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Found 185 results

  1. Hi, My husband has just passed his competency profile and is due to sit the VETASSESS General Electrician practical exam this April. The candidate guide doesn't give a lot of detail about what to expect from the exam..........has anyone sat the practical GE exam? We'd REALLY appreciate some info from anyone who completed the practical in February or last October so we know what to expect? Thanks very much, Morris'
  2. Hey guys I wouldnt normally do this but OH and I were trying to fill in the TRA and ended up arguing. So (and I would never normally do this ) but can anyone give me tips! He is going over as a motor mechanic and its how to script out the training reference etc (have got the examples)................. Anyhoo it may just be me but cos i'm used to doing paper stuff i feel like doing it myself and just let him look at my drafts!! cos i'm sure i'd get it done quicker! Am I just being a pain?? on the other hand dont answer that!! it could be cos i'm v tired............... :SLEEP::arghh:
  3. Hi there, I've just downloaded the application form for the IELTS test, but I don't know whether to select Academic or General. I assume General, but is this correct? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Just trying to book on an IELTS test, does anyone know if I should be doing the academic or general version of the test? I'm hopeful of getting an 8x4 so if anyone has any tips for success that would be great too! Thanks Amy
  5. I wonder whether anyone would be able to provide some initial advice? Myself and my wife would like to migrate permanently to Australia with our 9 month old baby. Computer Support Technician is on the SOL. However, for the last two and a half years I have been undertaking a lot more than just support. I wondered whether my skills would qualify under the (NEC) category. (I think I would need 8 years experience so I don't think this would be an option for us). However, I understand that for either category my skills would have to be assessed and therefore I need qualifications. I am about to commence an NVQ3 in IT. I understand that under Computer Support Technician, TRA would assess my skills. However, I understand that the NVQ qualification is not recognised in Australia - the equivalent being AQF III and TRA do not accept NVQs. How can I go about finding an RTO in England to help me? Any advise would be appreciated. I have little other qualifications. I do have ITIL and also am about to undertake an MCP. I wonder whether these are classed as trade certificates? I am very experienced already, working in the IT industry for over 10 years. I am desperate for some advice in the best way into Australia. If it means going under a tempory visa to begin with then that is fine as long as I have a good chance of getting a permanent visa after. Also my wife would need to be able to work part time under my visa. I think I have read that TRA need a 3 year apprenticeship. However, this would be a backward step for me. I am already highly experienced. Also, I wasn't sure whether if I can obtain a sponser and I can get a tempory work visa, I can then also study towards an AQF whilst working so that after I would be able to gain a permanent visa? Do you think this is a viable option? I hope someone can help as we need to know which way to go as it all seems so confusing.
  6. Tomdennis85

    Where do I start?

    Hi, I have been trying to start the process of applying to move to Australia for a while now, and really want to get the ball rolling but just don't know where to start. A brief back ground: - I am 27, my Fiance (Keely) is 36, we have our own daughter of 12 months and Keely has a daughter from a previous relationship who is 12. We have been together for 10 years so I have brought our eldest up and she has taken my surname. I come from a carpentry background, but realised I did not want to do it all my days so went to university, part time to get my degree. I am currently in my 3rd year of my Construction Management Bsc. Keely has her own degree from 1995 in English Literature. She has worked as a residential carer for 2 years. She has 7 years experience previous to that in hospitality. I could really do with a good few pointers on where to start as I am going round in circles typing into google "I want to move to Australia, what do I do?" Any help would be greatly received. I aim to want to go Autumn 2014 - From UK to Sydney area. Thank-you Tom
  7. Hi, Just about to write out my trade evidence form and was wondering whether it is worth going as a supervisor electrician or a general electrician. I'm currently a foreman/site supervisor and i've been doing this job for several years now on projects around £6 million (electrical package) looking after between 20-40 electricians, so i don't think i'd have any problems passing the supervisor trades test. But would it make any difference when i get over to aus? Would it make it easier or harder to find a job? Would Aus firms take any notice of the vetassess assessment? I have no problem going back on the tools and it would even be a welcome break. I just want to make it as easy as possible to find a job when i get over there. On another note, we are looking at going to SA, does anybody know what the work situation for installation electricians is like? As most of the jobs on offer through the jobfinder websites are for maintenance electricians and none of them show any wages. If anyone can help me out, i'd be very grateful. :notworthy: Martyn
  8. George Lombard

