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Will our UK electrical stuff work in Auz?

Guest sally

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Guest sally



We are aiming to migrate to Western Aus Wanaroo area in Jan 06 just waiting on medical so fingers crossed.


I have been trying to find out if our TV, computer etc will work out there or if we are better off selling them before we go?


If anyone had the answer or any tips on shipping etc let us know.




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Guest mark78

UK TV's won't work as they're coded differently.


Most other appliances, including your computer will work, you'll just need to buy an electrical adaptor, as the connection is different - The adaptors are about 5 quid and available at most large retail shops.

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All should work, TV's do work the problem is some wont get sound, so buy a cheap VCR and all will be well :D

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Guest Dominic Wood



I was in perth a few weeks ago and met up with friends who emigrated 4 years ago. We are hoping to move and asked them the same question. They told me that there large telly worked and showed me the widescreen Panasonic that they bought with them. They also said that the computer was also fine. They just had to change the plugs. They did say that a couple of their portable TV's did not work at all though.

I have been told that if you get an electrician in and tell him the Aussie Volts / Watts etc, he should be able to tell you if it will be compatible. It must depend on the make or the age I guess. But it does sound like a lot of stuff will work and that includes all your British bought DVD's and videos etc.


Good luck



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Guest mark78

Here's some more info in more delail. Sorry if it confuses anyone :lol:


You need to check if your UK TV supports PAL B/G instead of the usual PAL I.


It's not just the sound, in some cases you can't get the picture either.


PAL I, used in the UK, is 625 lines, UHF PAL G is 625 lines UHF but with a different audio frequency.


Most channels in Oz are PAL G, so an older UK TV and even some quite modern ones will only display the picture. A cheap modification can be made to get the sound working in your UK VCR or UK TV by a TV engineer in the know.


PAL B is 625 lines, VHF with the same audio frequency as PAL G. If you move to an area in Oz like Brisbane, (but not the Gold Coast), where some TV channels are VHF, then your standard PAL I UK TV won't get these channels at all, and modification is really out of the question.


If your TV is "multisystem" (Panasonic and Grundig make some), then it should support all of the PAL formats, and also SECAM and NTSC.


Regardless, you can still use your UK TV by connecting to an Australian VCR (available cheaply as low as $199), and connect it to your TV using a/v cables such as Scart, composite or S Video cable, and you quickly get used to having to use two remotes - one for the tv for volume and one for the vcr for the channels.


If you get cable, satellite or an Australian games system over here, these will all work fine too as long as you connect using these a/v cables. If you instead tried to connect using the normal ariel lead and tune in, you will not get the sound unless you have had the TV modified.


If however your TV does not have any audio/Video or Scart sockets on the back, i.e. it ONLY has an ariel lead - then I would definitely not recommend bringing it. You might consider bringing it if you intend ONLY to connect it up to a UK games system or perhaps a UK VCR for playing tapes.


Note, IF you are buying a DVD player - DVDs and DVD players bought in England are Region code2. DVDs and DVD players bought in Australia are region code4. (region 1 for USA). Although the TV systems are the same for UK and Australia, the DVD player will not allow you to play a disc from a different region - and most shops will neglect to tell you that discs from another country won't play. The answer is to have a modified player that is "Region Code Free" or "Region select / auto select" or "All regions".


Just don't buy a player that is locked on one region! which is what most retail stores will only sell. Many players can be modified, which no doubt affects warranty and costs around £60-£100. Much easier to buy a code free or selectable region player - and sometimes the very cheapest players from Hong Kong or Taiwan are code free. But you can get upmarket players like Pioneer or Sony that are region free as well by purchasing mail order - just search for "code free dvd" on the net.

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Guest ironmaggi

Would that play all Regions...just thinking that if we're bringing DVD's from here [region 2] but also wanting to buy some out there [region 4] then we can't really either take this one or buy a region 4 one there?? :?

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Following more complicated replies, all we did was to get Foxtel (Sky TV) installed and watch all channels through that. You cannot record on UK videos as they don't tune in but you can play videos and DVD's.

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1. Buy a cheap multi-region dvd player in the UK and take it with you.

2. Buy a cheap video in Oz and watch TV via that.


If you have a decent UK wide-screen TV take it. Wide screen TVs are still not that common in Oz and are very expensive.


Digital TV is spreading in Oz have just bought a Humax PVR in the UK and it can use the correct PAL system for Oz.


Finally TV in Oz is as bad as TV in the UK (almost impossible to get through a movie on a commercial channel - in the end you forget that there is any film showing between the ads).


Get out enjoy yourself, make new friends and don't think about watching the wretched thing.

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I have heard most dvd players can be made multi-region by inputing a code using the remote codes can be found on the net. use google "dvd de-coding" or type your "model" and "codes". be warned it may not be ethical and may invalidate any warranty

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Guest ABCDiamond

Some example TV prices I got recently, in case it is of any help:


SONY TV Prices 13/3/06 (some are now cheaper again)


Sony 51cm FD Trinitron WEGA TV SONY KVBM212M10 $ 329.00

Sony 66cm Widescreen FD Trinitron WEGA TV SONY KVSA28M36 $ 749.00

Sony 66cm Widescreen FD Trinitron Wega TV SONY KVDA28M36 $1,147.00

Sony 76cm Widescreen Trinitron TV SONY KVSA32M36 $1,199.00

Sony 76cm Widescreen WEGA Digital TV SONY KD32DX51 $1,526.00

Sony 51cm Multi Function LCD TV SONY MFMHT205W $1,799.00

Sony 66cm Bravia Widescreen LCD TV SONY KLVS26A10 $1,899.00

Sony 108cm Wega Rear Projection TV SONY KPFX432M31 $2,045.00

Sony 81cm Bravia Widescreen LCD Television SONY KLVS32A10 $2,899.00

Sony 104cm Plasma Television SONY PFM42X1 $3,802.00

Sony 101cm Bravia LCD TV SONY KLVV40A10 $5,159.00

Sony 101cm Bravia LCD TV with bonus HD Set top box SONY KLVV40A10STB $5,499.00

Sony 152cm Grand Wega LCD TV with Bonus Stand SONY KFWS60STD $6,295.00


Prices have come down rapidly during the last 3 years. We bought a Philips widescreen 80cm TV in early 2003 for about $2000, but could now, near enough, get a widescreen LCD version for less !!

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