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eVisitor to Bridging for 457


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Here is my situation:



  • I entered in Australia with an eVisitor on the 16/03/2011
  • I applied for a 457 the 27/05/2011
  • Bridging visa granted
  • eVisitor will expire the 15/06/2011



How many of you who had a Bridging visa know if I the previous visa cease when you apply for another one?


In my case the eVisitor seems to be on effect. Do you think I can leave and come back to Australia just for a 4 days trip?


Do you think they will let me back in on my eVisitor?



All suggestions are welcome, Thanks!!!


P.S. the trip is not related to my visa process but I have to do it for personal reasons

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good question. The e-visitors are valid for a year but with max stay of 3months at a time. So it would depend if the bridging visa kicks in at the end of the stay, or at the end of the period of validity.

My gut feeling would be that it kicks in at the end of the stay, as otherwise you'd have to be leaving the country and re-entering, and the point of the bridging visa is that it allows you to stay. Which would mean you'll need a BVB.

Hopefully one of the migration agents will see this, as don't know of many others who've been in this situation.

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RockDr, I think you are right.

Probably the BV will come in at the end of the 3 months because on evo I get:


Entitlement details

Visa class/subclass TV 651

Visa status In Effect

Visa expiry date 16/06/2011

Must not arrive after 13/01/2012

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