    General Skilled Migration - the future

    I've had quite a number of enquiries recently concerning how people should be approaching GSM in the future, when the new "skill select" model is introduced and people have to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) before they're allowed to apply for a General Skilled Migration visa. Start of an FAQ, please feel free to add your own: 1. Where can I find out about the 2012 changes? DIAC does have a link on its website, see http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/skillselect.htm and a blog, see http://skilledmigration.govspace.gov.au/2011/10/05/skillselect-%E2%80%93-the-who-what-when-why-and-how/ The blog posts will be necessary viewing over the next 6-12 months. Not sure how influential they'll be in challenging DIAC actions, but probably they've decided to use a form of communication which is "informal" in the hope that they won't be bound by unintended consequences of the content. 2. What are the likely changes to the skilled occupation list? Skills Australia does publish a list of "flagged" occupations which does indicate some insecurity for people in some occupations, see http://www.skillsaustralia.gov.au/PDFs_RTFs/FlaggedOccupations.pdf . Obviously it would take some courage to initiate studies in Australia (planning to pursue the graduate migration pathway) in a flagged occupation. For people planning to lodge their application now, it's possible that although an application might be validly lodged you might lose priority status if the occupation is downgraded during processing. 3. Do the GSM changes apply to onshore students? Yes, DIAC is giving strong indications that there will be no exemptions or transitional arrangements for onshore students. 4. What will be the pass mark for my EOI to generate an invitation to apply? This depends on the competition at the time you apply and the quota for your occupation. Given too that the points test is a blunt instrument, ie there will be many people at each significant points level (65, 70, 75 etc) the order of lodging your EOI will be of critical importance, in fact the time of day of lodgment is going to be significant. More to come. Cheers, George Lombard
  9. Hello All. I`m piecing together my reccie for Feb (29th) - Mar (14th) 2012 1st week in Qld - Sunshine Coast 2nd week in Perth - coast N or S ?? .... flights all booked (Emirates @ £2450 for all inc internal - not sure if that good, but hunted for a while... 2 adults 1 nipper) So.,., any ideas are always welcome, How have folks go on in their trips. Activating Visas? Car Hire? Rentals? And how did you get around - Ive seen this - (inc free shipping) - sat nav for sale or do i buy in a big supermarket? Open Bank Account Transferring Spending Money Medicare (or later) Other Stuff ?????:goofy: Just trying to take the hassle out of the trip and be as pro-active as poss... (11 month old Callum will need attention no doubt.) :hug: Cheers all :hug:
  10. I got positive assessment from Engineers Australia and got 10 points of regional sponsorship from Western Australia. Now I want to apply online for General Skill Migration Program. Please send me the link where I can fill and submit online application. Thanks
  11. Hi all I'm new to this forum our 176 was granted in July and hubby has been working on the mines in WA since August he absolutely loves his job but finds the weather difficult to work in..... Some days it's 46 degrees he currently works 4/1 and is on $150,000 my question is do you think this is enough to live on in terms of houses, food, bills flights back to Uk once a year ect? we are 24/28 and no children yet. We both feel so lucky he has landed a fab job but I am petrified of being on my own for 4 weeks at a time, I'm hoping to find a job when I arrive I'm currently in Uk finishing a nursing degree and waiting for house to sell :0( I know it's a compromise that will pay off and my hubby wouldn't do it if I wasn't happy, we spoke about the ups and downs before he took the job but I can't help but feel so up and down about it all the wobblers are getting the better if me at the moment is this normal xxx
  12. Hi all, My wife and I will be moving to Aus next year. She's a permanent resident and I'll either be on a spouse visa or WHV. We've looked at a lot of different types of jobs and we're thinking at least for the first year in AUS that working remote would be a good way to do things. We'll need to recoup moving expenses and really wanted a year just work and figure out our life in Australia. Remote jobs seemed a good way to put away some cash. Just trying to get a bit more info. Seemed like you can get the jobs relatively easily, but maybe that's just the recruitment agencies trying to sell things. Are the jobs really that easy to get? Even on a WHV? What if one of us doesn't have a job, can they come along? If so, how much extra would we have to pay for room and board? Really, any information would be much appreciated at this point. We've found a lot of places to look for jobs but it's been hard finding much about the actual conditions people live and work in. Just that it can be long hours and not much to do besides work.
  13. Guest

