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176 or 475 visa?


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We're currently getting all the relevant paperwork completed to submit our application but am now getting cold-feet about which class of visa to apply under.


We were confident of going for the 176 visa and being sponsored by my aunt. We have 100 points exactly but the dilemma is over my occupation.


I have worked in my current occupation for the past 15 months and prior to that worked in another occupation for 4 years. Both occupations are on the SOL list but I am claiming 5 points for work experience, albeit for 2 different occupations.


Does anybody have any experience of how DIAC treat this? If they take a view that the 2 occupations aren't connected, they could potentially not grant these 5 points, which would then leave us with only 95. I know that the legislation seems to state that any occupation on the SOL list will qualify but I'm just getting cold feet.


If we go down the 475 visa, we can claim additional points as my aunt lives in regional Victoria, which then means that if they don't grant the 5 points for experience, we would still get the 475.


I need to look further into it but I'm aware there are some disadvantages with the 475 with the likes of medicare, education etc.


In a dilemma now - don't know whether we should go for it and have a crack at the 176 so we get PR straight away but if we fail, we can't re-apply for 2 years and there is all the cost implications.



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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Claretjon


Please try to relax and let us sort this out step by step!


Here is the Points Test for the subclass 176:


Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176)


Here is the blurb for Specific Work Experience:


Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176)


Are we agreed that it says 10 points if both occupations are on the SOL and are "closely related" but only 5 points if both occupations are on the SOL but are not closely related? Because that is what it does say.


Therefore why are you worrying? Are you worried that the evidence for one or other occupation may not be strong enough to prove that it is on the SOL at all?


How many points have you given yourself for English? If only 15, why not "insure the risk" by sitting the IELTS and claiming an extra 10 points via that?


Best wishes



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cheers Gill.


I've already taken the IELTS & passed and have taken 5 points as I am working in a 50 point occupation although my previous role was not closely related.


You've helped put my mind at rest - I've 100 points so fingers crossed, we'll be ok

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