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Applying for sponsored positions - advice please?


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Hi All, I am a UK Independant Financial Adviser and have been trying to get to Oz for 3 years now, with my wife and daughter. After taking additional UK exams, Australian financial diploma and having the family sponsored route taken away, we are left with 1 last chance - 'finding a job sponsor'.

I have sent approximately 30 applications and sent details to recruitment agencies with all replies stating that I need a work Visa.

So this is where I need the advice - 'should I go over there for a last ditch effort and knock on some doors, in an attempt to show prospective employers just how keen I am?' OR 'stop fooling myself and drown my sorrows with the prospect of another UK summer?'

Many thanks for any advice.

Martin, Debs and Grace

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Guest The Ropey HOFF

If you can afford to go to Australia say for a few weeks, i would give it a go, they say employers like to see you face to face, so i would give it a go for certain and at least that way you know you gave it your best shot, best of luck.

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