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Found 119 results

  1. Can anyone tell me when you applied Vetassess and when it was approved, please? It might give others an idea about the processing time..... You experience could help us a lot
  2. Applying for a spouse (309) visa, our progress so far.... 20/4 - sent off application (frontloaded). 21/4 - money taken 27/4 - email from C/O confirming receipt of application 29/4 - received all the evidence we'd sent back in the post 05/5 - phoned C/O who infromed they didn't require anything else but there was a backlog of apps and it could take 3 months to hear. Has anyone else who's applied in the past couple of weeks heard anything? or been granted a visa?
  3. HI Guys I need some help we have been told by our agent that our Visa is in the process of being granted on a 457 I have asked if it will be pretty simple to apply for a permanent residence once we have been in OZ for around a year but I was so shocked to be told the process is almost as long as it has taken to apply for the 457 and it looks as though it is going to cost around £5000 english pounds :arghh: I am now panicking my husbands job is not paid as well as he is here how will we save this and live has anyone applied for permanent residency and how long after arriving on a 457 was it really difficult and how much did it cost help please:v_SPIN: We are leaving everything and going out with our three children with not very much mainly for quality of life I am prepared to work but will have to pay for childcare which I would imagine to be expensive. I soo hope this is all going to be worth it!!!!
  4. Hey all, I have been in oz since april, I also applied for my reg with QNC in april. I was due to start work 3 weeks ago. NMC in UK were so late and tardy in sending my verification I lost out on being granted reg with QNC by one day! Now AHPRA (formed 1st july) do not have the processes in place to assess overseas trained nurse's applications at the moment. so I cant work, I dont know when I will be able to and I can't get any sense out of AHPRA! Thinking there most be some people in the same boat? Annie:wacko:
  5. Hi All, Myself & Hubbie as ACCA qualified (I am FCCA) and are going to apply for the 175 perm visa, however when I read through the details , it appears that we have to apply to CPA (not sure if the other 2 bodies accept ACCA) to access our qual's and see if they recognise our ACCA,degree etc and then when accessed we can then apply for the Visa. Has anyone gone down this road and will being ACCA qualified be enough to be able to get membership of CPA or do we have to do any further study/courses etc.. Hopefully it will just be a matter of filling in the online application form and sending copies of the qual's. Can you tell me how long it took for this to be sorted also? Thanks in advance :confused: AM
  6. Just wondering if someone applied to Tassie SS recently and waiting for it? How long it takes for application processing? I applied last week and waitning for the outcome. Cheers
  7. Hi everyone, I'm going to lodge my application for state sponsorship soon with NSW. I'm on a bit of a tight deadline so I was wondering if anyone could tell me - more or less how long are they taking to respond at the moment? Thanks! Dono
  8. Hi, I have been living in Oz for the last 20 months. I applied for the offshore 175visa 6 months ago as a chartered accountant. My visa runs out mid March 2012 and I know with 175 visa I don’t go on a bridging visa. I have 2 questions; 1) Currently the job I am in now want me to go permanent, If I send the permanent contract offer into immigration along with receipt of my application do you know if they will let me go onto a bridging A visa until my 175 visa gets assigned a case officer 2) My company want to sponsor me, am I aloud go onto a 457 visa while waiting the result of my 175visa I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter??? Thank you
  9. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had applied/been granted a spouse visa from New Zealand recently? I submitted my PMV in Auckland a couple of weeks ago and have just received their confirmation letter stating that current processing is 6-12 months!!! I know processing isn't a quick as it used to be, but this still seems quite long! (I'm British if that makes a difference) If anyone had been granted one quicker than this recently I would love to hear from you as I'm completly gutted right now :-(
  10. Hi, I applied for my TRA Assessment on 19/9/11 and still says awaiting assessment. Has anyone applied after this date and received a result? Or applied before and still waiting? I am not moaning or complaining Just enquiring, The site says within 30 days and there have been no updates on the website regarding delays?? Any responces would be great,
  11. Hi All, I have heard that if we will apply 175 visa through agent then it will take more time to allocate CO then applying without agent. Is it true? Prompt response appreciated. Thanks, Pratap:wubclub: ACS code : 261313
  12. Offshore 176 family sponsored, applied Oct 2010 > received general email March 2011 to send meds/police > Sept 2011 gsm team sends email requesting info > now still waiting without any updates I'm in priority group 3, should it be waiting much longer?
  13. Ok I needed the extra pionts of 8 for each section in the itels just got my results today and only got 7's!!! Not sure I want to sit another exam so is there another visa I can apply for? My occupation is on the list......................I'm 40 years old with hubby + kids?
  14. Hi all, Finally made our application for our 176 state sponship for ACT. Had an email to say the docs had been recieved and the skills assessment is going to be done, hopefully this will be ok and we can get the ball rolling. How long does the skills assessment take? Steph
  15. Hi I applied for my PR on 14 Sep 2009 ( Subclass 886) under State sponsorship Western Australia as a hairdresser, DIAC has not yet allocate a case officer for me and there is no progress on my case. I'm so confused , i don't know what category I'm in and how long will it take for my case to be processed. Is there anyone with the same situation ? can anyone tell what i can do regarding this issue ? I'm really sick of waiting :mad:, sometimes i think with myself, i forget about the PR and Australia and get back to my home country. Regards
  16. Hi guys, I applied for my 485 VISA in August 2010 (using old SOL with transitional arrangement) and now I'm ready to apply for 885 VISA with occupation in new SOL. It's almost a year since my application for 485 and I deadly want it now so that I can apply for 885 before DIAC decides to make their moves again! Is there a way to get them notice my 485 application? I've used all necessary means (phone, email, and even an agent) but there is no success so far. Some of my friends told me that I just need to call them and say I'm ready to apply for 885 and they would assess my 485 application right away. Has anybody here done that? I'm pretty much appreciated for your comments, hints and tips. Many thanks.
  17. Hi, In January 2010 we applied for a 485 Graduate Visa after completing 2 years study as a Commercial Cook, when I called Immigration to check something, they advised I was able to apply for GSM as had completed the TRA + had all the docs ready to go. Therefore on 7 feb 2010, we applied for GSM 886 Sponsor, I know that we are in for a wait + this wait is unlimited ( I/We can only pray that our visa's are not canecelled as there was a threat of it happening! ) Anyway, I receieved an email today stating we had been assigned a case officer for the 485. I was somewhat confused as thought the 886 superseeded the 485 visa, they were requesting extra docs, such as new medical/AFP as obviusly they had expired since we ap;plied over 12 months ago. We are on a bridging visa now, I asked what the benefit was to still applying for the 485, or should we infact just void this one + wait for the 886. She said that we could do that + stay on a bridging visa but we cant leave the country - unless we apply for bridging visa B ( I did this last year for a trip back to the UK for a family emergency ) My question is, are there any other reasons we would benefit by going onto this 485 Visa, as far as I can see its just more expense for the medicals/AFP when we will prob have to do this again in however long its going to take for us to be looked at for the PR visa. I really hope this makes sense - so long winded! I just do not want to jeopardise the Perm visa in anyway + need to know that if we cancelt eh 485 we are not making a problem for ourselves somehow! Any advice is very very much appreciated. Regards Gemma
  18. Hi, First time using this forum, so please bear with me Applied for ENS 121 from India on Dec 15 2010 Job - Actuary with a Big4 firm through a repued consultant Nomination approved in March Additional info. requested (work experience related) - Provided on April 16 I still havent had any luck and teh Immigration consultant firm asks me to be patient 9running out now!) Indian Passport Can anyone offer any advice re. timelines and if there's anything I can do to accelerate anything ? My employer is very supportive and happy to provide any reference/Urgency letter..The consultant is a bit laid back but then I could be wrong ?? Thanks
  19. Hi all, can anyone tell me if ozzies are on machine applied plaster render yet ,any help appreciated, cheers jules
  20. Hi there, Help if possible, from any Midwives who have recently applied for permanent residency, who havn't used an agent?! The more I look at the process for skills assessment and registration the more I confuse myself! I am a Midwife in England, have 6 yrs experience and want to apply for a permanent visa, could anybody tell me if the order of how to apply (below) is right please, Id be very grateful :wubclub: 1. Send off for verification to the NMC for them to send directly to AHPRA 2. Complete the AGOS-04 form for general registration with all documentation -Do I have to complete an IELTS test if I can provide evidence of being taught in English at Secondary and degree level? 3.Send off AGOS-04 TO AHPRA 4. Do I then have to apply for a skills assessment and is this with the ANMAC? What does this involve? Hope someone can help...Would it be better to use an agent Im now wondering?! If any Midwives have recently been through the process either way Id love to hear how you are getting on. Thank you Jodie x
  21. My husband has a job in Oz for 6 months and we have just applied for a 457 visa; with him being the primary applicant and myself as the dependent. I know think I might be pregnant. Does any one know how this will affect our visa application? If we are pregnant who should we inform? Hope you can help.
  22. Gridstar

    WA SS Applied for

    Finally managed to get my WA SS application in to day. Hopefully I will hear back soon as they are saying 4 - 5 weeks. So when I know I will post so other can see how long its taking. So far I have done my EILTS and VETASSESS exams. My Migration company are waiting for some more money from me before we progress any further. Hopefully not too much more to do so we can get the application in soon.
  23. As you can see I applied 21/02/11 as still dont have case officer. My 1100 form has been recieved by them as my state sponsorship has been met on the check list since 10/3/11. I have not front loaded and wanted to see how many others are still waiting as DIAC are quoting allocation of CO for cat 2 is 1 week. If it takes this long to get through cat 2 what chance have cat 4 got of ever being processed?
  24. Hi Guys, I am facing very hard time with my visa application (skill : .NET technologies Specialist (ASCO 2231-79)), i have applied for visa on 23 July 2009, got mail from case officer on 8 APr 2011: For you application to be assessed the skills assessment provided needs to be for an occupation listed on the current Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL). The occupation on the skills assessment you provided with your application (NET’ technologies Specialist) is not on the current SOL. If you use the same documents provided at the time the original skills assessment was sought, the ACS will give you the opportunity to obtain another skills assessment. If you wish to obtain a skills assessment for the occupation nominated on your application or an occupation listed on the current SOL you will need to contact the ACS. To continue with the assessment of your application you need to provide a written explanation as to the current skills assessment on file not being for your nominated occupation and a skills assessment for an occupation list on the SOL. I have replied to this email and asked him is it ok to get the new skill assessment for "Developer Programmer (ANZSCO Code: 261312)". On this he replied that: The occupation you are seeking a new skills assessment for(Developer Programmer – ANZSCO Code: 261312) is on the current SOL and the assessment can continue once that skills assessment is received (providng the new assessment is based on the same evidence provided for the original skills assessment). However, please note that the occupation is not on the MODL (Occupation in Demand) so MODL points cannot be claimed. On your application you have claimed the 15 MODL points. As my prelimnary assessment is that you will not reach the 120 points required, I would suggest you seek sponsorship (state or family) to have the application assessed as a VE 176 which requires 100 points. Please forward the skills assessment to me when you receive it and if you obtain sponsorship send me the details and I will advise you of the requirements for the sponsorship you have obtained. This is really insane, after two years of waiting they are now saying that i am not eligible. They should process my application according to the old rules. Please advice me what should i do, should i ask my case officer that why my application is not processed under old rules?? thanks
  25. Hello All, Are there any applicants sailing on same boat ?... :SLEEP:...