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Found 300 results

  1. Hi All! I would be interested to hear from anyone who is, or has applied for their defacto whilst on a tourist visa in Oz. I heard from a friend who was previously in the same situation that you can get a visa with work rights before your de facto is granted. Does anyone have any experience of this? if so how long after you had applied did you have to wait to get the work visa? Ive heard it could be 3 months but was hoping it might be sooner!! I am in the uk at the mo, about to go over to oz in next couple of weeks to be with my partner who returned over there for work about 4 weeks ago. Once i am back in Sydney we will apply, and then play the waiting game! If i can get this work visa, things wold be great! Its going to be a long few months with both of us living off one salary if not! ... annoying thing is i have a good job waiting for me in Sydney, i just cant get to it because of this pesky work restriction!
  2. Hello, we've just had a baby in Australia and want to apply for British citizenship. Does anyone know about the process and how long it takes? Thanks Chloe
  3. My partner and I were preparing to apply for the defacto spouse visa whilst in the UK but are wondering about whether it might be worthwhile applying whilst in Australia as we both want to leave here sooner rather than later. Is it possible to go to Australia for a holiday on a 3 month visa and then apply whilst over there? Is that acceptable? I know there is a spouse visa you can apply for whilst in Australia but is that for people like us or more for people who are there because they are refugees (or something like that) with an Australian spouse or who are working over there and then met their partner? Thanks
  4. Hi all, Please someone could advise me about applying to the state nomination with the Western Australia. I want to do the online application for the state nomination with Western Australia. I went through the Western Australian web site and I couldn’t understand about what is state nomination application form. Is that Skill Sponsored Visa (SSV) is a state nomination application? Please if you could advise me. Many thanks Thas
  5. Hi after having A bad experience with APHRA, just wanted to warn anyone applying so you dont have to have a stressful time waiting for your registration!. Most important bit of advice is to send your application to WA perth office. When I applied, i sent it to melbourne VIC as it says on the form but after them having it for 3 months and not so much as looking at it and I was getting desperate for work over here I investigated and got told to transfer it to perth. They are much more efficient and have processed my application within 8 weeks!! YAY at last:biggrin: The staff here actually email you back in perth rather than ignoring you!! Make your life easy and send it to perth!! (although now everyone will send it there it will take longer!! haha)
  6. Hi, It's been a while since the last time I sought advise here in pomsinoz so here I go again. I'm planning to have my skills assessed as an Accountant, anybody knows which among the 3 Accounting Assessing authorities (Nat'l Institute of Accountants, CPA Australia, or Institute of chartered Accountants) provides the fastest and positive result? I've also read that they are asking for course syllabus or outline of all the pertinent subjects taken up at Uni. Is it really a requirement? And which among the states provide faster approval of 176 state sponsorship for accountants? Cheers!
  7. HI guys. We applied to Vic for SS on Nov 16 th and havent heard anything back and VIC are saying processing times are 12 weeks. We are wondering can we apply to WA for SS now or should we really wait for VIc to get back to us! Cant believe WA is coming back to some people within the week :chatterbox: Has anyone applied to two states simultaneously? WOuld you be refused? I know they dont like it and they so ask on the applications
  8. My employer wants to send me out to oz in a couple of months to visit our office in Melbourne. I'm pretty nervous about getting a visa as 16 years ago I was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for possession with intent to supply a class A drug. I can obtain numerous charter references but not sure if this would affect the decision to grant me a visa? Any info you can offer is very welcome
  9. If we apply PR , is my wife eligible to study Bachelor degree in Australian university.Does she have to enroll as a student ? thanx in advance
  10. Hi all! We are in Perth and loving it my occupation is on the SMP and we want to apply for it, does anyone know if you have to go via vetassess to get passed if I've already been granted a 457 in the same category? If so, how much does vetassess charge for the skills assessment of a recruitment consultant? Ta!
  11. hi guys i am planning a move from nz to australia on an e457 visa . got job offer in 1st week of oct ,haven't applied for e457 yet as my hubby's pp needed renewal.my employer hasn't applied for sponsorship or nomnation either as i haven't submitted pp copies yet. i will have my pp on 21/11/11 and send a copy to the employer then .my question is can i organise the medicals before actually applying for e457 as i feel things are not going to move any quicker with christmas and NY holidays approaching.my start date at my new job is on 16 th of January.I AM REALLY WORRIED PLS HELP:arghh:
  12. mchugh1980

    help re - applying for a job in oz

    Hi peeps I currently have a 176 visa app in, I'm cat5 so we are looking at other alternatives to get us to oz quicker, my OH is a purchaser and has seen a few jobs he could apply for, how would it work if he were to apply for a job in oz, when he sends his cv would he need to mention our circumstances and what visa he would need etc or would a HR dept be pretty clued up on all this. As his skill isn't on any lists would a company still be able to sponsor him? Any help would be greatly appreciated Have any of u entered oz this way? Thanks Claire and Liam
  13. Hi everyone, I applied for some electricians jobs listed on the seek website for my husband and I was wondering if anyone else had tried the same and what sort of responses u got. We would love to be able to get to oz on an employer sponsored visa but I think it will be highly unlikely and we'll have to go down the 176 route.
  14. Guest

    Applying for a 176 Visa

    Hi everyone.. My partner Carina and I have been searching for a while, through this site, google and immi.gov.au We have spoken to a couple of agents and are just trying to get an idea of what exactly is involved. I am 25 and a plumber, gas and heating engineer. We are looking to move near my uncle, aunt and cousins in Perth. They have been there for 4-5 years now. My uncle is also a plumber. Carina is a hairdresser/beautician and we have a 4 year old girl. So im just wondering about other peoples experiences and if anyone has any pointers or tips. Thank You.
  15. Hi All, my first post on here. I've just seen a job advertised in Melbourne which I would really like to go for (I'm currently in the UK). It's in quite a specialised field in academic research, but unfortunately does not come with any sponsorship for international applicants. The correspondant for the job has said that anyone is free to apply for the job but must be legally eligible to work in Australia. So, my question is how practical is it to apply anyway, and upon success apply for a visa (given I would have a job lined up) - I think the employer may give some lee-way for this. Or am I living in dreamland here and may as well forget about it? The closing date for applying is 2 weeks or so away and I think they'd be wanting someone to start pretty soon (at a guess, Jan/Feb at the latest). Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Gavy
  16. Guys, A little info would be much appreciated. I already have general skilled migration visa but my OH is refusing to go as she doesn't want to disrupt her child's education despite my best efforts to convince her otherwise. By the time she finishes my visa will have expired. I cant find any info on the Australian Immigration website but are there any restrictions on applying a second time round if you didn't use the first one?? Do the department frown upon visa's not being used?? Many thanks in advance
  17. Hi everybody! I need little help from you - I made my first formal letter in english to get kitchen porter job(in London), so it could be with some mistakes. I will be verry thankful to all who could give some advices to correct my letter or just opinion. I will send this letter to many companies, so here it is: Something add or subtrack? You opinion about quality ? Thanks! p.s I will send this letter with my CV included in it - is it calls cover letter?
  18. I am planning with my wife on Emigrating to Australia under the hotel Manager catagorie. Does anyone have any advice???
  19. Hi everyone, not sure if anyone can offer me any advice. my partner and i are applying for the 175 visa as it is our only option if we want to emigrate to Queensland to be near other family members. If we were willing to go to Melbourne or Western Australia, we would be eligible to apply for the 176 SS visa.. however, hardly anyone i have spoken to applies for the 175 visa and question us when we say we are going for the 175! is it a bad idea? and what are our obligations if we go for the 176? is the waiting time that much difference? would really appreciate any info!! :eek:
  20. Hi, I am currently on 457 visa which would expire in next few months. I have applied for onshore 856 visa and my understanding is that I would be granted bridging visa after 457 visa lapses if my application for 856 is still not processed by then. I understand that you get 28 days to leave the country should your application gets rejected. I was wondering if anyone knows whether I could apply for second 457 whilst awaiting the outcome of 856 since that would give me enough time to apply for some other skilled pathway should my 856 gets rejected. I know that I cant apply for 457 whilst I am on bridging visa and that is why I would like to apply for second 457 whislt I still have valid 457 visa. I read somewhere in forum that the second application cancels the first application....would my 856 application get cancelled with this rule then?
  21. Hi can anyone help. I am just starting out and applying to VETASSES to get my skills assesed. I have done the TRADESET report & printed out but a but confused what other forms to do now. Is there a seperate evidence/compency form to fill out |(i couldnt find it on the site yesterday) Do you need to send eveything together as I had filled in another form online which at the end say pay the 600$ aud , do I need to send the rest of the documents after doing this or scan it all togehter.... sorry a little confused if someone could help me, trying not to use an agent for this part but am planning on using one for the main visa thanks very much is if anyone can help cheers damon
  22. Dear All, I am little bit confused about my application to DIAC regarding total job experience. I have total 5 years job experience. But while assessing from ACS i didn't show my very first job which was in 1 month duration. Now can I show it in my DIAC application as without this 1 month experience my total job experience doesn't accomplish 5 years? Will someone give me a solution regarding this issue? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello Everyone, I am married and the main applicant on a 176 sponsored visa, we have completed medicals and police checks. In the final stages, but we have seperated and will not be getting back together. My question is can anyone advise me; if I contact my case officer prior getting the visa granted on a change of circumstances form 2011, of our seperation and future devorce prior emigrating, would this make the application void or have no effect as it is not a joint application and being the main applicant??? I know this might be hard to answer or has someone else had this issue, please help:cute: James.
  24. Hi there - I am a test manager looking to apply for VIC state sponsorship (under software tester), and wondered if anyone had any experience of this process that could offer some of their experience? I am debating using an agent to assist with the RPL and would be interested to hear of recommendations and success stories! Many thanks, - verify.
  25. Hi Guys, I just wanted some opinions on my plan... I have already had my 2 years working holiday visa's for australia, i was due to get sponsored which fell through due to salary. I am going to new Zealand pretty soon, although i'm really looking forward to it, i have a motive to try and find work in australia from new zealand (on a sponsorship) - i have a few contacts in OZ from my time there which im still in contact with, although obviously cannot rely on that. Do you think it's unrealistic to apply for jobs in Auatralia (syd, melb or perth) from New Zealand - i'd obv fly over for interviews and agencies regestration etc, i have lots of friends in australia so will be visiting friends at same time. I also realise the return flights are not cheap. I would be working in Banking by the way. Or would it be more realistic to be integrated and sponsored into a role in NZ and try and get a transfer eventually (assuming im at at big company) Any opinions would be appreciated - just hard to find similar kind of situations online anywhere. thanks