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  1. no1spark

    Advice needed!

    sorry about that however its still the same & i think the network is a lot worse now then 13 years ago
  2. no1spark

    Electrical A Licence

    in victoria ESV don't like giving out restricted licenses this type of license is mainly for disconnect & reconnect of appliances only. i have heard of some companies employing electricians from the Uk without the required license, but its illegal & the companies are Not allowed to let any person who has NO full license work alone. its a minefield to be honest bu Energy safe Vic suggest to any electricians to do the full A grade unrestricted license, once you have that you can work for a company then if you intend to work for yourself you must then do another course the electrical contractors course. this is for people running there own business & you can then legally quote for work. so 1st get the A grade license. 2nd electrical contractors license (if self employed) 3rd once this has been completed you must get business insurance then you can quote for work for your business. once you have done all that you can do quotes for people or companies, the every job you do you must provide a certificate of electrical safety for every job if you do a job on the day & completed you do the cert then if your called back the day after for more work you then are obligated to provide another cert of safety so on it goes there are 2 x different types of certs so if you want anymore info please email me. arthur in Melbourne
  3. no1spark

    Advice needed!

    his trade shall come under communications thats voice, data, fibre optic cabling he shall have to do a course at the local tafe (College) but 1st he shall have to have his qualifications assessed by the migration dept. every man & his dog has the un restricted communications license. so most work as sub contractors for other companies so he may be working on the telephone network but as a subby sorry to say & the whole infrastructure in australia is shit. Telstra is the same as BT massive cuts on maintenance works & poor trade people who have not a great deal of knowledge. but the way to go is Fibre optic connections & installs & if he can do fusion splice he may be OK. Arthur in Melbourne
  4. if he has the full unrestricted electrical license he should not have to do that for the contractors license the contractors license is to show he can run a valid business you can also download max demand questions from the net also a copy of AS/NZ3000:2018 (new wiring rules) has good examples in the rear of the book. Arthur in Melbourne
  5. no1spark

    Intensive electrical gap training

    contact PEER training south australia they do this training i think you can do it in the time frame you mentioned arthur in Melbourne
  6. no1spark

    Electricians In Australia

    James, ive just sent you a message can you please reply to arthurquinn@outlook.com
  7. no1spark

    Electricians In Australia

    if anybody is looking to convert the UK qualification to Australian foe electrical & your intending to live in SA you can do a 1 x weeks course at Peer SA contact peter jolly the training manager they are very nice people its not easy getting the unrestricted license but worth it at the end of the day. Arthur Melbourne arthurquinn@outlook.com
  8. no1spark

    Electricians In Australia

    hello people just a little info regarding the electrical license issues in Victoria: its almost impossible to get a restricted license & then again 99% of company's wont employ you due to the fact your not allowed to work alone & your also not allowed to sign of for any jobs you perform you shall be supervised continually until you pass exams for the A class unrestricted license. the fines are horrific for people who do the wrong thing in this game. I would say over here lots of Sparkies (Aussies) are shit how some have obtained a license is beyond me Arthur no1spark@yahoo.com
  9. no1spark

    General Electrician - VETASSESS or TRA?

    you don't have an option now if your applying to migrate from the UK, all applications must be submitted to VET, then when your in Australia you can then apply to the TRA the TRA applications from the UK have now stopped due to others abusing that system.
  10. no1spark

    Any Electricians in Victoria Please?

    Money, Money, Money its a Rich mans world or red tape.
  11. no1spark

    Age discrimination rife in the UK

    Classic i love that comment.
  12. no1spark

    Female UK ELectrician

    May i ask whats the problem, what advice are you seeking.
  13. no1spark

    retrain as an electrician or a plumber???

    Scrumpy, thats a very honest reply mate im impressed, im in the electrical game & would have said the exact same.
  14. no1spark

    457 Application for Electrician

    JB, you must provide evidence about your past experiences & work duties, you must state what you have done in projects & the type of work you have done. example state the type of work you do on a daily basis like single phase works & three phase works installing conduits trunking s cables saddles stop starts & the likes make it read like a CV. list every job you have ever done & i do mean every one. list every type of cables installed, motors & so forth cables like Pyro SWA, singles, galv conduits & black enamel you must list everything also list all company's you worked for & all duties even if they are the same workload list them all.list every tool you have also used & explain what that tool is used for. that way you shall be covered & dont Assume your OK make sure you list every little detail, you can always sond me a copy 1st to have a look at for you & i can make or recommend any changes for you. Arthur