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Household costs for perth rental?


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Lol doesnt look like it. Things sound so expensive, at first i thought its ok we'd manage but now im worried that we cant even afford it. Dont even have a visa yet but its better to know these things before i even apply! lol we rent in the UK and id love to buy a house in oz in a few years but looking at the prices i dont think we'll be able to afford to

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Guest gill1362

Know what u mean Scottishstacey - we're leaving Ireland cos we can't afford to stay no point jumping from the frying pan into the fire

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Same, we've been renting for years and years cos its really hard to get a mortgage here unless you've got around 20% i think. we want to move mostly for quality of life and a adventure, im 21 so not expecting a mansion or anything like that lol. just want to find out wether we'll be able to afford to live, not expecting to have loads of money but dont want to move all that way to be skint there too lol

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I don't mind sharing my list with you.....


these are my current outgoings but think costs will vary depending on where you live and your lifestyle....


Rent $400 p/w for 4x2 SOR

Electricity bill just arrived $165 for 8wks

Gas bill was $110 for 7wks

Phone with internet approx $100 p/mth

Sorry no water bill as of yet

Car insurance $40p/m

Just about to sort some basic health cover think its about $40-$50 p/mth for family cover

Food.... varies but prob averages out somewhere between $120-$150 per week for MY family, plus $40 per slab of 24 beers... my wine is cheap tho !!!

School fees x 1child were $1000 last term

petrol currently around $1.43 per/litre but depends on what day of week it is (always few cents more thurs-sunday)


not sure if this is detailed enough and i've prob forgotten lots but its a start.....

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Thanks so much getustooz very helpful. Could i ask how many are in your family?

My partner is being interviewed for sponsorship this week and i want to get an idea of how much his income needs to be as he will be over there alone till august next year so could be 10 months apart :( be worth it in the end im sure but ill be paying our rental back here till then so were trying to see if its a realistic option. Im going to try and get out of the contract at 6 months rather than 12 and move in with family but this may not be an option.


Thanks again for the info :)

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