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Found 130 results

  1. Hi. Sorry if this is a repeat but i searched candles and nothing came back that looked relevant. Can we ship our candles in the container. Also are there any other items that would cause a problem. Already posted thread earlier today re: alcohol but prob won't be any left as starting to panic now and think I may need to drink it all before we go anyway!!!!! Move next week to Melbourne. Thanx Tracey :cute:
  2. Guest

    Some of My Stuff

    Ok some of you know I'm an Artist. M2M & Stacey asked to see some of my work So....... Over the years I've had many oppotunities to do Every type of Artwork From Exhibitions at Galleries, Pavement Art, Private Comissions & so on. The last Gallery That I worked for Unfortunately closed down some time ago. It was a great little Gallery That speciallised in Erotica & I was the only female they represented. Since I've had to be adaptable & take on any comissions that I'm priveledged enough to get. This includes a lot of Murals, particularly for children, Some of my clients stipulate they don't want their rooms showing publically so the ones I'll show here I know I'm ok to show. These are not the most flamboyant things I can do & please bare in mind when working by comission, it's my clients taste not my own. These were done for a two year old girls room, Dora The Explora became Dora The most hated creature in creation by the end of this room, these paintings are enormous This first one takes up most of a thirty foot long wall The next job after the dreaded Dora was a bit of a relief though a much smaller job, just one Spiderman image unfortunately it's a bad photograph The next work was a whole selection oF Scooby Doo for a playroom This is another really huge wall.... Then for a different project I was asked to paint characters from Arthur & the Invisibles each of these characters is around 5ft high I'll add a few more to another post.....
  3. Hello All. I`m piecing together my reccie for Feb (29th) - Mar (14th) 2012 1st week in Qld - Sunshine Coast 2nd week in Perth - coast N or S ?? .... flights all booked (Emirates @ £2450 for all inc internal - not sure if that good, but hunted for a while... 2 adults 1 nipper) So.,., any ideas are always welcome, How have folks go on in their trips. Activating Visas? Car Hire? Rentals? And how did you get around - Ive seen this - (inc free shipping) - sat nav for sale or do i buy in a big supermarket? Open Bank Account Transferring Spending Money Medicare (or later) Other Stuff ?????:goofy: Just trying to take the hassle out of the trip and be as pro-active as poss... (11 month old Callum will need attention no doubt.) :hug: Cheers all :hug:
  4. Mr Fabricator

    when to start selling stuff and pack up

    Hi All , i know everyone will be in a different situation but when do u feel is a good time to start to thin out personal posessions , clear away all the crap that should have been junked years ago and decide what is going to oz ?? ive pretty much just started the long process but have been sorting , and clearing since i first appointed my agent . Couldnt bare the thought of being granted a visa , booking flights and then having my whole life to shut down . I do have a business to shut down aswell as my personal life so its pretty much double and not just a case of handing my notice in and taking my office coffee mug home . Ive been ebaying big items , ( 2 motorbikes and 3 cars ) from home and work , funds from these have all but cleared up my debt's Ive been through my wardrobes and seem to be skipping things on a weekly basis , i look at stuff everywhere and think when do i use that , why did i get that ?? BIN !! Its actually liberating and with the waiting game that is the visa process it maker me feel like im still doing something and making progress . thoughts ? lee
  5. Hi, Has anyone got a comprehensive list of stuff to do before they emigrate, i.e set up bank accounts, get TRN number, etc etc ? thanks Luke
  6. Can anyone help? We are shipping a container load of stuff to Brisbane at the end of October. We are just starting to pack now - we have got a really good deal through a friend for £1900 - he works in shipping. I have no idea about cleaning the stuff before it goes in the container - what are the rules here? And can you take any food stuff (ie. I love a particular chilli sauce in the UK and just wondered if I could take some with me) or not at all? We mostly wondered about cleaning outdoor stuff like chairs, and tools etc. Can anyone help? Ta in advance!
  7. ... Do they keep the stuff in draws and pack the drawer/cupboard like that or take stuff out? Thanks! :wink:
  8. I know, silly question really, but with five kids halloween is a big deal in our house.:jimlad: We have a ton of halloween decorations and costumes etc and are debating whether to bring it with us or not. DH reckons we'll be able to buy all that stuff over there in Oz but I don't know how big halloween is in Oz. Any advice?
  9. Angela820

    Take camping stuff or not??

    another shipping "do we take dont we" type post Im afraid. We have camped a bit in the Uk and France - have one of those big multi room tents and all associated equipment - cooker, larder, airbeds etc. The question is - Shall I ship it or sell it in the UK? I have no idea if people "camp" in OZ or whether its more of a motorhome type place. The bugs and snakes issue are an obvious worry. I know we have to clean everything to get in through customs and a part of me thinks its easier to at least sell the tent - but its all the cooking stuff and larders/tables etc. I dont want to get rid only to find its a perfect place for camping and have to buy it all again. any advice??? Angela
  10. another shipping "do we take dont we" type post Im afraid. We have camped a bit in the Uk and France - have one of those big multi room tents and all associated equipment - cooker, larder, airbeds etc. The question is - Shall I ship it or sell it in the UK? I have no idea if people "camp" in OZ or whether its more of a motorhome type place. The bugs and snakes issue are an obvious worry. I know we have to clean everything to get in through customs and a part of me thinks its easier to at least sell the tent - but its all the cooking stuff and larders/tables etc. I dont want to get rid only to find its a perfect place for camping and have to buy it all again. any advice??? Angela
  11. JoandJon

    Stuff for sale (Kent UK)

    Hi all, If there's anyone coming back to the UK....... Things are getting serious now and we need to get rid of some stuff we're not taking to Oz. Departure for us is Oct/Nov, but we should be able to get rid of stuff either earlier or family can store it for a little while if needed! We currently live near Canterbury, Kent. But do have friends near Southampton so could deliver down there if needed (maybe). We have: Large Tropical Fish tank with all the gear and a stand (can include fish if you're nearby) - heater, filter, light and timer. £100 (ono) Audi A6 Estate (54 plate Diesel 1.9 TDI - with ALL the gadgets) some minor scratches, but reliable and great to drive. We're looking to sell it for ~£6k. Full leather seats, built in child booster seats, cruise control, air-con, built in blue tooth, IPOD connection & DAB. MOT was a couple of months ago, and Tax is up to December. Seat Leon Hatchback (Y reg Diesel TDI) - lots and lots of gadgets again, but fabric seats. DAB radio plus IPOD connection. Again, fairly high mileage, but really reliable and a great drive. About £2k (but need to check with hubby on that!) Upright Wilson & Peck piano (collection only!!) Cast-iron frame, all keys work, needs tuning and some minor repairs. Black colour with scratches. FREE TO GOOD HOME! We've got more stuff, so if anyone is coming back and needs bits and pieces give me a shout and we might have it Cheers
  12. We're leaving Sydney at the end of August to move back to the UK and will be selling: - Whirlpool fridge/freezer - 18 months old - Ikea 2 seater and 3 seater navy blue sofas and matching footstall - 18 months old - Toploader washing machine - 18 months old - Car - red Renault Clio 16v (2001) Then we'll have a multitude of other odds and sods (kettle, toaster, steamer, cutlery, plates, pots, pans, vases, lamps, bedside tables, desk, office chair, coffee table, dining table, bookcase, printer, home phone, outside table and chairs, BBQ) that we'd like to get rid of... Any takers?
  13. Apologies if this has already been brought up, but I've only just found out about the Jesus Jones & Wonder Stuff tour that's happening next week! Next Saturday night they're playing the Enmore Theatre in Sydney & I was wondering if any fellow ex-pats are going to be heading along?
  14. Just a quick one We are being quoted 12-16 weeks including customs clearance which from research on here and elsewhere seems very "top endy" I suspect they are allowing themselves 6-8 weeks for consolidation and mucking about in the UK, which I have told them (it is a company arranged move) is unacceptable - have asked for an 8 week maximum timescale (excluding any customs issues). This is particularly important to us because it looks like we are arranging an uplift date of 3-7 October, so we'd really quite like our stuff to get to us before Christmas pretty please! Am I being unreasonable?
  15. Guest

