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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I am an Australian citizen and my 74yr old Mum, who is British, would like to apply for an onshore Contributory Aged Parent Visa (864). Have I got the process correct: She flies into Australia (when we’re back open) on an eVisitor visa (3m). Then applies for the 864 when she gets here. She should then receive a Bridging Visa A allowing her to stay onshore while the 864 is being processed. Is the eVisitor visa the correct visa for her to fly into Australia with, if she is hoping to apply for an onshore Contributory Aged Parent Visa when she gets here or is there a more appropriate one? Thank you in advance for your time and help with this.
  2. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello all! I have already submitted our PMV application, all docs uploaded and received by dept etc etc. While we wait it out I am aware that I can enter Australia on an eVisitor visa. I am visiting my partner again in Melbourne in September. My previous evisitor is still valid until February 2019. Assuming my PMV hasn’t been granted by then... can I enter on this existing one or should I apply for another one?
  4. Dear All, (Firstly sorry for a lengthy topic) I am due to visit Australia for once in a lifetime trip of watching the ICCWorld Cup 2015 (A MASSIVE Cricket Fan). After booking almost everythingnow, I had my final hurdle to cross, the visa. I am travelling with mywife, and we are both British Citizens. I applied for the eVisitor visaonline, on the 14th of Jan-2015 knowing that it takes a very shorttimeframe to generate and especially for British Citizens (a low riskcountry) usually an instant response. Well that clearly isn't true! Long story short, I got my visa luckily a few days later as they emailed meto request for information on whether I visited any of 10 specifiedcountries in the last 8 months for a period of 28 days due to a risk ofpolio virus. I did not, so was granted my visa the next day. My wife's visaon the other hand is taking exceptionally long! She was also asked the sameinformation as me, on the same day and her eVisitor never arrived. It willnow be the 10th working day tomorrow, and I am due to fly to Melbourne on the 12th February, so I have just a bit over 2 weeks. This has created a bit of a panic situation for us, as we are now wondering whether this visa will ever come through and reading stories of people who have had to wait up to 6 weeks for a decision is definitely something wecannot afford. So to my question for advice, I was thinking to apply for an ETA for mywife, while her e-Visitor is still being 'in progress'. I have heard this is perfectly okay, however I was hoping to hear about someone's experience who may have done the same thing in the past or know of someone to havedone that. The last thing I would want to do is cause more delays, by lodging a separate ETA application and end up waiting even longer on either of the two. If anyone knows of any approved, tried and tested ETA travel agents in theUK please share their details with me, as I have come across too many but not sure which are legitimate. Thank you for reading the entire post.. Any advice and help will be massively appreciated
  5. We are planning a reccie next March, ideally for up to 6 months. The ETA (976) and evisitor (651) visas only seem to allow stays of up to 3 months at a time. I know you can leave Oz and come back in again, but we have 3 children so would rather not. Does anyone know if these visas can be extended easily? If not, I guess we have to apply for a 6-month tourist visa (676), right? Does anyone know if the 110AUD fee is the same for children/infants too? Many thanks!
  6. filippoit

    eVisitor to Bridging for 457

    Here is my situation: I entered in Australia with an eVisitor on the 16/03/2011 I applied for a 457 the 27/05/2011 Bridging visa granted eVisitor will expire the 15/06/2011 How many of you who had a Bridging visa know if I the previous visa cease when you apply for another one? In my case the eVisitor seems to be on effect. Do you think I can leave and come back to Australia just for a 4 days trip? Do you think they will let me back in on my eVisitor? All suggestions are welcome, Thanks!!! P.S. the trip is not related to my visa process but I have to do it for personal reasons
  7. Hi Hoping someone can clear this up for me, I have a wedding in oz next week so want to enter australia on holiday for 8 days on the evisitor visa. However in the next few days my new employer will be submitting my 457 application. If i get my evisitor in today (before the 457) - will it cause any problems, delays with my 457 application? i think my 457 is being submitted next tuesday or wednesday so i wont actually be in the country when its submitted? Surely alot of people go on vacation during the application process to check out flats and schools? Concerned the evisitor lasts for 12 months - and in some countries you can only have one visa at a tie - so they would reject 457 because i had a evisitor (even though u cant work) Thanks for your help Bryan
  8. Hi all, My partner & I have been in NZ since Sunday. We applied for our 457 (I had a no further stay condition on my 676 tourist visa, we have been in oz for just under a year, traveling on 676 & WHV) & also e-visitors so we can go back to Oz & travel north QLD. We were asked for further information yesterday morning, which we sent off immediately but still haven't heard anything more than 24hrs on! Starting to stress slightly, as got car parked in Brisbane airport & want to get back!! Anyone else had similar problems or stories??? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I am looking for some help if possible please!? We submitted our 309/100 spouse defacto application recently and we think it is going to take approx 5-6 months. To cut a long story short I need to go to Australia from the end of January until approx beginning of March as we have a wedding and also my cousin is leaving for Shanghai and I said that I would look after his Daughter. I do not intend to work or do anything other than have a holiday for this period. Would I be permitted to enter on a e-visitor visa? Alternatively, could we apply for a different visa whilst this one is processing?? I really appreciate any help offered Thanks Jodie
  10. Guest

