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Found 12 results

  1. I have epilepsy and take medication everyday, currently i get it free, how much will it cost me in Sydney? Will i have to go see a doctor in Sydney straight away to get me written up for repeat prescription or can i take something to a chemist that my doctor here could write out to start with? Thanks xx
  2. I am wondering what is the best way to go about ensuring a smooth transition for a teenager taking Concerta xl 54mgs here in the UK. Would a letter from the paediatrician help? or is needed? How do I go about bringing the medication into the country without any incident given the status of the medication. Is it possible to have a GP in a rural area prescribe this without a referral to a consultant paediatrician in Australia? My teen does so well socially and academically taking this that I would hate for him to come to Australia and have a miserable time because I didn't do the right thing before coming over. Has anyone else any experience of this? I am going to NSW, if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help. :smile:
  3. Guest

    Prescriptions drugs

    Here in the UK I don't pay for prescriptions because I have diabetes. Will I have to pay for them in Perth? If so, does anyone know how much please?
  4. lhigman

    Prescription Charges?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone can advise? I've got an underactive thyroid which entitles me to free prescriptions for life in the UK. Does anyone know if there is a reciprocal agreement between Oz and the UK for prescriptions or is there a monthly/yearly fee to pay? Many thanks
  5. Hello The end is in sight for our sub class 143 visa. We have just got our CO and medicals booked for next week. I wonder if anyone can explain how much you have to pay for prescriptions on Medicare. I am 71 my wife is 65 I am on medication for high blood pressure (rising by the day ) my wife needs prescriptions for coeliac condition. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Hazo
  6. We are off on a 457 next month anyone tell me 1, How many months supply of tablets have they had from their GP 2, Have they had problems through customs with a large amount of prescription tablets 3. Re-ordering the tablets from a Aussie doctor any problems? All comments much appreciated
  7. Guest

    Prescription Medicines

    Hi Could anyone advise please, just wondered if you are allowed to take in prescription medication in your luggage when you fly out to Perth to migrate. We have always taken a medicine bag with us when we have gone on holiday, but migrating i wanted to take medicines like inhalers and antihistimines, which are normally from the GP, with me to ensure i have enough until we are settled and registered with a doctor. Thanks Mand
  8. Guest

    Prescription medication

    I'm going to Oz on a 457 visa and know that I will be entitled to reciprocal healthcare because I'm from the UK. I am on prescription medication and not sure how to obtain this or how much it will cost in Oz. Can anyone help??
  9. emmaj

    Prescription Costs?

    Can someone tell me if all prescription costs are the same here in Oz like they are at home of does it depend on the medication you need? Many thanks Emma X
  10. Guest

    Prescription medication

    Hi to all my fellow PIO, Can anyone tell me what the cost of presription medication is in Oz? I get free prescriptions here as my medication is for life - what do i do about this when i go? All help is appreciated Sharon X
  11. PRESCRIPTION ADVISE,PLEASE HELP!!!!hi again. my son has brittle asthma,and is on a large number of inhalers,4 a day,plus a steroid,10mg dose every other day.in the uk,until he is 16 these are paid for by the nhs. but wanting to know,what the system is over in oz.will we have to pay for the prescriptions.he is 10 years old. what is the system in oz.desperate to know if we can afford to go,orwill it be too expensive because of the healthcare.any advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!:notworthy:
  12. Hello, can anyone tell me how I will go about prescription medicines in perth for my 6 yr old. (Inhalers and antihistamines and adrenaline injections-epipens). Obviously I will have to go to the doctors but I am unsure how the process works. Do you have to pay for taking children to the doctors once you have joined medicare? and do you have to pay for childrens prescription medicines? many thanks, Bramble.:nah: