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  1. Nicky

    Son thinking of moving back to the UK

    Our son has always wanted to stay in the UK or Belgium and while he sort of settled here it has never really felt like home for him. I know that going back is the right thing for him at the moment and am happy that he has a reasonable support structure, it's just tough coming suddenly. I am sorting out my passport today so that I can take him over and am trying to talk him around to saving up some money and waiting until after Christmas to go as I also have to wait until school holidays. There is an element of impulse but I think that the overall decision is the right one if he can do it properly. Nicky
  2. Nicky

    Son thinking of moving back to the UK

    We have always known that this was a possibility that one of them would want to go back or somewhere other than Aus (we have travelled a lot before getting here and have 4 kids so the chances are high) but it doesn't make it any easier.
  3. It has been a long time since I have been on the forums. We have been in Aus for over 8 years and now my eldest son (24 years old) is talking about going back to the UK to move in with his father. He has had a very bumpy ride here and after a relationship breakdown has decided to try to settle back in the UK. He has his citizenship here so can come back and although it is pretty gut wrenching for us, he has got family there to help. I just need some advice on the best way to help him. He has been diagnosed with schizophrenia but is stable with medication and he is hoping to get part time work as soon as possible. Thanks Nicky
  4. Hi there, we arrived on a 457 2 1/2 years ago and applied for PR as soon as the 457 was granted. We got PR 6 months later and have recently done our citizenship test and are waiting for the ceremony date. Positives of a 457: It is quick and is a great stop gap if you need to be here quickly. The medical checks are slightly less involved. Possible tax benefits are good especially if you retain your UK house just make sure that your employer organises your LAFHA. You can move onto PR at a later date. You can still get credit, buy a house and get a driving license etc it all depends on your income and does involve some extra admin but it is far from impossible (we had a car lease, credit cards and a driving license within a few weeks of arriving). Friends bought a house on a 457 but they had to complete a federal application form which any mortgage broker should be able to help you with. If you have kids you still get rent allowance if your income is below the limit. You still get medicare on the reciprical system and your employer has to provide you with cover under the terms of the visa. Negatives: You are tied to your employer more than when you have PR. If your visa holder loses their job or something else happens to them then the rest of the family have no security and must leave Aus unless another visa can be obtained. Credit may be harder to get. You don't get family tax credit. You have to pay school fees in NSW. You have to pay fees for TAFE and Uni as an overseas student. I am sure that there are more negatives out there but these were the ones that affected myself and my family. Overall we would do the same again as it was a fast and easy way to get here and as the company paid for the PR application it was a relatively stress free way to go about it all. Good luck. Nicky
  5. Nicky

    Where do you live in Victoria???

    I am in Eldorado NE Victoria. We are about 3 hours from Melbourne and on the NSW border with all of its ski fields and wineries. Hubby, myself and 4 kids came here because of work and have settled very well over the past 2 1/2 years. Positive points : Country Victoria has a lot of facilities and towns that are well serviced and not what people expect from a 'country' location. Plenty of work. Great education in small schools cheaper than in the cities. Cheaper housing. Good links to Melbourne, Albury/Wodonga, Canberra and Sydney. Excellent wineries and fantastic countryside. Very little traffic. Great community spirit with noone caring in the slightest that you aren't born and bred here. Bad points: About 3 hours drive to the sea (no traffic though). You have to go into the city at times for specialist items. There can be a narrow world view in some places (you have to just seek out the places where this isn't a problem). Some professions may struggle at the top end of the career ladder. Housing can be similar in price to the cities in places. I don't come on here very often but am more than happy to give info to anyone that is looking at moving up in this direction. Nicky
  6. Nicky

    Medication in oz

    I take medicine for arthritis, my husband takes regular medication for his stomach and my son has asthma (I know we are a sickly lot ). We have had no problem with being covered by medicare and getting repeat prescriptions is no problem at all, just a quick phone call after the original number of repeats run out. However the medicines while not full price are a lot more expensive than in the UK where you pay 1 price regardless of what you are prescribed. We cope with it but did notice the difference when hubby had to get more medication in the UK recently and we saved about half of our usual cost. Nicky
  7. Nicky

    Hate England Love Oz

    This was more aimed at the original poster as I do know of a lot of people struggling with getting work as a plumber here regardless of the shortage. Getting here is only the beginning of the process of getting licensed and able to work. Good luck with your move. Nicky
  8. Nicky

    Hate England Love Oz

    Be prepared for a lot more studying when you get out to Aus as there are lots of people out here now with qualifications and many years experience who are having a great deal of difficulty getting their plumbing licences. Do not think that a pass at the TRA stage is all that you need because you still have to get registered at state level and that is where most people struggle. Enjoy a working holiday and look into what extra things are needed to allow you to get your license and then at least you won't arrive here unaware of potential difficulties. Good luck. Nicky
  9. Nicky

    temporary employee sponsored visa

    If your employer will sponsor you for PR then you can begin the application as soon as you like. Otherwise you can always apply along the skilled independent road but will have to pass the points score. I have heard people say that you can apply after 2 years on a 457 without needing to pass the TRA, but you would need to get proper advice on that . We came over on a 457 and applied for PR straight away with company sponsorship; we got PR within 8 months. Good luck. Nicky
  10. Nicky

    Autistic Children

    Not sure about the medicals but they only seem interested in illnesses that will cost Australia money in the long term so you should be OK. Where we are there is very good support for all kinds of learning difficulties but this seems to be down to the schools and some very good paediatricians so other areas may be different. Research where you are going to live well and you should be fine. Contact schools and have an idea of where you want them to go before you get there as that will make the biggest difference. I have a dyslexic child and one who has been diagnosed dyspraxic since we have been here (6 months) and cannot complain at all. Our children's school is very helpful and although we don't expect to qualify for extra help in class other children do so it is out there. Good luck. Nicky
  11. Nicky

    A bit bloody scared

    Hubby felt pretty much the same and so we organised the job before coming out here. He works in defence and wanted to know that he had the security of work before moving the family over. There seem to be plenty of mechanical fitter type jobs out there and it might be worth applying before you actually leave to test the water. Obviously if you want to travel first then that would make it more difficult, but you have the advantage of having your visa in place which will help with applications. It may be though that the work is outside of the city which would restrict your social life a bit (although plenty of people here travel into the city for the weekends). Good luck with what ever you decide. Nicky
  12. Nicky

    A bit bloody scared

    What sort of work do you do? Melbourne is probably your better bet for a thriving multicultural city. You will get nightlife, beaches and work shouldn't be a problem. Have you thought about renting out your flat and coming over for a year or 2 to give this a go then when your PR expires deciding whether to stay longer? Check out the BritVics website as there are loads of helpful people on there, we are in country Victoria so I can't give you much suburb info. Give it a go what have you got to lose? Nicky
  13. NE Victoria now has a skilled migration coordinator, she is covering a huge area including Mansfield Shire, Alpine Shire, Benalla, Wangaratta and Indigo Shire, and is a point of contact for those coming to regional Victoria and needing help with finding their feet. She is very commited to helping people settle in the area and to increasing the cultural diversity of NE Victoria which can only be a good thing. So if any of you are thinking of moving to any of her areas then please contact her on w.mitchell@wangaratta.vic.gov.au . She will send you a welcome pack depending on where you are looking at settling ( I have just got mine hee hee feel a bit of a fraud as I have been here for 6 months already but it has some freebies in apparently. Unfortunately they don't seem to be for free bottles of wine or a free meal at the local vineyards ). She is also very active in helping people secure work here which might be of interest to some, along with help with housing and making local contacts. Anyway if anyone needs any further info then either e-mail her dierctly or send me a PM. Nicky
  14. Hi there I grew up in Stourbridge/ Amblecote not far from Dudley and can honestly say that I would never go back there from where we are in NE Victoria. We have moved around a lot in the UK and were living in south Bristol before spending a few years in Belgium and basically can say that if you are willing to work at the move you should be more than happy. The people who seem to have the most difficult time of it are those with VERY strong family and friend ties who have never moved out of their comfort zone and find the shock too much. It becomes really difficult if it is easy to move back and just slip into your old circle of friends etc. For us though we have moved so many times that we came here fully aware of the work involved in making a new place home. We are living about 2-3 hours from Melbourne towards the NSW border and can go into the mountains whenever we like, and even manage day trips to the beach. The kids have settled really well here and they are far more relaxed than they were before. I can honestly say that things are easier in the sun because even if it is cooler here the sun is shining most days. Good luck with your move. Nicky
  15. Nicky

    Teaching in Australia?

    You need to contact the department of education in the state that you are wanting to teach. You can get your skills checked via NOOSR but the state education department should be able to point you in the right direction. You should be fine as long as you have qualified through the University degree route as some other qualifications have given people problems. Good luck. Nicky