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1st Move International - any stories?


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Down to the last two with my shipping quotes - PSS (who I can find lots of info on) and 1st Move International (http://www.shipit.co.uk/) who I can't find mentioned anywhere on this forum!


Normally this might make me a bit suspicious, but I have quizzed them very thoroughly, and they seem to have their act together and have been really helpful and full of info.


Anyone had any personal experience of them? (I don't trust general internet reviews - know of too many 'trolls' from other companies who try to discredit each other ;-)) Please PM me with details only!





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Hi Sophie


The first rule when buying of the web is do they show an address. If not you have to wonder why and walk away.

If they do have a look with street view / Google earth to see what their premises are like. . I've checked out a few and some are scary ( car dealership, old barn etc ).

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