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Found 580 results

  1. Hi, Can someone please help me to understand the 4 years part of the residence requirement to apply for citizenship. Is it 4 years concurrently before application, or can it be cumulative ? I will explain my situation - may make it easier - I first arrived in Oz in October 2009 and stayed on a 457 visa until Jan 2012, then went back to the UK. In Oct 2014 I returned to Oz on another 457 visa, and was granted PR in Sept 2015. So I have been living in Australia for more than 4 years in total but not sure if that qualifies or not. Can anyone please advise ?
  2. Hi there my family and myself have just been granted our 175pr visa and i am intending to travel to Australia asap on my own initially just to make sure there is sufficient work around and to convince myself that it is all going to work !! i realise its just after xmas/summer hols and some people arent back to work till the end of the month but i need to get the ball rolling , i intend to be out by mid-feb/early march by which time any slowdown that would have been contributed to xmas etc should be over (and if its not then who knows )i have friends/family in gold coast,brisbane and sunshine coast and intend to travel to all three checking them out ,so what im after please are any email or telephone contact numbers (preferably landline cheers) of either any of the forum members or of anybody that you think would be useful to me to contact prior to me coming out there,i am a time served bricklayer with 21years experience and with a variety of construction jobs/processess under my belt as well as some management experience and qualifications. I am looking for full time work and also would be gratefull of some temporary work on my initial visit for a few weeks to tide me over! Thanks for any help or replys!
  3. any electrician wanting info on licencing, jobs, artc, tra or vettesses i`d recommend that you also look here for information Electricians : British Expat Discussion Forum i know its a link to another site but as there is so much info there it would be phyically impossble to repost it all here, and at the end of the day this is about sharing info with others in the hope it helps someone regards steve ( an electrical contractor working and making a living in australia )
  4. Hi, we are moving to the sunshine coast from the uk within the next 3 months & am desperate for any info anyone can give me on schools in the sunshine coast. We have 2 girls aged 12 & 9. Just wondered if anyone has similar aged children there & how they settled in? Are the schools similar to uk or completely different? When do they break up for their summer hols? Can anyone reccommend some schools? We haven't decided where exactly to settle, depends on work for hubby(plumbing) & where's right for the kids. Any info would be greatly appreciated....so much to find out....so many decisions :confused: please help!! Thanks, Sarah
  5. hi looking at area around gosford new south wales, could anyone give me any info on any good state schools, for both a 5 year old girl, and a 10 year old boy.could you please give me any info on any parental contribution costs, ect, as any info would be very much appreciated. looking to come over oct/nov time. from a demented mother of two x.:arghh::goofy:
  6. beverlyblue

    Any info on social work in Melbourne

    Hi I have posted a couple of threads on the site so far and they have been really useful. I have a telephone interview for the dept of Human services on Thursday morning and was wondering if anyone out there has any tips or info on how the "system works" I have trawled the internet and it looks like Child protection procedures and legislation is very similar to here. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Thanks:v_SPIN:
  7. Guest

    Dental hygiene info required

    Hi , I am a hygienist in Uk and we are moving to Sydney later this year [2011]. I was wondering if there are any Uk qualified hygienists out there who can give me info on exams that need to be re-taken . Also whether their are more extended duties than we do in the Uk . Many thanks . TW .
  8. ian and laura

    paint sprayer info plz

    im a car paintsprayer and moving to either brisbaine or perth depending if i can get work.are there any other sprayers on here?just wanted to know what the workshops are like ie does it get too hot?what sort of hours do u work and whats the pay like. thanks guys lets get a sprayer thread goin :biglaugh:
  9. My husband was just offered a job with a mining co. near Mackay- we are accepting it. It will be my husband, 2yr. old son and I moving from US. We are searching for reasonable rentals w/ utilities included- but I don't have the first clue of where is a good place to move. I want to live in walking or bike riding distance to the beaches. I have lived in a hot desert for most of my life, I am excitied about this adventure. Any advice or tips is welcomed! I am a teacher here in the US and would like to work maybe part-time when there. We hope to make Aus. our permanent home. Any suggestions on what to bring, lol. We are waiting for the companies info packet for relocating- but aside from lots of clothes- we are trying to pack light and start new there. Thanks everyone- shannon
  10. Guest

    info on buderim

    Is there anyone out there who has any info on buderim? Looks like a really nice place to settle in. Is there much construction work in and around the area? What are the average house prices like? Nightlife,entertainment,shops? U get the gist, any info, i would be very grateful. Cheers Jay Mc
  11. Hi all My Husband & I are making the move down under we will be our there within 6 months. We would love any info on Scarborough, Double view (coastal) and Yokine (inland). Looking to rent $400 budget, (looked on a few retail websites so know this is possible) We have 2 young children 4 & 2 so would be looking for a good primary school if anyone has any ideas. Also trying to work out a budget for household utilities costs. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
  12. Sherbetdip23

    Please advise - CO info

    Hi Hubby has been asked to provide work references for CO. Do COs contact your current employer??? He hasn't told his employer that we are emigrating and doesn't want to until we have a visa and clear idea of when we are going. Please advise :shocked:
  13. I have just done a dummy run of the application for a 175 visa because, when we actually do apply, we will likely be away from home. I'm trying to make sure I know exactly what we need so we have any required documents with us. I thought that you have to provide a statement/evidence of how long you have been together with your partner, but nothing came up in the online application. Is this because we're married? Or is it something the case officer asks for later? Anything else we need to prepare apart from the following: IELTS test score Skills assessment Work history Medical checks Police checks ???
  14. hi I am considering moving out to australia and was looking for information on securing work in construction project management as a trainee or assistant and wether past qualifications (higher national diploma in construction management, modern apprenticeship in bricklaying with advanced craft certificate) are recognised in australia and be beneficial in securing a position in this field. I would also be greatfull for a list of main contractors in perth that i could contact and wether the talk in the uk of numerous opportunities in construction in oz is accurate, thanks :biggrin:
  15. NZPom

    Noosa - looking for info!

    Hi. I don't come on here very often, but basically we are Brits who have been in living in NZ for 6 years and are planning to move to Queensland as soon as our house sells (though selling in post quake Christchurch is no joke...). We are hoping to be there early next year. We love Noosa and have visited several times but we'd never actually considered living there as we just thought of it as a holiday place and that Brisbane was where all the work was (hubby works in Finance). We have however been thinking more and more about Noosa and what a great place it would be to bring up kids etc - we're just not sure how realistic it would be. Does anyone on here have any experience of living in Noosa? What is the work situation? House prices look pretty similar to where we live now and actually seem very reasonable. I'm just not sure about schooling. Does anyone know anything about good State schools (both primary and High schools)? Sorry to ask so many questions! If anybody could help at all, I'd be most grateful! Thanks
  16. Hi I desperatley need some help. I will give you some background as i need as much help as possible. Im 23 years old and live in north east england. My boyfriend lives in Sydney, and i want to move there as early as April next year but i just have no idea where to start. Please please someone help me.. i need to know everything, and i mean everything. even the smallest detail. if you need any information (im sure you will) please ask.. this is giving me a headache xx
  17. Wed 02 November, 2011 Responsible cat ownership laws passed Portfolio: Local Government Provide control and management of cats in WA Promote and encourage responsible ownership Cats to be sterilised, microchipped and registered Local Government Minister John Castrilli welcomed the passing of legislation which will help reduce the thousands of unwanted cats euthanised each year in Western Australia. “This legislation effectively defines ‘responsible ownership’ of cats,” Mr Castrilli said. The legislation means all cats: must be sterilised unless being used for breeding microchipped so they can be returned if lost, stolen or stray from properties registered so local government can readily deal with cats without owners “The new Cat Act then gives local governments the power to deal with owners that are not responsible, including cat hoarders, and with cats that are not owned,” the Minister said. “In essence, the legislation will make way for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the natural environment, causing nuisance and damage to property. It also provides for the reunion of cats with their owners.” Mr Castrilli said the State now had a consistent and comprehensive approach to cat control. “Ninety-three per cent of WA cat owners sterilise their cats and for these people the legislation will make little difference as they are already doing the right thing,” he said. To ensure this Bill does not cause hardship, cat owners and local governments have two years - until November 1, 2013 - to prepare themselves and their cats. This is the first time there has been legislation in WA to deal with domestic cats. Dogs have been regulated since 1976. Fact File There will be a phase-in period from November 1, 2012 Registration, microchipping and sterilisation will only be required by November 1, 2013 Minister's office - 9213 6800
  18. Hey all, We got our CO today so am very excited about it now! :biggrin: They asked for the usual but then further work evidence for the past 5 years working exactly. It is going to be hard to get more than I have sent already but my main question is do you think they have asked for this as they think we are claiming the points for working 5 out of the last 7 years? As we aren't and we have enough points without this. Or is is just a standard check for work experience? Any help would be great x
  19. Guest

