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Guest sunshinegirl

Has anyone applied as 'defacto' instead of spouse

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    Guest sunshinegirl

    Hi All


    Would really appreciate your help.


    My boyfiend and I (of nearly 5 yrs) are looking to emigrate. My parents are currently in queensland as investor retirement visa holders (over 4 yrs now) which i sadly know cant help us.


    Due to my employment - as an insurance broker, i do not think i get 120 points but my boyfriend (estimator) is fine. We are looking to go either general skilled migration (i think its 175) or him to be sponseed.


    we were wondering if anyone has applied as 'de-facto' spouse.... he has not yet proposed! haha and looking at all options... i dont know whether they look on this any negatively compared to married??


    we are aged 26 and 27, speak fluent english of course, have both worked in our trades for over 3 yrs as required and want to move to queensland.... any help would be much appreciated.


    planning on going to oz in feb for interviews but nothing booked as i want to be more certain i can get in.... x

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    Hello :)



    It's as a "Defacto" that I'm applying too, and I am assured that it's no different. My fiance is an Aussie though - I'm not sure how it works if you're both English. As far as I was aware though, to go on any of the "family" Visas, someone in the family/relationship needs to be an Aussie (whether by birth or by immigration).


    If you can get a job out there, I think your prospective employer can sponsor you though - it proves you'll have income etc etc. I am sure others on the forums will know about that =)


    I had some questions about which Visa etc and I emailed the Immigration people through their website (free, as opposed to £1 per min on the phone) and they were quick to reply and very helpful. Perhaps this might be an option?


    Otherwise, I'm sure you've found the visa wizard? Australian Visa wizard - Visas & Immigration

    Defacto App sent 2nd March 09, C/O contact 18th March 09, VISA GRANTED!! 20th March 09

    (For complete timeline see blog)

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    Sunshinegirl I think you mean that you want to be added to your boyfriend's visa application, right?


    If that is what you meant then yes you can be added as a de facto spouse, but you do have to make sure that you can prove that you have been together in a genuine relationship no less than 12 months.


    If you do not have enough proof to meet the de facto requirements (the requirements are the same as if you were applying for a de facto visa in the family visa stream) then marriage will definitely be a better option. Once you are married a wedding certificate is just about all you need. Well not quite, but it is much easier to accept that you are in a genuine and continuing relationship if you are married.




    ​Migration Consultant

    Registered Migration Agent Number: 0301155




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    Guest sunshinegirl



    Thanks for ure posts. We are both English and I feel we could put enuf evidence of relationship. It is sadly more finances than anything stopping the marriage. Emmigrating then marriage!


    I apprec de facto for Aussie partner is alot more straight forward but from what I can see on the web there is nothing stopping us doing it as two English people.


    The main reason 4 asking is that I was quite surprised I only scored 100 on the points system. But if we apply as a couple I can be secondary applicant on my bf's form.


    Once again thanks for ure help I am new to this despite talking about since I went to I'd on working hols visa to visit my parents in 2004. Let's hope it all works out.


    Good luck with you application furball!


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    Guest Lulu3

    Hi there


    My OH applied for a spouse visa on 15 December. Everything was front loaded. Within 3 days we received an email to say that he had a case officer. Since then we have heard nothing. Is this usual?


    We assume we will have to have an interview either in London or by phone. Can anyone give us any information on this e.g. types of questions etc. If it is a phone interview, will we get some sort of prior warning?


    Any information on what happens now would be appreciated.




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