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Family get togethers for families with teenagers

Guest Sydneybound

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Guest Sydneybound

Hi all

I am looking to move to Oz (Sydney) and wondered if there are any groups that chat via forums or meet up that have teenagers? I have a 14 year old daughter and having moved from the South West to London previously (which she hated), I am trying to ensure we do all that we can to help her settle in when we get to Sydney.


I am looking to befriend families with similar age children so that at least she can start making friends as soon as we get out there and won't feel as alone as she did in London.


Does anyone have similar aged children that can recommend what entertainment is available for 14-16 year olds (clubs, under18's discos e.t.c).


I really want her to like living in Sydney and to experience the Oz way of life - I must admit, I know I could certainly do with some friends when I get there too!

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