    General info

    Hi Can anyone tell me what the new Migration rules mean to nurses wanting to migrate? Also how much cash do u think we would need behind us for 2 adults and 3 children? Thanks xx
  20. Guest

    info on emerald

    Hi again guys, just wondering if there are any ex pats [either english or irish] living in emerald queensland and how are you finding life there, any replies greatly appreciated thank you
  21. Can anyone please offer any advice on the following: We are a young family with two children aged 1 and 3, in the process of applying for a residence visa. We are looking to move to the adelaide suburbs but have never been there, any info would be of use; lifestyle, houses (min 3 bed family home), good/bad suburbs, the people, job prospects(i'm an engineering patternmaker), weather, is it a good place to bring up children, schools, healthcare etc. We are not 'city' people so we are not looking for the bright lights of Sydney, just relaxed family living. We travelled from Melbourne to Cairns in a campervan several years ago so we have a good idea about Australia in general, we just need more specific info on the area. Thanks.
  22. What does this mean? had my medical last Friday, nothing unexpected, Dr phoned yesterday saying that there was a problem (technical) uploading the information online, status this am 20/10/11 - health requirement outstanding 20/10/11 - further medicals required complete health forms for this applicant, and no messages at all, so I'm very :confused: Cal
  23. :policeman:Hi. New to all this ,m need info on old mates , a bloke who lives in queensland Eddie , think his last place was Caloundra , but heard hed turned gippo in a camper , and Pablo last heard frequenting the boozers and bookies of liverpool , heard he was heading for adelaide any info will be appreaciated :yes: M
  24. Fyrish

    Is this amount of info normal?

    We started our visa process in Sep 2009 with an agent, 176 WA. There have been a lot of hurdles along the way, hubby working abroad, no apprenticeship papers as company folded but has never been a problem workwise, TRA being declined 1st time, no references from previous employers, new baby etc. I am wondering if we are having to submit the same amount of info as everyone else... just curious.. We couldn't get a police check done for the country he worked in so submitted a character declaration. Agent thought we would then get a decision. CO wanted another one done as DIAC had changed the reference. Agent then thought this would be the last piece of info needed......We have now been asked to submit Form 80 - detailing all work since leaving school (there have been a lot) and all travel in last 10 years. Is this the same for everyone?
  25. Good afternoon fellow PIO's! I have felt the need to start a new thread, because I am looking for a bit of advice! I am currently working on a 457 visa since Jan 2011. I first did two years on a working holiday, and was six months in limbo after that on a bridging visa whilst waiting for my 457. I am based in Perth, and I will have been working in the same position with my company for two years in January. (Spaced over three different visa types as above!) My problem is that I am hoping to apply for PR as soon as I can Now, I know the obvious route is to go for sponsored migration. But I am finding it too hard to survive with the price of Perth on this money! I am a good, reliable worker. Is there any other way I can get PR apart from through an employer sponsored visa? I work as a Project Administrator / Office Manager (Am sponsored as a Project Administrator), am 27 years old, come from the low risk country, am willing to do a Iielts test is needed, have a Bachelors Degree in Jouralism and a Diploma in Business/Project Management, and many more vocation related certificates. I have 5 years offshore work experience and and 3 years Australian work experience. I love Australia, and I mostly love my life here. I simply want to move forward with it and no longer feel like a slave!! Thanks y'all :cute: