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visa application


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hoping someone out there can help me.

i'm a plumber/gas fitterr in the uk and am now 5 points short (since new points system).

i am booked to take my IELTS test on 3rd sept, if all goes well and i get 4 x 7's (to give me the 5 points needed) , i'm not sure what happens next.

do i then apply for a visa , apply for my vetasses ???

can anyone explain the visa process to me ( sorry but i see all the dates etc under peoples post without really knowing what some mean)


finally, does anyone know what perth is like for plumbing positions

any help on this would be really helpful.


thank you

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Guest The Pom Queen

Unfortunately I can't advise as I'm not qualified to do so, but hopefully someone will come along soon who has the up to date information you require. Are you going to be hiring an agent or doing the visa process yourself?

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