    General info

    Hi Can anyone tell me what the new Migration rules mean to nurses wanting to migrate? Also how much cash do u think we would need behind us for 2 adults and 3 children? Thanks xx
  14. Hi all, got a job offer to be based in Mackay, that i am 99% going to take but after abit of advice about the areas: - What is the weather like? how hot, how cold, rain?? what clothes do i need to bring over? - What are day light hours like? nice long nights? dark at 4:30? - Whats sort of insects, spiders, snake do you get in this region and how likely to come across these? - Nice beaches? - Any golf courses? - any local football (soccer)? - how expensve is fuel (petrol etc) - what would be a good area to live for single 30 year old bloke any other advice or helpful tips from people who have recently moved would be appreciated
  15. I'd like to email an enquiry to the DIAC before I start my application for a 176 - Does anyone have a general enquiries address for them?
  16. Hi we have just had a positive skills assessment and are about to lodge the actual visa application - the gov website suggests 18 months average timescale - what timescales have people actually experienced?
  17. Guest

    Ilets General or Academic

    Hello everyone Am in big confusion. For Vocational education teacher (non trade) we need Ilets general or Academic result? Please help..
  18. Hey everyone, We got our visas approved a couple of weeks ago and so I'm working out what we need to get going on... my todo list is feeling incredibly short, so - what else do people reckon I need to have started thinking about? - flights: booked! (feb 11th to Sydney, then we'll drive down to Canberra a couple of days later) - looking into somewhere to stay short-term when we arrive in Canberra, then we can try and sort out longer term rentals when we're there - have sent off initial emails to shipping companies (thanks for various advice elsewhere in the forums!), need to sort through what we're taking before I go any further with those though - trying to find as many contacts out in Canberra as possible via friends and family! - we don't have a house to sell, we're renting, so that's just a question of giving notice at the appropriate time - we'll sell the car, and buy one out there, researching that atm. we don't have kids, so we don't have to sort out schools etc. I suppose maybe I need to add things like informing doctor/dentist, getting medical notes, sorting out post forwarding nearer the time, along with jobhunting nearer the time... Can anyone else add to the list of things we really ought to be thinking about already? Thanks
  19. Hi all, I'm looking at emigrating to Oz and want to apply for permanent residency. My dilema is whether to go for a skilled visa or a family sponsored one. I work in IT as a Network Security Engineer (which is of the skills shortage list) and have over 5 years experience in this area. I also have a sister that could sponsor me as she is married to an Aussie and lives over there as a Permanent Resident in Melbourne. I think I have the points to do it either way, so the question really is which would be easier / quicker? An important factor is that I (and my wife) would want to live and work in Sydney, whilst my sister lives in Melbourne. Do you have to live in the same City / State as the person who sponsors your Visa (if you go down that road?) As I said, I would prefer to do the application myself rather than pay for an agency. Many thanks in advance, Jocky
  20. Guest

    general help for nursing please

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie on this site and am sooo glad I have come across it, bothme and hubby are qualified nurses. he is Mental I am General. He has had a kinda/conditional job offer and we have started the process ....we are dying to move!!! He is 32 , I am 28 and we have 2 kids, 4 yr old gilr and a 5month son. i would love to check with everybody we are applying for the right things in the right way. we are applying through my husband and I will come on a spouce visa? and do all my nursing aprha stuff once we finally get there( which seems so far away!)....we are hoping to head to perth we have sent off his application to aphra ( july 31st.... we have phoned to see if they have recieved the application -in perth, but they say they have recieved nothing yet, sent it signed buy ukmail cant tell us wether it got there or not till the 6th sep!!!is this normal??) as soon as we get this registration we are going to apply for cridentialing acmhn and visa at the same time? not sure where to start with the visas but just wanna get registration sorted first does this sound like i am doing everything the right way round?? am i right in thinking we dont need to do skills assesment as he is being assessed by acmhn? thank you thank you any advice welcome!!:confused:
  21. I am an Electrician and have been staying in Australia for around 1 year now. I have completed my TRADE RECOGNITION and was passed in NOVEMBER 2010. I then applied and got my ELECTRICAL LICENCE in January 2011 so i am now a recognised ELECTRICIAN in Australia. After this i then applied for my GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION VISA which i paid for in January 2011 also. I now have 3 ELECTRICAL LICENCES for 3 STATES SOUTH AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA and QUEENSLAND I have since been contacted by a Case Officer who requires 1 IMPORTANT piece of information........a SKILLS ASSESMENT because my TRADE RECOGNITION is not recognised for the VISA i am applying for. I have since looked into how to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT and the recognised company is called VETASSES. This will cost me a further $3800 to complete and will also take between 3 - 4 months to complete but my case officer has only given me 28 days to do this which i am not very happy about I have also since found out that TRADE RECOGNITION have now changed there application process which was effective from 30th June 2011 which when you apply for your TRADE RECOGNITION you are also included your SKILLS ASSESMENT.......soo for the same $300 that i paid just under a year a go you get TRADE RECOGNITION with SKILLS ASSESMENT My case officer has since contacted me as i asked for a EXTENSION to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT but he replied he was UNABLE to extend my VISA APPLICATION and that my BEST OPTION would be to WITHDRAW my application where i would LOSE the money i have paid and i would then need to complete my SKILLS ASSESMENT and then RE-APPLY for my GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION VISA which would also mean that i would need to pay even MORE money and then need to wait another 12-18 months before my APPLICATION would even get looked at As you can proberbly tell i am VERY VERY ANGRY about this and so UPSET because after all this time and all the money spent it is just goin to be a WASTE of time If anyone could HELP or has any ideas of what to do i would really really LOVE the advise Thanks a lot Andy :cute:
  22. Currently in Melbourne on a 457 Want to get my 175 lodged before Christmas for me and my partner. Need to book in my IELTS test. There seems to be 2 choices, General and Academic. Which one do I sit? The other question I wanted confirmation on. - My partner (also from UK, will be a De Facto on with the 175) does not need to sit an IELTS exam, right? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, We are in the early stages of our migration to oz. I am just about to send in my application to have my skills assessed with AITSL and once that is approved (hopefully)I will be gathering all the required information etc for our visa application which should be lodged by the end of the year . My question is I will be migrating with my husband, son age 2 and my daughter who is 16 1/2 . I would like to know if the visa is lodged before she is 18 and not approved until after she is 18 can she still be included or does she have to apply for her own visa? its so confusing . If anybody could make this clearer it would be appreciated. thanks xxxx
  24. Hi Everyone, I submitted my skills assessment via ICAA mid June and it is still in progress. I have since heard that I also need to do a skilled employment assessment?! Can anyone tell me how true this is and if so what I need to do??? Here was me ready to submit my s175 application as soon as I received my skills assessment back!! Someone help please, panic stations at the ready! Many thanks.
  25. State Migration Plan South Australia 1 July 2011 - Immigration SA – General Skilled Migration - State Sponsorships The General Skilled Migration State Sponsorship Application System remains closed until further notice. The new State Sponsored Migration List and the associated requirements/criteria will be posted on this website as soon as it is finalised. Please continue to monitor this website for updates. http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/immigrate_from_overseas/state_migration_plan_south_australia.jsp