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Found 10 results

  1. hwhattywhat

    Bricklayers in NSW

    Hi everyone, My partner and i are about to make the move to Sydney in a few weeks time. We are trying to work out what licenses bricklayers need to work in Sydney and how to go about getting them? If anyone could help we would greatly appreciate the insight. In line with this query if anyone could give us an idea of an average wage for brickies in NSW that would be most helpful too! Many thanks in advance!
  2. Hello and Happy New Year! I have been reading threads about driving licenses in WA, I am very aware of the procedures needed to exchange overseas driving licenses, the timelines, restrictions etc but I am still confused. (By the way I find it all very bureaucratic; it seems that even if you are Australian living in Australia with an Australian driving license, if you move from one state to another you need to replace your license!?) We got a 175 visa in December, and we are planning to go to Australia on holiday around September to validate the visa and to take a closer look to options of where to live. We are very interested in Perth, but at first it seems that I will not be able to use my UK driving license when we get there because it will be way beyond the 3 months they allow you to use your overseas driving license after you are granted the visa. However the whole thing is very confusing. This webpage Overseas drivers reads: The sentence "if you intend to live in WA" is not very precise is it? How do they know that you "intend" to live there and are not just visiting? In our case, we do not really "intend" to live in WA, at least not as yet, we may decide that we want to live in Sydney instead. In NSW you have 3 months after you first enter Australia, in that case which rule applies when we are in Perth? Should we fly into Sydney (making it in a way our "entry point" in Australia) and then fly to Perth from there? If that is the case, it is better then to fly into Adelaide first, as in Victoria you can use your overseas license for 6 months, and if someone asks we can say that we "intend" to live in Adelaide! Any advice is welcome… Thanks, Luis
  3. Hi all, just wanting some information/advise. Weve been granted PR visa and want to settle in WA, however like many other folk were not able to relocate just yet as we need to sell our house first. So the way i understand it is that we need to transfer our driving license within the first 3 months from obtaining our visas, not from when we relocate. Now, how do i do that if were stuck in the UK, How have other people managed to do this? We are visiting in november, will i be able to drive a hire car with no issues? its seems very confusing any help is greatly appriciated. regards Craig
  4. Hi, I'm Hammer (Keith), an Electrician. Me and my family are moving near Brisbane next summer(2008), I,d like to be in a position to work staight away when we arrive but know i will need to go through a few things 1st. I'm a C & Guilds Approved spark and was thinking of sitting the 2391 test and inspect course here but don't know if it's a waste of time if i would need do the same in Oz. I noticed on a document from TRA it mentioned a test and inspect course i would need for my license, so i did'nt know wether the one in England would make any difference. I would be grateful for any advice anyone could give. Also what about the work set up there? Self employed, etc. I have alot of tools, especially power tools, are they worth bringing? Keith.
  5. jonnosuzie

    Exchanging UK Licenses

    Hi, I have seen there is quite a few posts regarding licenses but couldnt find any on allowances. I have spent quite a few years doing extra tests so as I can drive a LGV, Minibus, Motorbike. What I would like to know is, when I eventually get to OZ can I exchange all the allowances on my UK license for an OZ equivilent? Thanks for you help! Jonathan:emoticon-signxmas:
  7. Not really sure if this has been answered somewhere else, or even if I'm in the right place to be asking this. If I'm totally on the wrong area, I apologise. Ok, my query. We've started the visa process with an agent which is all going well (VERY nice people at Workpermit I must add) My OH is a plumber, city and guilds been doing it over twenty years etc etc. We've been told that he needs to take some courses to be able to work as a plumber over in Australia. Which is not a problem, OH was expecting that. Obviously every country needs to make sure it's tradesmen are up to their roles etc etc. Trouble is we're not sure exactly WHAT courses he needs to do and whether he can do them prior to leaving the UK or when we get out there. Obviously prior to the UK would be preferable so when we finally get over there he can look for work straight away. We've been in touch with a company that does offer that service over here, and will qualify him for AQF level III but before we hand over the nearly four grand to do that, I want to make sure he actually does need this qualification and whether or not it would be cheaper to wait until we get out there. So, any Plumbers already in Australia shed any light on this for me? Pretty please?
  8. Hi guys How you all doing ? Im still running around in panic mode trying to sort all the minute bits & bobs out before we fly out to Oz...... Loadsa silly questions keep going through my head, one of them being , I wondered if the good old fashioned paper driving licenses are accepted in Oz when you change your licenses over????? Both mine and the OH's have seen better days (well, his one is covered in a big coffee stain and actually in about six pieces !!!) so thought I'd get new posh photocard ones sorted but they can take up to a month apparently, and we probably won't be here then !!!!!!! :jiggy: OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! So if any one can tell me, I'd be grateful and be able to cross that off my "left it too bliming late list" !!! Ta very much :notworthy: Sally-ann x
  9. steve/helen

    blue cards and licenses

    Hi everyone my husband is an electrician and we hope to move to the gold coast,from what we can see every state has different rules and regulations.can any one tell us what he needs to do before he can work as an electrician on the gold coast eg blue card college courses etc thanks to anyone who can help Helen
  10. Guest

    HGV licenses

    Hi My husband has HGV2 and might be going for his HGV1 soon, we were wondering if you can take this with you when you move over to Australia? Are they recognised over there and would they be excepted or would he have to take something that was the equivalent. Any info would be great. Sarah & Dave