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    hi all,currently getting an employment statement for my wife on a 40point job skill which will give us the extra 5 points we need for are skilled visa (120 points) she will be assessed by vetassess and wanted to know if she will require supporting evidence with her statement,she is also including her qualifications of b-tecs & nvq's level 2& 3.We are not sure how thorogh this assessment is compared to the TRA,any help would be great

    thanks JA :lol:

    IELTS 8.5 , 8.5 , 8.5 , 9 - 18/3/13 TRA application registered - 13/05/13 TRA Unsuccessful - Review sent 12/08/13 - 23/09/13 TRA successful

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    Guest lotte



    I had my skills assessed by VETASSES for a 50 point occupation. The process took 5 weeks and all I had to do was fill out an application form (I did mine online) and then send certified copies my passport and my post secondary school qualifications including my transcript for my degree. For my occupation the only requirement was that you had a relevant degree so that is all I had to prove. One of my qualifications was a BTEC and that went through fine.


    Hope that helps!



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      • By sbrowne9
        Hey guys,
        I'm pretty worried; I had my skills assessed as an Industrial Designer with VetAsses, and had a positive result, so went ahead and applied for my 186 DE visa. The application has been in with a month, and I was just looking over my VetAsses letter for another random reason and noticed that the dates on the positive skills assessment are wrong. I've looked at my application and all employment documents i supplied and all point to the correct dates, yet for some reason they've invented dates on the letter. Either they made a mistake in typing up the letter, or botched the whole application. 
        Just wondering if this has happened to anyone, and what the outcome was, as really looking to sort this ASAP. What's the likelihood VetAsses will just admit the mistake and reissue a correct letter? 
        Any reply would be massively appreciated