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  1. jonnosuzie

    Shipping your pets

    Hi all, Just thought I would send a quick update. Maisy had her final tests last week and they came back. She had to have these done twice as her lepto test was high (she had a booster 4 months prior). She will go for her tick and flea drops on saturday and then she will fly on monday. All in the vets cost £208 for all of her testing including the repeat test, this was done at our local vets. We have opted to take Maisy to Heathrow, its about an hour away so on Monday we will set off and taker to the airport! Crikey - its all happening a bit quick. Poor Maisy will hate ben in quarantine for a month! I will let you know the rest of the adventures!
  2. Hi Lorraine, We have spent so far to date £8k which did include a dog and 350 cuft of stuff (which isnt much!) your animals will cost you the most! I teach PE and ICT. Through choice not because those that cant teach - teach PE!!!! I see your in Barnsley and I know Sheffield have childcare facilities on site. What are you hoping to teach? Southampton also have childcare facilities. I have got a job as I can register out there until I know where im gonna be living, we head to sydney first and then onto whereever!! once we find somewhere to live I will register. This is dependent on the oh finding a marine biology job!
  3. Hi Lorraine! DONT BECOME A TEACHER!!!! NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! if you dont take any notice of me, then I would probably do your PGCE not GTP in the UK finish that, do you nqt year, apply at the end of you NQT year and then apply for OZ. You only need 12 months experience - thats all I needed and I got my 176 last week. Take the time from training to save for the move because it isnt cheap! I suppose the only other route would be to go on a student visa, but I think (dont quote me) that DIAC can ask you to leave oz once your training is over. Just some thoughts... Jonathan Secondary teacher.
  4. jonnosuzie


    Congratualtions!!!!!! All the best! Jonathan & Suzie.
  5. jonnosuzie

    School Cert = GCSE?

    Hi Deb, UCAS are the people you would contact for applications to get into university. If you child has just finished year 10 (ks4) then you need to be contacting people who run keystage 5 courses, ultimatley - colleges.
  6. jonnosuzie

    School Cert = GCSE?

    Have you tried contacting the governing bodies like AQA or Edexcel? If you child is in year 10 they would have had to hav a graduation certificate to move on to sixth form college? Our school runs an advanced curriculum and those that finish the GCSE's early stay in school, they just bgin the AS/A2's early through the school. Not too sure if this is the same for foreign qualifications? Might be worth contacting several LEA's, you m get a repsonse from them. Hope this helps!
  7. jonnosuzie

    The greatest accent from the north

    Shelly here here!! I agree! Sounds like theres gonna be a good a'l fashioned rumble somewhere near the Peninnes!! Bring it on!!! The red and the white roses will have to join forces with the toon army to take on the (dare I say, whimpey) southerners!!! AAAaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Where is the love...? :wubclub:
  8. jonnosuzie

    Fees and Charges

    Hi, I read on the diac website about 1st installment payment and then second installment payment.... just thought you paid the first installment when you first applied online, and then there would a second installment!
  9. jonnosuzie

    Fees and Charges

    Hello all, Does any one know once you have received the grant letter (we have sent off our passports to the embassey) do we have any further payments to make to Diac? I know, a bit of a dumb question after all the paper work we have already endured!! Thanks for you help Jonathan:wubclub:
  10. jonnosuzie

    The greatest accent from the north

    The only accent I find really annoying is the one that people put on to sound like they have swallowed a silver spoon. All Lardy Daaa and like... Well, I have to say how many counties have their own airline? I know who Im flying with to Oz, yorkshire airlines!! Have a look! Enjoy! Get your speakers turned up!
  11. jonnosuzie

    The greatest accent from the north

    Your not the only one. I have the greatest accent in the world - a yorkshire one! I got a complaint at school in Winchester UK. The complaint said their child finds my accent too aggresive and I must endeavour to change it so their son didnt find it intimidating. What did my school say? I must endeavour to make adaptations to my accent! I did feel it was inappropriate to slap my headteacher! I just thought it was ridiculous! Southern Fairies!
  12. Hi, We sent ours off today, I hope they come back quick, we move out in a week and a half!! eek! Just on another topic (sorry), and probably a dumb question, but is there a second installement payment to be made, or is this just for non english speakers? I know they havent asked for many extra money yet.... Thanks and good luck!!!!!! Jonathan
  13. jonnosuzie

    About time! - We got it!!!

    Thanks everyone for your kind wishes. Its been kind of a daze all day!! What to do first..... get the visa evidence in the passport! Yeah!
  14. jonnosuzie

    About time! - We got it!!!

    Well I checked my email at 4.30am (the morning ritual) and an email to say we got our 176 fs visa!! Yeah! Was actually starting to loose hope!Leaving on the 15th of August, we cant wait!Good luck to all those still waitingJonathan
  15. jonnosuzie

    Visa grant!! Visa grant!! Visa grant!!

    Congrations Lisa thats great news!! Just the start of the journey!! Good Luck!