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migrating electrician

Guest rugbycol

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Guest rugbycol

I am going to apply for my visa and am in 2 minds as to whether i should use and agent or not,has anybody gone thru the application process without the use of an agent and if so is it simply enough.

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Guest mickroo

Hi Rugbycol


I'm a spark myself and my family and I used an agent. But saying that in hinds sight the whole process was pretty straight forward and we could probabally have done it ourselves.


If your application seems straight forward and you have plenty of work history do it yourself.



Alternatively use an agent just for the TRA section and then do the rest yourself, but be sure to use an agent that does not contract you in to the whole process.





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Guest mickroo

Hi Rugbycol


Me again


I have all my TRA stuff in templete form if it can be of any use just PM me





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Guest Paul Cally

Yes we have used an agent and found them help full especially in the early stages . The way I see it is thier fees can be paid for the cost of a holiday . We used ambler collins , a girl called Sinaed delt with our case.We have just got our visa and hope to be out there by June. Where are you thinking of going?Good luck

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Guest Phil Olsen

Hi there


Which State are you going to - I have a client looking for electricians in Perth



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Guest The Brooks

Hi Phil

My hubbie is an alectricin and we will be over at the end of August, would be great if you could put us in touch with your friend.


Kind Regards


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Guest kazmatt

hi paul cally, we have just started skills assesment we are using ambler collins too, did it take long for you to get your visa, did you think they were value for money, we are also being dealt with by sinead.

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Guest sarahwest

Hello my name is Sarah and my family want to move to oz, we are going through all the TRA stuff as my husband is an electrician too, could i please ask for the template you had mentioned as this would be a great help to us( we are doing the TRA ourselves) i am really hoping fpr a good out come from the TRA!! it seems to be the 1st step forward, we have sent for the police checks so fingers crossed it will be all go....

Kind regards Sarah:mask: :radar:

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Guest TheAdamsFamily

Hi, my husband is an electrician and we sent off his TRA application this week. I found it fairly straightforward, and plan to do the full visa application without an agent (skilled independent 136). There is a lot of paperwork, but the notes on the DIMA website are really useful.


Good luck.

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Guest bernie

Hi we are the Byrne Family have two kids 9/5. Electrician looking at the Brisbance area. We have just looked at the TRA and it seems really daunting but encouraged that the rest may be okay once that's over! Wondered if Mickroo would also mind sending us this template (bet you wish you hadn't put that on!!). It may just save my life as we are considering an agent for fear of getting it all wrong! Would love to hear from other sparkies and anyone living in the Brisbane area....

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Guest perry finnerty

good luck with your application (from fellow brummies) we havent started yet, only got as

far as this website so any tips would be really useful for filling out tra application.


love the stormtrooper!!

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Sam here what he must do for the A class license its long but good info.


To who it may concern on this site


I spoke to the main person at PEER Training on 14-5-2009, this is what happens between ARTC & vatessess. When you make your application for migration, you supply information regarding your training the length of training; you also provided evidence of the company's you have worked for.


If you don't provide enough information or the type of information they may require for easy processes of the application this is where the two different routes come into play.


To Gain the Electrical Mechanic ARTC


1st if you give info of work styles like lots of contracting work on industrial, commercial, domestic work you supply enough evidence & info on the type of installations you have worked on also all differing tools used. If they feel that's enough evidence you shall be granted the ARTC Electrical Mechanic, end of story.


You may also be invited to do a trade test for ARTC again depending on the amount of info you put in the application, most case these days expect to be invited to do a trade test.


This system lets you apply to sit the A class exams when you get here I recommend PEER in S/A that’s the easiest route believe me.

If you don't provide enough info, you shall be pointed down the Vatessess route.

Both ARTC & vatessess now have the system where you shall have to do a trade test no ifs or buts.

With the Vatessess You still end up with the Cert for migration but in the long run it’s a nightmare mainly due to other components that come into play when you’re in Australia.

This means you can still do the A class exams at PEER when here, however there is a different system for Vatessess students.

For people who get the Cert of Electrical Mechanic & General Electrician, Electrical Fitter can also attend PEER to do there A class license no problems.

Now then apart from ARTC.


People who have been steered down the Vatessess route & people with General Electrician this can cause massive problems in other states, some states require what’s called Gap training this means you must work onsite for 12 months keeping a log book of all work completed on a continual basis without any breaks in the work time of the 12 months.

you won’t get a A class license until you have done this logbook you only get a ”Restricted license” meaning you’re not allowed to work on your own.??? Who is going to employ a person who must have all work checked on a daily basis.

