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Childminders are they available


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Here in UK we take the availability of childcare almost for granted albeit in some areas of the UK.

I was wondering what the situation was in Melbourne and costs involved Pre and after school care.

Also can someone confirm school hours over there as I have heard varying reports and want to be able to balance books so to speak.



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Hi Lyn, there should be childcare available to you, probably harder to access the further out from the CBD but there are children's centres for long day care, before and after school care and there are home childcarers who are just like childminders in the UK.


Try this link you should find the information you need


CareforKids.com.au ® - Search for Child Care Centres Nannies Babysitters Au Pairs


If you know where you are going to be living then you could try looking at you local councils website as they usually have information about what is available.


Good luck



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