them now there is nothing to them so not an issue... Im looking forward to the practical as im hoping this to be the easy bit.. At the end of the day its what us sparks to best.. Hands on! Hope it answers any questions, so you sparks with formal quals and apprentices it should be a doddle... You will need to test and inspect as this is taken serious on the practical and must have good knowledge of the readings from the tests. Additionally, the assessor does throw questions at you whilst testing.. If you are are not up to sctatch i would recommend the Inspection and testing book Guidence Note 3. This will get you up to speed on testing. Oh Yes! Vetassess give you a big tick if you are a member of a certifying body, NICEI, NAPIT etc, Also H&S is big bonus (IOSH) and additional training quals.(EMTA Building Regs). Hoped i helped.. Chris Mac :cool:
  4. Dear Experts, What are the consiquence if a employer breach all the conditions of agreement paper in rsms visa..for example no super, no penalty rates, no award wages, no fulltime work. will the employee visa b cancelled if he leaves the position.. What if DIAC finds the employee later that he left the position ..will the above reason be sufficient to prove that the employee have done best.. or does the employee needs to notify diac that the he have left the position.. can some one give me a proper advice ..what an employee should do in this circumstances.. Thanks in advance..
  5. Hello all, Just preparing my visa application now as I just received my RCB from Perth yesterday (Applied 10/05/12) I was just wondering, in terms of the visa application and it appearance can anybody tell me if what I am doing is ok? I put all documents into plastic sheet protectors and inserted into a ring binder. I have split the docs up with dividers and an index. I have included both the nomination and the visa application in this binder. Is this a bit too...organised?!! Would I be better with just a big lump of paper, with no frills etc?! I know I'm being a bit detailed here! Thanks a lot for any opinions in advance (Planning to courier on Monday) :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. Proview220

    News paper link

    below is a list of News papers in Australia http://www.newspapers.com.au/
  7. Hi all, Has anyone on here ever had to sudmit their WHV via paper application, and if so how long did it take to receive the visa? Thanks in advance :hug:
  8. Hi, Can anyone offer any tips or advice on what needs to go in your paper based assessment for a spark? Thanks Lisa
  9. Hi all, My wife and I finally have all our paper work collated for our SS application, bank statements, mortgage statements, tenancy agreement showing our properties are being rented, Skills assessments etc etc. Now what? I take it all paperwork has to be cert copies which in turn has to be sent to ACT. Do I now go onto the business.act.gov.au/ website and use the Skilled - Sponsored subclass 176 visa link to apply? Can anyone guide me through the steps, exactly what to do next in which order? Any help/feedback/info would be greatly appreciated. look forward to hearing from you, regards Julian
  10. Guest

    GSM paper based applications

    I have started this thread for sharing the time line of paper-based GSM applications so that it will be helpful for our forum members. Guys please share your time line. I have sent my paper application last Wednesday and it has reached DIAC today. Waiting for the ACK from DIAC. Hope it takes a month at least...
  11. Hi Folks Could anybody advise if you are able to check the progress of a paper application in a similar way to checking the online version? I had to submit mine by fax as the company submitted all the nomination application forms in paper format so there were no TRN numbers etc that I could use for an online application. Anyway, I got an email telling me that my application had been received but the girl who sent the email went on to say that it would be at least 3-4 weeks before my application would be allocated to a case officer and then a further 60 days for processing, which I am struggling to comprehend to be honest! I was under the misguided impression that once the nomination was approved I could simply submit my application and all would be sorted in a few days. This has thrown our timescales completely in terms of handing in notice at current work, booking flights, getting house here rented out and start date at new employer. Anyway, aside from the grumbling, I'm trying to find way to monitor the progress of the application as I can't do it online in the usual way and I doubt I will get regular email updates until its approved. I just hate waiting, with no inclination of where the application is at! Thanks Paul
  12. Hi all not been on here for awhile read posts often and they have been v informative and helpful. We went to an expo in leeds and OH was verbally offered job with liebherr. We went to london following week and he had an interview and was offered job with them in singleton area nsw..i have sister who lives in sydney so position was great. We now have formal offer from them and i cant make the income outgoings figures balance. They have told us that their fitters enjoy a good lifestyle with a good work life balance ! The hours are v family friendly i cant argue with that and with the benefits that come with PR ie lower tax lower medication fees and free schooling for our 3 kids it would be economically ok but we have got to survive at least 2 years on a 457 before they are willing to sponsor us should we at that point want to stay. Expected income is between 80-90k inc average overtime hours so have done all my sums on 85k pa, school fees are 15000 pa for public school 6000 for a christian school but we are not church goers and i would struggle to send them to one. outgoings as follows per month.. (some are estimates some are from posts on here/my sister or research i have done.) Rent 1600 (4 bed in rutherford area around 350pw) med ins 263 (inc dental ambulance optical) me meds 140 (im diabetic on an insulin pump) food 1000 elec 100 rego and ins 120 (for 2 cars) mobiles 60 broad band 100 tv 40 total pm 4223 per annum 50,676 fuel 800 plus school fees at 15,000pa=65,676 income at 85,000 minus tax of 25,480 and medicare levy = 58,245 leaves us minus 7431! Have i been too pesimistic with my figures? We really want to move to oz id go anywhere but being in same state as my sister was the icing on the cake.. cant see how we can go?! how do people do it?!? There is the possibility of a job in perth with them fifo so alot more money but OH worried about heat at mine sites and affect being away for 2 weeks at a time will have on our family. We dont really know much about perth either which doesnt help. Anyone else on here been offered work with or are working for liebherr?!? Thanks for reading any advice will be greatfully received..mrs henderson.:v_SPIN:
  13. staceyirvine