This is mainly for people doing Vatessess, people can go to PEER in S/A do the exams then have the A class transferred to the state you are going to reside in then your fine, But as I say this is for vatessess people mainly even though you may do the PEER route you must do this Log Book for 12 months if your living in QLD

Problems are


lower pay

work checked continually

if you have a gap in the 12 months your buggered.

You can only have a restricted license for a few years then that’s your lot.

As I say I got this from the main man on Friday 15-5-2009 from PEER S/A

I hope this info is of some help to you all maybe not what you’re expecting but its real information

When you do the application you must have all documents signed & dated then the documents become a legal document make lots of copies make sure all is correct or the application shall be returned to you with little info stating why or what the problem may be from the migration dept.


It’s” illegal” to work in any state across Australia without the A class license, NO insurance company would touch a claim if anything was to go wrong.


Then if you intend to work for yourself after obtaining the A class license you then go to the nearest Tafe (College) and do a 12 week x 1 night per week doing a Business course.

When you have passed this course then you must obtain Insurance. It’s become normal now for Indemnity cover of $10,000,000 (Ten Million) dollars insurance cover.

Then you can quote for jobs in a legal capacity as I say this is only if you intend to be working for yourself, if you work for a company then all you require is the A class license.


If you intend to setup your own company & you have the A class license every job you do for any customer you must supply that customer with an COES (Certificate of Electrical Safety) one copy direct to the customer one copy to Energy Safe the other copy you keep for 7 years. Most installations are now being audited to about 30% in all states.


Getting the ATRC or ART or Vatessess may seem to be the easy part once your here this is exactly what must be achieved to work as a fully licensed electrician in Australia.

Most Migration “Agents” (That’s a laugh) do NOT inform people about the information above you pay them your money then that’s your lot you’re on your own when you get here.

I hope this information is of some value to any people who may be applying for migration.


Myself I try to help people around Melbourne, there is another person on British Ex Pats who lives in QLD his name on the site is Steve’O he is fantastic and very switched on he is also available for assistance with information for the migration process.

The duration of the A class license is 3 years it’s your responsibility to renew the license you get a renewal reminder then that's your lot if you DON'T renew you must sit all exams again.

The duration of the Contractors course in Melbourne is about 12 weeks x one night per week


Cost of A class license about $270.00 per 5 years

Electrical Contractors course Now has become Small Business Course in S/A cost $1,160.00 to date 27/5/2009 one payment only. The course 2 x modules 1st Legal requirements + 2nd financial costing & planning the course is completed over three Sundays at PEER total duration of the course = 60 hours inclusive of projects completed at home. (Most of the work is achieved at home)

Cost of Contractors license about $300.00 per year.

Cost of Insurance depends on how much cover you require I have $10,000,000 (Ten Million) costing $500.00 per year.

There is also a Basic Safety induction course x 6 hour done in 1 day $80.00 at PEER

The original Certificate was the Green card now it’s become the White card.

This card is recognised Australia wide, most sites shall require you to hold this card or you may NOT be allowed on site to work.??








A bit more info Regarding Licensing for Electricians




Trade Recognition Australia (TRA)

If you are a qualified electrical tradesperson from a country other than those recognised by VETASSESS, you can obtain an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTCs) from Trade Recognition Australia to assist in your application for a restricted electrical workers registration. TRA will assess your current qualifications/experience and technical skills and list the units of competency that you have completed on the ARTC.

Once you have been issued with an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate, you may then make an application for a workers registration with our office.

If you are recognised as an Electrician, Electrical Fitter or Electrical Mechanic, you may apply for a restricted registration with the condition: any electrical work under the supervision of a registered electrical worker.

To have this limitation removed or to apply for an unrestricted registration, you will also be required to provide evidence of completion of the approved AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules course and exam.


To obtain your unrestricted Electrical licence you will need an appropriate Certificate recognising your skills eg ARTC,ART,VETASSESS or similar you will also need to complete what’s known as the gap training of approximately 160 hours


Over a period of 12 months with No Breaks in employment


To complete the process you will need to be employed, carry a work place

log and have a restricted electrical licence (fees for the licence are in the area of $300.00 dollars)


For further information on the AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules course and exam you may wish to contact either of the following organisations:

Regency Institute of TAFE (08) 8348 4426

PEER Tec (08) 8348 1200


Regards & Best of luck with your applications, if you require help just ask

Arthur Quinn Melbourne

(PS) If you don’t pay the licenses or insurance, you’re unable to work in a legal capacity anywhere in Australia.

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