    ETA or eVisitor - Business

    Hi Guys (not strictly a "migration" question - sorry) My sponsor wants me to come over for a month for various meetings/presentations etc (while my 121 ENS is being processed) Has anyone used the ETA Business or eVisitor Business on-line visa for this? Will I need to present documents etc when I arrive in Australia at the airport ? cheers in advance Richie UK.. 121 ENS... still waiting for Skills result
  11. Hi guys, Just about to post the pmv application, have front loaded it, just waiting for the police check to arrive, sent off last week so should be any day now. Heard a few rumblings on the forum about delay it processing time, was told 3-4 months but now hearing 5-6, not sure if this applies to pmv, any advice? The main problem we have is that we are looking to travel on Jan 8, now if the processing is 5 months plus then it's very tight. I have heard that you can travel on an evisitor whilst the pmv is being processed, is this true? So this is where it gets interesting, I already have an evisitor thatn expires on Jan 20, 12 days after we are due to leave. Is there a way of extending the current evisitor or applying for another before the current one expires to cover all bases? Fingers crossed it doesn't come to this but want a fall back policy... Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Andy.
  12. i have a friend who has an evisitor visa and is meant to be going to aussie in November but she now wants to go on a Working Holiday Visa instead, where does she stand on getting a Holiday Working Visa instead? thanks in advance
  13. Guest

    E-visitor & WHV

    Hello, Ok a question for you all please...... On WHV expires end may, going to NZ on saturday for 3 days, whist in NZ going to apply for an e-visitor (I have a criminal record - minor 10yrs ago) to re-enter Aus & carry on my travels for a short time. Question: If for any reason my e-visitor takes longer than my time in NZ to be approved (ie: because I will declare minor conviction), when I re-enter (still on my WHV) can my e-visitor still be granted on-shore? Many Thanks.
  14. Hi My friend, his wife and his 2 children are soon to fly back to Australia from the UK. Both the parents and 1 child have PR. However, the other child, a newborn in the UK hasn't. They plan to apply for the necessary PR / sponsor visa for the newborn onshore, in Australia because of time restraints. However, they plan to apply for an E-visitor visa for the newborn so the little one can travel. Does anyone think that this may cause problems at Australian immigration? Any advice would be appreciated urgently. Thanks.
  15. Guest

    evisitor to 457???

    hi there, i am arriving in australia early february as I am due to start sponsored work the second week of feb. I'm worried that my 457 visa won't be granted for my arrival in early february. Can i enter on an evisitor (i'm an EU citizen)? I dont have a return flight booked as my contract if just over one year. I will not work until my 457 is granted. Advice appreciated!!
  16. Hello Gill, Is it possible to apply for child visa on-shore while the applicant (child) travels to aus on a evisitor visa? can the applicant able to apply for anyother visa or extentions when they are in aus on a evisitor visa please reply thankyou Claudya
  17. Guest

    EVisitor assistance

    Hi, I’m British and returning to Australia on an EVisitor visa, then applying for a defacto visa with my Australian girlfriend. I hope to start working as soon as the Defacto visa is granted but I’ve heard that I may have to wait until the EVistior visa has expired. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? When my defacto is granted will I have to wait 3, 6, 12 months before I can start a job? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  18. jb213

    Evisitor help???

    Hey, I am in Australia on a working hoiday visa at the moment and only have a couple of months left but have recently decided that I'd like to stay longer but don't have time for fruit picking! I spoke to someone from visa and immigration and they said my best bet was to leave the country and get an evisitor visa but am really worried I will leave and not be able to come back!! Does anyone know how easy they are to obtain and any reasons why they might refuse? Thanks!
  19. rache76

    ETA or eVisitor

    Hi all Can anyone shed some light on the difference between an ETA and an eVisitor? I know it has something to do with an eVisitor being used for people in the EU and ETA is for people in the UK????? I am a little lost and confused!! Rache
  20. Guest

    eta visa vs evisitor visa

    whats the difference between the eta visa and the e visitor visa? im currently on an eta visa and going to viist my fiance in a few weeks, but should i be on the e visitor visa? ahhhrrrrrrrrrrr
  21. I'm currently in Oz under an eVisitor (Tourist) visa. And I'm wondering if I can do job interviews in order to get a 457 Visa. I know that I can't work with my current visa but can I look for a job ?? Thanks for your tips
  22. Hi there, We're about to submit our prospective marriage visa application, but I would like to enter Australia on a eVisitor visa before the PM visa is issued to be with my OH (and travel to NZ when the visa is issued). Im a little nervous about entering Australia under these circumstances. In the eyes of immigration, it could look like there was a possibility I could overstay my visa, especialy if I had a one way flight. They may look at me and wonder what I will do if the visa isn't issued. I will have sufficient funds with me. Has anyone else been in this situation or have any advice or any ideas on if I may have problems? I hope I can get more of a degree of certainty as I would be gutted if I was sent home! Many Thanks Steve
  23. Hi there… I was wondering if someone could help me with my issue…. I am a 28 year old male British citizen and gay….. I have met and fallen in love with an Australian guy who is 33 years old…. We met last NYE 2007 in Tokyo as we both work for airlines… mine British his Australian. We have seen each other as much as possible on frequent holidays and work trips to oz and meeting in other countries that we both fly too and have been using Skype and msn to communicate for free daily. Not really our mobiles cost of the cost. I’m Crew and he is a pilot…to convert your flying license to a European one costs in the region of £25,000 maybe even more. With this in mind it is not our first option to plan a life for us in the UK, (even though it would be easier thanks to the recognition of gay rights in the UK) but mainly due to the expense and the difficulty finding a job in the UK for a pilot with out all the immigration issues. Our first plan was for me to go to oz using an opportunity for me to be sponsored through my work to work in oz for a year and go down the interdependency visa route. However this has fallen though and there is no opportunity to do it that way anymore. I am part time and work approximately 9 days in the UK and the rest of the month are days off. So in our madness was thinking about living in oz and commuting from oz to the UK so that we can be together. Flights are obviously on a standby basis but very cheap. I will have to come back once a month for work commitments for about 12- 13 consecutive days to allow getting to and from the UK and oz and I plan to spend the rest of my time in oz. I was hoping to enter oz using the Evisitor visa as I won’t be spending more than 3 months in oz at any one time and it’s my understanding that you can enter oz multiple times over the 12 month period that it is valid for. So my question is….. Does time together on an Evisitor visa count towards the 12 month relationship period requested for the interdependency visa requirement or would we be wasting our time? Will I have issues entering oz so frequently?? As on the immi.gov.au site it says that it is a temporary visa and is not a pathway to permanent residency. I realize that we will have to prove our periods of separation maybe through using boarding cards and tickets. (Would this be a problem?) If we have a joint bank account bills in joint or separate names at the same address however not mortgage or rent documents as proof because I would be moving into the house he already owns. There will be transactions between my own private bank and our joint as contribution to our bills and living expenses etc. I am aware that I can use the option of a working holiday visa which is a second thought also as I would prefer to save this as a back up and try the above option first so I don’t have to leave my job which pays reasonably well and I own my own house in the UK and would be able to manage its private rental whilst commuting for work in the UK. Or is there another visa that you may know about that would be more appropriate for us. I hope I have covered everything in this and would be really grateful if anyone has any suggestions or info that may help
  24. Guest

    Query on eVisitor - Business

    Hi all, As you may all be aware, EU citizens are now able to apply an eVisitor visa for visiting Australia, which is the same as ETA but eVisitor is for EU countries. I have some questions about the eVisitor: 1. Does anyone know if the eVisitor approval system is automated? 2. If you applied for a Business eVisitor (not a Tourist eVisitor) are you allowed to attend job interviews with prospective employers who may sponsor the chosen candidate for a 457 work visa? Obviously you will not do any work or receive any income until the 457 visa is granted. 3. If I am Aussie citizen and my British partner comes to Australia on a Business eVisitor, can we still lodge a de-facto spouse visa application whilst he is here on the 3-month Business eVisitor or are his activities strictly limited to business only? Appreciate any information on this. Thanks.