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general help for nursing please

Guest asaandanirish

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Guest asaandanirish

Hi everyone,


I am a newbie on this site and am sooo glad I have come across it,

bothme and hubby are qualified nurses. he is Mental I am General. He has had a kinda/conditional job offer and we have started the process ....we are dying to move!!!


He is 32 , I am 28 and we have 2 kids, 4 yr old gilr and a 5month son.

i would love to check with everybody we are applying for the right things in the right way. we are applying through my husband and I will come on a spouce visa? and do all my nursing aprha stuff once we finally get there( which seems so far away!)....we are hoping to head to perth


we have sent off his application to aphra ( july 31st.... we have phoned to see if they have recieved the application -in perth, but they say they have recieved nothing yet, sent it signed buy ukmail cant tell us wether it got there or not till the 6th sep!!!is this normal??)


as soon as we get this registration we are going to apply for cridentialing acmhn and visa at the same time?

not sure where to start with the visas but just wanna get registration sorted first



does this sound like i am doing everything the right way round??

am i right in thinking we dont need to do skills assesment as he is being assessed by acmhn?


thank you thank you any advice welcome!!:confused:

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Australian mental health nursing college .... In the wrong order maybe...


Icant help you on the ANMH? Thing as I've not heard of it. We have gone state sponsored on a 176 visa so we are tied to Victoria for 2 years but not to an employer ( mainly because we are going on me being a nurse and i didn't want to work full time straight away). I took IELTS first - 7 and over in each section, academic. Then applied to ANMC now ANMAC for skills assessment. Then AHPRA. Then state sponsorship then visa. Phew !! Ours took a long time as we had to wait for me to do a year at over 20 hrs a week to satisfy DIAC criteria ( I had spent a while working PT 19 hrs a week to fit in childcare!! Other people get registration first, some manage to get around IELTs by getting evidence of education in English.


It also depends if you are going on a 457 temp visa or ENS as you only need

AHPRA reg and not the skills assessment with ANMC. I'm really sorry if thIs is a bit incoherent Too much wine and not enough sleep. Am sure someone else will be along soon to help out


Good luck


Rachel x

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Guest asaandanirish

thanx alot...


been looking into which visa to apply for , i think we have been suggested 457 by the employer but also see the 121 as perhaps appropriate. do both of these need to skills assessed? and i think both of these visas state you dont have to have the ilets test if you can proove uk passport and english language is first language spoken through a letter from the uni.


only reason he is trying to avoid the language tests is that he is dyslexic and quite severly and would be really really hard for him to pass it.


thank you for any help given!

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