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moving with teenagers


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hi, we are in Melbourne at the mo (been here a year) and are moving to Perth soon. My hubby and I know its the right move for us, but the kids dont want to go.

They are 13 and 16 and they have just settled here and we feel really guilty about moving them again, on both personal and school reasons.


Please tell me your thoughts/ Has anyone else moved with teenagers who didnt want to move and have they resettled.


We are considering woodvale as there is soccer school so think they will settle but its breaking my heart that they are so upset.


Is Perth as lovely as we expect or have we got rose tinted specs on. What are the problems there ? there must be some?




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Guest XxlaurenxX

hey im almost 16 and am looking for people who are in perth that are my age group as im moving there in around a months time and would like some contact if you could help?thanks xx

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Hi Elaine and Xx LaurenxX


My son is 16 and was not sure about coming and he hated it the first couple of weeks but now he has really settled, enjoying school and has found himself a small job.


Sam :wubclub:

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