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  1. That's an excellent news mate. So what did you do that changed their mind?
  2. Hey guys I'm delighted to share the news with you. Today I got my 175 granted. Took more than 1.5 years!! Phew Thanks guys for helping out with any queries. Wish you all good luck Best Regards
  3. gr8leo87

    CPA assessment of ACCA

    I'm ACCA member and I applied to ICAA to obtain my skills assessment. Untill last year you did not need any work experience to obtain posoitive skills assessment on the basis of your ACCA membership. You still don't. You can have +ve assessment on the basis of your ACCA membership. But if you want an opinion on your work experience then you need to go through all that employer reference letter and stuff.
  4. My medicals have reached HOC one month back. I appeared for them 40 days back. And haven't beenn finalized yet. The online status hasn't been updated either. But I emailed and got a reply from CO that is alright the status hasn't chnged. my medicals are referred to a Medical officer of commonwealth. I don't know how long its gonna take now
  5. gr8leo87

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    Yes that's true. The skilled work experience is counted after you acquire a degree or a professional qualification. In the degree's case the degree will need to be accounting related.
  6. gr8leo87

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    I did mine from ICAA. But I cannot suggest if you should go with a particular one in your scenario. I have seen people suggesting that CPA has less rigorous requirements but I wouldn't believe that. Plus u shud get ur assessment done from an accountancy body in which you think are going to pursue, if you decide to. ICAA is like ICAEW in UK (The Institute) and one of the best accountancy bodies in the world. CPA is like ACCA boasting about global **** and all (LOL) but still second tier (dont worry im ACCA my self lol). And NIA well i have seen an australian CA having now idea about NIA.. so u can imagine. But for assessment all three shud be similar.
  7. gr8leo87

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    The professional level of ACCA is set at a Masters level. So you don't study those subjects in bachelors degree anyway, not in UK not anywhere else. And core subject requirements does not include subjects like advanced financial management and corporate reporting anyway. You study these subjects after you have done your bachelors. Plus the thing that is important is the degree granting status. The subjects of the OBU bachelors degree have unique course codes from OBU plus they bear credit hours like any other bachelors degree in UK. And is awarded with honours like any other bachelors degree in UK again. And ACCA affiliate is good enough if you have a bachelors degree. And we don't get this bachelors degree 'automatically'. We have to submit a thesis to complete the requirement of the degree. So its not entirely just ACCA. I think it's good to go. Plus the bachelors degree requirement does not strictly require coverage of the core areas, because those core areas are covered through ACCA exams. The 'degree' requirement is completed by OBU, the core areas requirement is completed by 'ACCA' exams. One could very well have an art degree and diploma that covers the core area and still receive positive assessment.
  8. gr8leo87

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    Yes I know about the OBU degree. I have got that my self too but I applied after obtaining membership. By the looks of it the OBU degree is like any other degree of the UK in terms of recognition. And any bachelors degree of UK is comparable to an Australian bachelors degree. So in my opinion you should be good to go, because any bachelors comparable degree is accepted + ACCA qualification. Basically, the requirement is that you fulfill those core study requirements. BUT you need a full qualification too. So if I have an arts bachelors degree + I have studied subjects that fulfill the criteria of study requirements then I would still be able to get +ve assessment. So I think it's worth a try. It should work.
  9. gr8leo87

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    You get positive results in two cases having ACCA: 1. ACCA affiliate + bachelors degree equal to australian standard = positive 2. ACCA full membership = positive. I got my +ve skills assessment as full member of acca. But if uve a bachelors degree comparable to australia one (UK bachelors degree are) and ACCA passed then u can get +ve. Even if u havent passed a couple of non-accounting type papers u still pass! (for example P3 -business analysis)
  10. Moreover if somebody doesn't have 3 years work experience would they not receive positive skills assessment as they did before 1st July ?
  11. gr8leo87

    Visa Granted Today...

    BE?? I thought this was PIO? congratulations! Good luck!
  12. gr8leo87

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Thanks guys for the best wishes. I hope you guys get medical request soon and those who have already received get visa soon Inshallah.
  13. gr8leo87

    HR applicants where are you now??

    No man i didnt ask but it seems like a routine thing for them