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Found 28 results

  1. expatdownunder

    New Expats 'n' Cork Hats podcast episode

    Hey everyone, we have but done many posts on here but we have just put episode 6 live in Spotify, tap the below link to listen. It's also on iTunes, Google podcasts, Deezer etc... If you don't know what we are about, we simply get expats on and have a chat about their experiences. No script, anything goes conversation. We even have people booked to come in the show who are still in the UK waiting for visas to be approved. This week's episode is Scott who is a Perth bag piper for WA Police. Was lovely chatting to him and finding out some of the stuff he has been up too in his short time in a Australia.
  2. This is a thread in which we can post strange bizarre & unexplained kind of stories that either come up in the news or happen within your own experiences. Not looking for answers or explanations, just a place for oddities that you think are interesting...... So bring on your Tales of the Unexplained or just Plain Oddity :shocked::goofy::shocked::goofy::shocked:
  3. Yori Dori

    Category 5's facts & stories

    Here is a link that shows facts and stories people struggling against unfairness. http://g4online.org/ http://g4online.org/letter
  4. Down to the last two with my shipping quotes - PSS (who I can find lots of info on) and 1st Move International (http://www.shipit.co.uk/) who I can't find mentioned anywhere on this forum! Normally this might make me a bit suspicious, but I have quizzed them very thoroughly, and they seem to have their act together and have been really helpful and full of info. Anyone had any personal experience of them? (I don't trust general internet reviews - know of too many 'trolls' from other companies who try to discredit each other ;-)) Please PM me with details only! Thanks StS
  5. My ex "abandoned" me and our two young children (one was four months old) a year ago, to pursue a new life in Australia. We could have gone with him, but he had proved himself to be untrustworthy too many times and I decided not to take the risk of being a single mother in Australia and unable to return home with the children, due to the Hague Convention. But this post is not about the reasons for the split. I do not personally know anyone who has been left with young children so have no-one to share experiences with, but I have seen a few posts on PIO where people allude to this having happened to them or to someone they know, even many years ago. So my question is - what happened next? I am only a year into being a single parent. When the children’s father left, it was a terrible time. The last four months too have been particularly difficult. I have put this down to (apart from it being a sad situation to be in) there having been too many anniversaries; the baby turned one - that was very bittersweet - we had Mother's Day, Easter and May bank holidays (i.e. "family" days), my birthday, and then finally Father's Day, even the royal wedding was a tough day as we went to a party where I did not know many people and the baby was not happy being left with other people even for a few minutes each time I went to get food/drink for him or was looking after his sister. Perhaps there was a bit of delayed shock too. Anyway, hopefully things are starting to improve, albeit slowly. I am lucky to have some wonderful friends (my family do not live locally), some of whom I did not even know a year ago, who are supportive. I am starting to look into a career change as I realise I will need to earn a decent amount of money to afford to bring up our children on my own, plus cost of childcare etc. So there could be exciting as well as difficult times ahead. So to other 'abandoned' parents of children, what happened to you as I am guessing you will be a few years further down the line than me? How long did it take to "get over" it (and maybe some never do?), did you get a new job, did you move away, did you meet someone else/have more children, did you meet some amazing new friends, or have exciting new experiences that you would not have have had, had you stayed with your ex? Was it in the end the making of you as was does not kill you makes you stronger? (I have left out how did the children cope as feel that would be enough on its own for another thread). If too sensitive a subject for anyone, please pm me!
  6. BritChickx

    Funny Stories

    I'm sure some of you have a few, plus a lot more! I'm in need of a laugh and inspiration today and would love it if any of you had any funny stories to share about travelling/moving/living in Aus soon I shall be sharing my own! :cute:
  7. Hi Everyone this is my first post.... We have made the decision to give it a go down under and the more i look into the visa process the more i want to do it myself, has anyone done it DIY and it all went wrong? It seems that if you have the time to put into it the it is fairly straightforward? I have spoke to a few agents who have all been very helpful, but after putting together our Skills Assessment in the past week and realizing an agent would expect upwards of £500 just for this part i am beginning to have doubts about being able to justify the expense, plus the fact that fees vary from under £900 to over £3000 made the alarm bells ring! Has anyone used an agent to just check through an application? Like getting your passport application checked at the counter before posting, or any agents out there offering this service? Cheers Carl
  8. Hi, Just wondering if people could share their experience of what happened after their problems of 1100 being lost/not attached ie how long after it was sorted did they get a CO assigned. Im in that situatuion now and hoping it wont be forever. I applied 8 Dec and 1100 attached this week. thanks in advance Mags.
  9. Guest

    any roofing stories

    hey people, fly out on the 25 feb on one year working visa to perth and looking to get some roofing work as thats what i do in london. anyone got any experience of aussie roofing and how it differs from the uk etc or any roofing tips you may have? i have already stocked up on the factor 50 suncreem :yes:
  10. Hello I am a nurse in the uk and at the tender age of 36 with no home to sell here in the UK I am thinking of moving along with hubby to Australia. I have been considering this for 5 yrs, heading out in a few months for 4 weeks so I can get a feel for the place. I would like to hear from anyone of similar age/circumstances especially nurses who made the move. Also whats the employment like in building services, any areas in particular (hubby has BENG in mechanical engineering) Hopeing to get lots of feedback good and bad. Matron xx
  11. rockymaizymoe

    life stories of an average 8 year old!

