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Today a job offer arrived by E-Mail and it states that it is conditional on myself being granted a subclass 457 long stay temporary work visa. As me and my family are hoping to move over to Australia full time the temporary part is of concern so if anyone could shed some light on this i would be greatfull. Also the salery is AUD$57,814 per annum included in this is a superannuation payment of AUD$4774 which brings annual payment down to AUD$1020 per week my question is firstly is this a good wage for a draughtsman in Melbourne and what is likely to be my net wage after tax etc.

Finaly they mention a living away from home allowance (LAFHA) does anyone know about this as they say if I keep my house in the UK i could get this allowance which would boost my income. As I am married with 2 children I dont want to uproot them to the other side of the world only to find that we could be going home in 1 year, or not afford to live in Australia on the wages offered. So any advice would be welcome


Thanks anyone

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I would speak to them as soon as possible and state that you are looking for a permanent move, see whether they will go for the 457 and then sponsor you for PR as this takes a bit longer. If they are only interested in the 457 visa then unless you can apply for PR through another route (ie points etc) then this will only be temporary and you will have to leave at the end of the visa. We are here on a 457 and are going through the PR with the company sponsoring us as we wouldn't have enough points otherwise. It is working out well for us but you have to be sure of the company's commitment up front especially with kids and have no illusions if you are here temporarily that that is what it is. The 457 is a quick and easy way in for a company but you need to find out if they are looking at you in terms of a fixed term contract or a permanent employee.

Feel free to contact me if you want any more info on what we are doing as we are about 3 hours from Melbourne and loving it here.

Good luck.


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