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Exchanging UK Licenses


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I have seen there is quite a few posts regarding licenses but couldnt find any on allowances.

I have spent quite a few years doing extra tests so as I can drive a LGV, Minibus, Motorbike. What I would like to know is, when I eventually get to OZ can I exchange all the allowances on my UK license for an OZ equivilent?


Thanks for you help!


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You would need to check with where you are going in Aus as all states have different rules. In Victoria for example you can swap car and I think motorbike but most others you have to take the test again. In fact I have heared of people having to do the car test as well as the others again.


Have a look on here which links to all the individual state's roads authorities which should have the info on here.


Apply for a Driver's Licence

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