    morning/evening all, myself n family r relocating to melbourne(cranbourne)January time. I'm hoping to have found a local school for my children maizy 8 and rocky 6 by the time the new year starts,I've also got a 2 year old moe.So my hands r full! I'd be interested in hearing from any people who have been in a similar situation. My main concerns are school life,Australian childrens attitudes,childrens activities outside school general parent concerns really. My children are very social and are excited by the move so I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing,just trying to get some feed back for the big move. Thanx for any help Maxime
  12. BritChickx

    Drunken Stories

    And I'm sure you've all got one or two :biggrin::wink: Would love to hear them! Need something to take my mind off of this huge hangover :cry: Apparently I said last night 'is it foggy or is it my drunk eyes? :eek::biglaugh: And got my little finger trapped in a door :cry: That isn't the half of it! So spill!
  13. So guys lets have all have a laugh xx smile it is xmas time and lots of people are in the process!!! Or even moved and missing home, family , etc or even that they will be going in 2010 so any funny stories please !! Or even cringe as long as not too dirty !!!
  14. graeme78

    Migration Agent Stories

    Was wondering who on here has used Migration Agents and if anyone wanted to share their experiences, good and bad. Does anyone want to recommend a particular company etc. Reason I ask is I have a cpl of issues that may cause difficulty in my application and I am thinking I might need some expert help. I've been doing loads of reading but I'm starting to get a little confused with my options :confused:
  15. Hi,are all letting agents in OZ as draconian and miserable as ours?We are renting a twin detached property,and both the previous tenants in our rental,and the previous tenants next door ended up at the tribunal trying to retrieve some of their bond from the agent.The agents are totally unreasonable and uncompromising with their,as they say,"Standards".Of course these standards do not extend to ensuring any problems about the house are dealt with swiftly!Anyway we had our monthly inspection recently,and i chased the agent out of the house,having listened to crap about dust on the blinds ,fingermarks around the lightswitch,dust on the bedroom skirting etc,(whilst paying over the odds),this in a completely white painted,clinical property.I actually asked them to arrange the inevitable tribunal in September,much to their dismay.Of course,there are two sides to every story,but some of these agents here are totally over zealous,and create a bad vibe,thats my opinion.Who else has had bad times with Letting Agents?
  16. :unsure: Hi we are hopefully nearing the end of our visa application process......Obviously you go through so many emotions. Some days I feel so excited and I just can't wait to just get on and make the move. Other days I suddenly think 'What are we thinking, we are so not the sort of people to do somthing like this' and I can't believe we are contemplating leaving our really very pleasnt life here behind. We have for the most part a really supportive family network, good friends, nice home and Matt's job, whereas a year ago was a complete nightmare, has now got a great position. Has anyone made the move having all these sort of doubts and now think 'we should have done this years ago' or that it has been a great success......would love to hear some positive experiences please.... Look forward to reading, Amanda
  17. Guest

    457 visa good and bad stories

    Can anybody please tell me their stories if they are in Oz now on a 457 visa. We had a bad experience nearly 2 years ago. We want to know if there are any good or bad experiences. Do some sponsorship companies offer you anything to help you emmigrate or do you do everything on your own. Any help greatly appreciated.
  18. Hello Please if there is anyone out there who has gone on student visa and coped with the reduced working hrs etc let me know. My OH is getting serious cold feet about it and i know that we could manage. I know that it is going to be hard but we will have the support of my family and each other and really want to give it a go! So if you or if you know of anyone who has done this way please let me know so that i can show him it can work! Much appreciated Emma :emoticon-signxmas:
  19. Guest

    Success stories???

    Hi everyone. I’m a city and guilds qualified plumber. I’m in the process of completing my NVQ2 and have one year’s experience. It is my family’s dream to relocate to OZ. To be honest that’s the reason for a change of career at the age of 39.Currently I don’t qualify to have my skills assessed in the UK so my only hope is to see if I can find an employer to sponsor me in OZ. Are there any plumbers in OZ who actually pulled it off? Are there any success stories out there or should I get my head out the clouds? Hope to hear from you.
  20. Guest

    Success stories???

    Hi everyone. I’m a city and guilds qualified plumber. I’m in the process of completing my NVQ2 and have one year’s experience. It is my family’s dream to relocate to OZ. To be honest that’s the reason for a change of career at the age of 39.Currently I don’t qualify to have my skills assessed in the UK so my only hope is to see if I can find an employer to sponsor me in OZ. Are there any plumbers in OZ who actually pulled it off? Are there any success stories out there or should I get my head out the clouds? Hope to hear from you.
  21. AnxiousMum

    457 Employer Sponsored Visa Stories

    Thought I would try for a new thread for people coming out on the 457 sponsored visa route. Just to give us poor souls some hope that there are employers out there willing to sponsor you? Any story relating to this would be great, the good the bad and the ugly so to speak!!!
  22. Guest

    More amusing short stories

    I have just added another batch of interviews and short stories by Desmond Zwar. If you would like to read more about Demond, Please view this thread here: - http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/poms-sun/22875-poms-sun.html. You can read the stories here. Poms In The Sun - PomsInOz Forum SOme of them are great. Enjoy! Tim
  23. Hi All, I have posted some more short stories by Desmond Zwar about Brits living in Australia. Great bedtime reading! These can be found here: -http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/poms-sun/ How Desmond got involved with PiO and a bt more about his background can be found here http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/poms-sun/22875-poms-sun.html Enjoy Tim
  24. Guest

    Brit mag needs love stories

    Are you a female traveller under 30 who met and married an Aussie guy and now lives in Australia? Glossy British magazine is looking for young women whose gap year changed their life. The more romantic/unusual story the better! I can do interview on phone and will need good quality pix of you both. Email me brief details: karen.swayne@emap.com thanks! :jiggy: