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We are new to this site and wondered if any of you could answer our question about the tests you have to take. We (myself 37 plumber, my wife and two boys 6 and 4) have been advised by our agent to apply for a subclass 175 independent skilled visa, i have sent my cv and references off and have now been told the next stage is to sit these tests, i wondered if anyone out there has sat the plumbing tests and could advise me as what is involved as i have known a couple of carpenters that have been stumped whilst doing their tests because, although they knew what they were doing, it was not the way the Aussies do it.


Many thanks for any advice

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Guest siamsusie

Hi Steve and family,


Welcome to Poms In Oz.


I am sure there is a plumbing thread somewhere. I will add the link later hopefully.


All the best with your migration plans.


Susie x




If you use your search button and type in plumbing there are various link apart from the the above x

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Guest zildogh



i'm a gas engineer/fitter, am a bit confused about the tradeset assesment as i'm not really a plumber, would i still need to have all the skills required as a plumber. sorry if this a newbie question.


And once i have passed the TRA assesments, how long do they stand for? how long before i have to use them to enter Australia. Or do they stand forever?



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