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Found 49 results

  1. :sad: My wife recently had her teaching skills assesment back from teaching australia which came back unsuccessful. She was being assessed as a Secondary school teacher. She has been working in FE colleges (16+ years age group) for over 10 years now and is more than capable of teaching in secondary schools. She has a degree and Masters degree in her subject but the problem is that in Australia the secondary school years run from 12 - 18 and in the UK its 12 - 16. As my wife teaches 16 -18 year olds we thought she would fit into this category and have been told by various agencies that this would be fine. Teaching Australia didn't accept this because she completed her PGCE fulltime based on 16+ students. Is the only way round this for her to give up her 40k a year job to do another PGCE based on 12-18 or do a PHD and then get 3 years experience in a Uni? It seems like all people who have done this PGCE and have many years expereince are being turned away because it doesn't quite fit into the Australian education system. Surely there is something she can do in the evenings to enable her as qualified without doing a fulltime year course. PLEASE PLEASE help we are so deflated by this and are desperate to take our 1 year old daughter and 5 year old son to Australia. Is there anyone who has had the same issue or does anyone know how to get around this? Many many thanks for reading and any help would be greatfully appreciated. Jack & Laura
  2. We are in discussions presently with TAFEs in Australia about workplace assessments being carried out in Australia for certain occupations. In turn this should facilitate an AQF Certificate III qualification (recognised by employers in Australia => increased employment prospects) and a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia under Skill Pathway E. We anticipate that the process will involve individuals with trades skills carrying out an initial assessment of their existing competencies while outside Australia. Assuming all (or substantially all) of these competency requirements can be met individuals would then travel to Australia when a practical assessment would be carried out. Recognising that Australian qualifications are often not the same as UK qualifications any gaps in competencies that are not major would also be dealt with at that time, perhaps requiring an additional 2 or 3 days of tuition prior to the granting of the AQF III. Costs of this exercise are not yet finalised, but are likely to be significantly less than those being quoted by workplace assessors visiting the UK. I would be pleased to hear from individuals with one of the following occupations, who would like to receive more information as we progress discussions with the TAFEs: - Painters and decorators - Plasterers - Hairdressers - Chefs - Welders I can be reached by email via alan - at - gomatilda - dot - com Best regards.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a positive assessment issued by VETASSESS for Mathematician in December 2009. Their assessment criteria changed in January 2010, but as far as I can remember, the previous assessments were still valid. Also, the stipulated validity period was 2 years, I believe. Can anyone confirm the above facts please? Moreover, has DIAC come up with any new policy which says the pre-'09 assessments are no longer valid for new visa applications? I am asking because, when I asked VETASSESS to reconfirm the validity period (2yrs as opposed to 1yr, just to be safe, as I am nearing the one year point), they seem to have got cold feet about something and told me to ask DIAC!....which needless to say, is an absurd reply, given that it is VETASSESS that issued the assessment. Chandi
  4. Given the recent changes from ASCO codes to ANZCO codes, and the change in priority processing I find myself in cat 4 despite having previously received state sponsorship (or at least until the SMP are published). So I am considering starting a new Visa application but under the new ANZCO descriptions I believe I can justifiably apply for 2 different skills assessments. What I want to know is, can you apply to the ACS and can you be granted 2 different skills assessments.
  5. raffster

    W.A. Skills assessments!

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, i am looking into a state sponsored visa(176) for perth. my occupation is electrician and i far as i can see on the immigation website i would not need a practical skills assessment, only a qualifications and employment assessment is this correct (hoping so as there is quite a difference in cost) any reply greatly appreciated.
  6. jove

    Multiple ACS assessments

    I have 2 positive skills assessments from the ACS. I initially applied under the NOC 'Software Tester' last year and it came back positive(5 years + experience). At the time when I recieved my skills assessment back the occupation was removed from the list of state sponsored occupations. I decided to change my NOC with the ACS to 'Systems Analyst' and it was successfully changed (3 years experience). It was my intention to go down the 175 route but since having a bad IELTS result I thought it could be possible to get state sponsorship with my original ACS skills assessment(software tester re-appeared on the list). I did read on the ACS website: 2S) If I Review, will this cancel or overturn my previous application? No, both assessment will still be valid. So it seemsd to be valid still. Has anyone done this? A quick look on the eligibility calculator shows i have the required number of points if I can use this original skills assessment. jove
  7. I am in the process of getting my trade assessed and getting painting and decorating AQFIII papers . I am just a bit unclear as to whether I still need to get assessed by TRA when I get these papers, or is that enough to use for my 175 visa application. Thanks a million!
  8. Hi All, Just a quick query as to whether anyone has used the Australian Skills Assessment to gain the AQF qualification? My OH is a tiler and has many years experience but unfortunatley no qualification. We have been looking into the possibility of him completing an NVQ 3 - The cost of this is approx £1000 and can take approx 6 months to complete. Then I came across the Australian Skills Assessment website which talked about gaining the AQF. The cost of this was nearly £2000 but only takes approx 2 months to complete (according to the website). I would love to hear from people who have used this company to gain their AQF and your experience. Would you recommend them? Also, is there something i'm missing as it all sounds to easy?!? You complete a form, attach lots of evidence, have an interview and then get your qualification!!! Right? Help and advice need please! Sue :twitcy:
  9. :biggrin:Hi all i am looking for advice from electricians that came from Durban and had to do a practical assessment for electricians i am booked for my assessment in august 2011.Please help me with guidlines.
  10. Waitingawhile

    Vetassess-new points-new assessments?

    In looking at the Vetassess web site it seems the new points test will bring with it two new types of assessment -it looks like in addition to having a skills assessment for your nominated occupation you will also need to have your qualifications assessed and you employment this will likely mean an additional cost to us as -could anyone clarify this for me? have i got it totally wrong? It mentions transitional arrangements for those with applications already in but this is unclear! :swoon:
  11. mdmx33

    TRA Assessments please help

    Good Evening Guys and Girls I really need an agent to help me with my tra assessment. I was in touch with go matilda and they quoted me £600 to help me. Is this price reasonable or shall I look elsewhere. I was confident i could do it myself but now starting to think i would like it checked over because i dont want to mess this up. Do you guys know any good agents with good reputation that you have used and would recommend. Any Gas Fitters out there who have gone though this process would love to hear from you. I've seen the name Glenn Newton thrown around but seems he doesnt operate any more. Any help guys most welcome. thanks in advance:confused:
  12. Hi to everyone on here! my question is my husband recieved his certificate lll in bricklaying from vetassess back in 2009 but we had to put our plans on hold for family reasons, now all sorted my hubby has a job offer and offering sponsorship we now need to know if he has to do his skill assessment again! He did actually ring vetassess a few months ago asking this question and they told him that it doesn't run out but i have been reading some threads on here and they hint that they are only valid for certain amount of time, quite confused would really appreciate some info :confused:! thanx!:hug:
  13. As per the title, just wondered if anyone had used this company recently? My wife is trying to sort out a Skype interview for her AQF iii qualification with them, and they took our money in December yet we are still being told they are assessing our information! Call me inpatient, but isn't 4 months a bit too long to be waiting for a Skype interview date?
  14. Well we went for our medicals 28th March, took info for our son from school and medical reports from when he was diagnosed. The panel doctor suggested just sending the letter I got from his SENCO at his school as this explained how able he is to function normally and that his statement would most probably be removed if he were to stay in Uk. They now want another assessment done which is fair enough, they dont know him. The trouble is finding a specialist who can do all what they are asking up her in north east england does anyone know of any and roughly how much it costs, so I know I'm not being ripped off. Carl :confused:
  15. Hello We are new to this forum! Myself, my husband and 3 children are hoping to migrate to Oz... My husband is a plumber & bathroom fitter, trained for 22 years and we have been running our own small business for the last 16. We are going for a state sponsored visa (WA) and are fortunate to have passed the first stage of the Vetassess procedure - which means we have the practical to come. We have discovered that due to the changes in migration law due to come in next year, we would not qualify to go through on points alone and therefore feel an enormous pressure to pass the next practical assessment in February 2011. We are very worried about the whole procedure (I am sure anyone who is in the same boat understands the implications on young children and financially) and would really appreciate any words of wisdom about the practical day/assessment. In particular we are a small domestic plumbing firm, specialising in bathrooms and tiling. Although trained in gas work many years ago, my husband does not fit or test gas appliances. We are not up-to-date with every gas regulation and it is a worry! We were wondering how non gas-fitting plumbers cope with this side of things? Similarly, we have no demand here for air-conditioning/sprinkler systems and haven't worked in these areas. Can anyone help us? We will put in all the work, but it's a minefield to know where to start! Thanks for reading. Rachel
  16. charlotte maxwell

    skill assessments

    Hi all, new members here, Mike and Charlotte, Currently having a bit of difficulty trying to understand the process of a skill assessment. I have a NVQ 3 in engineering after the completion of a recognised apprenticeship but I have been told by vetassess that I do not qualify for an assessment with that particular organisation due to the lack of degree/diploma. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and have been since I was 17, 41 now! in various engineering positions from shipyards to quarries to my current position as a self-employed biomass boiler engineer. Does anyone know who I could contact to assess my skills in a bid to eventually apply for a residence/work visa (176 I think!!) I have been approached by UK based Australian Skills Assessments who can issue a AQF III on successful completion to TRA, but at a cost 2,995 AUD!! Do I really need to do this? Cheers in advance guys, Mike:wacko:
  17. endtroducing27

    Skills Assessments

    I'm applying to move on a 457 visa and was going to apply for permanent residency after 2 years of living in Oz. If I get a skills assessment in the UK before I leave, is there any visa that I can apply for straight away in order to get a permanent visa?
  18. Guest

    Skills Australia Assessments

    Hi folks, Just wondering to myself has anyone considered that their skills assessments may expire in view of the three year queue, in the same way as PC's and medicals are valid for twelve months only. My skills assessment is valid until April 2011. This obviously is only applicable to pending applications with DIAC. My sympathy is with those who have recently passed a skills assessment, only to find their occupation has been axed from the SOL by Skills Australia. Cheers, Gary
  19. ACS has today announced new guidelines for skills assessment which appear to take into account the differential value of IT experience under the new SOL, ENSOL and State SOL. See ACS (Australian Computer Society) - Membership, Professionalism and Leadership for ICT Professionals and the ICT Community and in particular, http://www.acs.org.au/assessment/docs/SUMMARY_OF_CHANGES_PASA_GUIDELINES_FOR_APPLICANTS.pdf . Cheers, George Lombard
  20. What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration VETASSESS is currently listed as an assessing authority for certain skilled trade occupations where the applicant is a resident of the United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa or the Philippines. The VETASSESS offshore trade skills assessments have been suspended until further notice. DIAC is currently working with VETASSESS and Trades Recognition Australia on alternative assessment arrangements for residents of these countries for certain skilled trade occupations. Further advice on these arrangements will be provided when available. Existing skills assessments issued by VETASSESS remain valid. Best regards.
  21. Ok, so this is probably the same as asking how long is a piece of string, but we are waiting for a skills assessment to come back - luckily still on the new SOL, so far(!) but the code for the job has changed by one digit - does nayone know whether this will mean getting another skills assessment so that it has the new "right" code? Many thanks, China
  22. On 1 July, CPA Australia’s assessment criteria for General Skills Migration will be as follows: A formal qualification assessed as being at least comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree. IELTS Academic Test Report Form (TRF) Number to show you have a band score of at least seven (7) on each of the four (4) components – speaking, reading, listening and writing. Please note that a successful assessment is valid for two years from the assessment outcome date. See: http://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/cps/r...migration.html ======== The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia also has announced changes to the requirements that must be met by applicants for migration skills assessments who apply after 1 July 2010. See: Changes to Assessing Criteria from 1 July 2010 ======== National Institute of Accountants is also expected to introduce and announce such a change soon.
  23. catinahat1975

    australian skill assessments ?

    hi i am looking to gain a AQF 3 from a company called Australian Skill Assessement anyone used them? they use a second company called Challenge Learning Institute. i'm a landscape gardener and it seems to me these are the only people who can help me out. it 's a long hard process but will be worth it. thanks george
  24. flashgordon

    New skills assessments

    Hi can anyone shed some light i passed AQF111 as a landscape gardener sept 23rd 2009 TRA acepted nov 2009 Submited SSfor SA Mar 12 2010 So far so good Now been informed by skills assessment australia that my AQF 111 needs updating due to it now not been recognised by master builders queensland who assesed me. And now need to resubmit with another outfit. If i have alreadt got TRA and submitted for SS should this not be sufficent or is this just just to cover me for obtaining workin Australia in the Landscape industry Thanks for any help. Flash
  25. Guest

    Skills Assessments

    Hi All - Have just registered today - seems a fantastic site where lots of tips can be picked up. We are Emma and Rob - at the stage of gathering all info before lodging visa application. We are heading off on the skilled migration route - Rob will be leading as an Engineer and I will follow as the spouse we will be looking to get the bonus 5 points for spouse skills matching. I am a solicitor and it seems that to have my skills assessed, I have to apply to be admitted to the roll - any other lawyers out there that have gone through this? Any hints and tips will be welcomed..... Thanks