    medicals paper based?

    Hi we went for our medicals 8th July and were told they would be going to Sydney..now how long do they take to get there?? thanks Stacey x
  14. Hi everyone just writing to let you all know we have been granted our visas and it was all in paper form, had trouble loading up documents onto computer. we applied dec 2010, visa lodged 2 march 2011 and medicals done at bridge clinic on 31 june and police checksback on 30 june then all sent by paperwork and visa granted today........yipeeeeeeeee
  15. april.will

    Paper based medicals - how long?

    Hi we had our medicals last week, on line application, except we had to do our sons as a paper application because I couldnt download his form. Now the medical arrived in sydney on monday and wondered if anyone knew how long it takes to get to your CO or anyone been in similar situation? Any help would be very grateful as we are desperate to know the outcome, been on the visa laddder for nearly 3 years and just want to know move to OZ or move on. thanks in advance april :huh:
  16. Hi i have had a skills asssessment, i have state sponsership, i am registered with the nursing board and i have a case officer for my 176 application, medicals and police checks and 80 forms sent by post. how long do you think it will be before i hear about my visa........can i check on my progress somewhere as it is a paper application....thanks
  17. Malcomza

    Visa 175 paper based application

    My paper based application for Independent GSM visa (175) was just recieved by the Adelaide Skills Processing Center on 26th May 2011. I am wondering how long time should I wait for their Acknowledgment Reciept and does any person have an idea about the timeline to affect the CO knowing I am from High Risk Country. Thank in advance. Regards, Malcom
  18. Guest

    Paper 457 Applicants

    Sticky: If you are going to start applying AND if your nomination application is not yet filed - PLEASE READ THIS. Please ask your employer agent to apply online and not paper. DIAC clearly recommends online applications. Now to the ones who are in my boat, this is a thread to lament and chat while staring into blankness...
  19. Morning, I was under the impression that you could apply for Police clearences online but i can only find a paper based application, is this correct or am i not looking in the right place? Can someone give me a hint please. Thanks Sarah x :cute:
  20. Dear All, I submitted a paper based 885 on the 27th of April 2011 via express post platinum and it was delivered to DIAC, Adelaide processing on the 29th of April 2011. I see that my money is debited on the 03rd of May as per my bank records. However, until now (06th of May) I have not received any official acknowledgement from DIAC either through email or via post. Please share your experiences in this regard. Thanks Deepak
  21. Hi Refer to the check list for 475 visa application, it shows that the F80 to be submitted with F1276. I have a doubt on this because they are stating that police clearance to be submitted in later stage. since i am in high risk country i think i need to apply for police clearance before the case officer assigned. can i do that?. is it necessary to submit the clearance cert directly form police HQ to DIAC? or i can get it to my home address and the can post to DIAC? Thanks Kumar
  22. Dear all, Just wanna to find out if it is possible to have 2 applications of 475 to the same state running at the same time? Have submitted an online 475 back in 2008 but due to changes, don't think it will ever be processed as was applying under different job category (now in priority 4). I have gotten my skills accessed by ACS and ready to sudmit another 475 (in category 3) and thinking of doing it through paper application so that I could get back the refund should DIAC decided to refund it to us due to some reasons. Your inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Michelle
  23. eHealth Medical vs Paper Based Medical?
  24. Guest

    Online vs paper application

    Hello All Are applications lodged online really have quicker processing times like they say in form 1276 ?
  25. Guest

    paper application inquiry

    HI CAN ANY ONE HELP ME ,I made a paper application for a 176 state sponser visa, I understand that the are not as fast as online, how long does it take for them to confirm that they have received my application and give me a file no so that I can give it to my sponsers (queensland state) so that they can send the correct form to confirm my sponserhip with them.