    Sending stuff back

    We will not be taking any furniture back, but have personal stuff(kids stuff,photos,books etc) that we want to send back. We used Voovit to send that stuff over a few years ago who were a bargain!, but they only transport out to Oz not back to the UK. It will be a few Tea chest size boxes only. Does anyone know of a good firm to use? I did read about one on here a while ago but didn't write it down(Doh!) and can't find it again now.
  16. Well booked flights with singapore airlines, fly into perth on 12th September 2011:eek:. Just got to pack up house and ship contents, going to call a few shipping companies and get some quotes! Need to look for a short term furnished rental (that's not going to break the bank), Our visa requires that we live regional (475) so looking down Mandurah way, any ideas on best areas to look at? Also need advice on secondary schools for children aged 16, 15 and 12. Thanks in advance for any help people xoxo:jiggy:
  17. Guest

    visa stuff

    i have a residency visa.. so i dont have any issues with that my question is this do the aus government get in touch after 2 or 4 years for a further interview or do we have to get in touch with them? and what happens then? i could look but feel idle cheers in advance fellow poms abroad
  18. The Butlers

    Stuff to sell

    Hello we move into our rental in 3 weeks time so if anyone has anything to sell before they go back we are in need of most things :biggrin: Emma and Gang
  19. c`mon City ...we havnt asked for much in the last 36 yrs .........just two more wins ......:daydreaming:
  20. cherylant78

    household stuff $2000 the lot

    Was just looking on gumtree for bookcases and came across this, might be useful to someone whose just arrived and starting out again, especially if like me they sold most of the furniture before moving... I cant vouch for any of it though so if its all rubbish please dont blame me. Apartment Set | Furniture | Gumtree Waterloo Leather corner sofa, bed,washing machine,microwave, dining table and chairs, fridge, kitchen utensils etc.
  21. I was jogging through Coogee last night (well, 'climbing' is probably a more apt word), when I passed a house with a load of quite good condition stuff outside it. I've seen a few houses with things like obviously old sofas, etc outside them, but this had a load of stuff, including a surfboard, two sidetables, a fairly modern hoover, etc. Is someone just throwing this stuff out? Can I just take what I want (the tables would be great)? Or is there some hidden convention... they've left it out for friends, they expect me to knock on their door to ask or say thanks first....? What's the protocol, if any? Thanks! D
  22. can anyone help us please? i was just being nosey on our visa app on DIAC to see what it says and next to the medical and xrays it says required? now i got a tad head of myself and thought this meant we needed to get them done but then i seen it says required next to everything?? and most of it we have already uploaded so antone know what this means? thanx kel x p.s it also says processing commenced?
  23. Hi My CO has sent me a rather short and sweet email: Does this mean I will get my visa albeit not till 19 March at the earliest? I have now put my leaving date for work back to 18 March... after that I'm unemployed! Our house sale will hopefully have all been finalised by then as well...... Should I email him and ask him have I got it? Does anyone know why if they have all the evidence why it takes another 3 - 4 months to complete it all? If it is all electronic surely its a case of pushing a button? Next.... is it possible to fly to Aus on a holiday visa whilst waiting the final outcome? I have heard that you can, you then have to leave the country to get it validated? Is this correct? Ta
  24. Hi all If you moved recently using "covemorp" and are missing a Weber bbq wrapped in a Super U binbag and containing two Ikea coffee table metal flowery shelves - they were delivered to us in error. We are in Perth. Although I have tried to contact the company so they can reunite these with their owners I have drawn a blank - they are just not interested. So, on the off chance that the owner uses this forum, pm me and maybe we can get the bits back to you. I guess you wouldn't have sent them if they weren't important to you so you might be a bit peed off that they have gone missing in your move. Hey ho
  25. I want to send some things to Australia and I am not sure about the procedure. I send AQIS an email and they gave me this link: AQIS I want to take yarn, mostly wool, a lot of it handspun, some from raw fleece (washed of course, but still, hard to get the oils out and dirt is never coming out of alpaca). Can I take this? I think I'll have about 5 kilo's of it (and that is after parting with my least precious wool, I am not parting with this yarn, yes I am an addict :wub:) And how about the spinningwheels? Are they ok when cleaned? no bugs in it, just wool and dust on them. They should not be treated any different than furniture, should they??