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    Guest Emma & Rob

    Hi All - Have just registered today - seems a fantastic site where lots of tips can be picked up. We are Emma and Rob - at the stage of gathering all info before lodging visa application. We are heading off on the skilled migration route - Rob will be leading as an Engineer and I will follow as the spouse :) we will be looking to get the bonus 5 points for spouse skills matching. I am a solicitor and it seems that to have my skills assessed, I have to apply to be admitted to the roll - any other lawyers out there that have gone through this? Any hints and tips will be welcomed.....



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    Ohh sorry I guess I bumped a really old thread????? But that was just on the second page :/




    Sorry.. I click the last page instead of next LOL

    ICAA Skills assessment as Accountant: 11/09, Applied 175 CSL Jan '10, IELTS: 8.5 overall, CO: 03/10, Medicals Fin. 04/10, Internal checks: Completed, Stuck with external checks. :mad: Meds Again: 7/11, Grant: 5/9/11!!! :D

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      • By Teapot2991
        I am currently in the process of organising my skills assessment with VETASSESS (the assessing body for hairdressing here in Oz)... I have a Cert III in Hairdressing (Oz qualification) now.
        Was wondering if anyone has done a skills assessment recently?? I'm unsure what documents I need, do I need to supply ALL of my payslips or just an example from employers to prove full time employment??
        Any help would be so much appreciated! Very stressful!!
      • By vrob3l
        I have two questions regarding skills.
        1) Is education (time spent on university) considered as experience for skill assessment (maybe partially)? To be specific my assessing authority is Engineers Australia.
        2) To get additional points for my partner's skills, her skills must be assessed as well. What happenes if she has only Master's degree and no post-graduate experience, is she still eligible and will I get points? (VETASSES)
        Thanks in advance for help!
      • By fizzy789
        I am a Town Planner working in a Local Authority in the UK.  I am 29 and would like to move to Australia before I am 30.  I have heard for a few years there is a shortage of Town Planners but unsure how likely they would be willing to give someone a chance with only UK experience (8 months from becoming chartered too!).  Are there any planners out there who have been or are in a similar situation?  Is it easy to get sponsored and what is the Australian planning system like to get to grips with?
        Any advice is welcome as I have no idea where to start.
      • By Louise Palmer
        I have been living and working in Australia since February 2015. I have, however, been with my current employer since October 2016. My employers would like to sponsor me for PR, but since I have not been with them for 2 years, I require a skills assessment with Vetassess.
        I have 12 years experience in my role, however I am not degree qualified. I have contacted a company called Get Qualified, and they said my experience can be transitioned/recognised as comparable to a Graduate Diploma  - . This qualification is nationally recognised.
        This is actually higher than a Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate program). On Vetassess website, it says that in order to get a positive skills assessment, I require a qualification comparable or higher than a Bachelor Degree for my chosen occupation. So, in theory, if I get this qualification, would that be sufficient for a positive assessment?