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Prescription Costs?


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Can someone tell me if all prescription costs are the same here in Oz like they are at home of does it depend on the medication you need?



Many thanks





Hi Emmaj,


I'm not sure on all prescription costs, but I have a feeling they are possibly a bit more expensive over here than the UK. But Medicare do cover quite a few of them so that should help if you are taking "common" prescriptions. I'm sure there is a list somewhere of which ones are and aren't covered. Also, they do have the option of giving you no-name brands over the one the doc prescribes if its available, which often helps with costs.


On a not so great note, the Oz government doesn't issue free contraceptive pill prescriptions like they do in the UK, so I suggest stocking up before you come. The cheapest ones here will cost you around $30 for 3-4 months worth, but they can be anywhere up to $60-$70 for 3 months, again depending on which prescription you take.


Sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope this gives you a little guidance!


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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Emma


The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in Oz always sounds so complicated to me that I really do wonder whether it is cost effective.


If you will be entitled to full Medicare then please follow the links below:


New residents - Medicare Australia


Travelling to Australia, medicine for personal use and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme - Medicare Australia


Best wishes



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